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  2. lan Rapoport @DocMcCockiner UPDATE: Brown showed up at #Raiders headquarters and stormed into HC Jon Gruden's office with what appeared to be a dildo in his hand. Brown was eventually escorted off the premises by 2 security officers. Awful.
  3. Yeah. Barry lost a crazy amount of weight and was starting to lose his mind but didn't want to be pulled. Incredible.
  4. Thanks everyone! We have an owner who is interested in joining our league. Our league is full. Thank you again and i hope everyone has a great year playing FF.
  5. People of color can be racist towards other people of color.
  6. Maggie seems triggered by the knockoff version of Vuitton The point is he’s back from his 10 days vacation at his property.
  7. Well, I guess those of us that thought he might not necessarily be suiting up without major headaches were sort of right on.
  8. so people of color hating other people of color. That makes no sense. Does not compute.
  9. I'm in a 12 team PPR league (RB/WR flex) with the 11th pick, i want to go Kelce/WR with my first two and i was thinking about a strategy where i try to hog the NE backfield, my thinking is that between Michel and White, at least one of them is going to do really well. I did this during the post season fantasy last year and it worked really well. The only problem is that it's likely that RBs like Damien Williams, Chris Carson, Marlon Mack will be available, is it crazy to pass on those guys to utilize this strategy?
  10. He just picked up the pace!! Almost there!!
  11. But while not all “Antifa” is physically violent, it is a movement that tolerates and even encourages physical violence as an important part of the movement. The Proud Boys do the same with racism.
  12. I noticed Jaron Brown started opposite Tyler Lockett. Has he jumped David Moore? Any homers?
  13. I've come to realize that Thielen is really good and I have no concerns about drafting him.
  14. There has been an increase of posters over the last year. It started with 1 or 2. There are more now. There are also a percentage of politicians that would like to an all out ban. That's something that would have been laughed out of the polling booth 2 years ago. Now, not so much. Are you really that naive to think that non gun owning liberals in this county wouldn't want and support a total ban?
  15. I’ve got to be honest. This is the first I’ve heard this.
  16. ....and there it is. If you can’t categorize the Proud Boys as racist then you sure as heck can’t categorize Antifa as a movement of physical violence.
  17. Not sure who you're referring to that's calling him a 3 down workhorse. I've heard increased workload which makes sense. Theo Riddick vacating 61 recpts is a good start in that direction
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