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  2. Right but i'm sure you agree that Obama canceling sanctions was bad, but it wasn't as bad as what trump did.
  3. I’d bet my mortgage Ford was telling the truth. Kavanaugh’s evasiveness and outright lies about a myriad of topics while under oath cinched it for me.
  4. I can stop you right there. I am not describing goal posts. I was summarizing the results of a criminal investigation. I would read the rest but i got this far And realized it was probably more stuff like this which simply isn't true. Sorry if that post took a bunch of time.
  5. I havent gotten back to batter props this year but you should almost never play over hrrbi. Proper freq is about 2 or 3 times a year, and almost always at coors hth.
  6. It is my opinion that everyone in Washington has received money from foreign governments.
  7. Oh no no not at all. It's a rough topic.
  8. Reading the last page of this thread is pretty much exactly like reading the first page of the Trump thread from a couple yrs ago. You guys never get tired of posting the same thing? For years?? It's fascinating. Never saw anything like it. Carry on ..
  9. I would think 9 out of 10 Guice owners would need the 1.1 minimum to move him. I own him in half a dozen leagues and I don't think I'd move him for 1.1 this year unless I really needed a WR bad and one fell in the perfect spot.
  10. In a 12 team non-ppr dynasty league, what do you see as Guice's value in terms of rookie draft picks? I liked him in the draft, but was too far back in the 1st to get him. Now with the complications involved with his surgery and the re-signing of ADP, I'm hoping I can pick him up from an owner with rookie fever. What rookie draft picks would you give/want for him?
  11. This is how far the goal posts have moved? - Russians interfered with the election on Obama's watch and he did nothing to prevent it. - Russians created Facebook and Twitter posts that were both for and against Trump - Russians fed fake intel to a British spy that was then used to obtain FISA warrants to spy and leaked to the MSM to create a false narrative. And this was paid for by the DNC and Hillary. Trump did not pay for the fake social media posts - Trump knew they were doing it? Link? The Facebook and Twitter stuff was only revealed after the election. And again, that occured on Obama's watch, when did he know about it and what did he do? As for the WikiLeaks drops, the entire world knew about it, not just Trump. - if you are not capable of understanding a joke (hey Russia, if you know where Hillary's emails are the American press would love to see them) then that is on you. Reasonable people never thought that was "secret code" from Trump to Putin sent on live TV. Think about how absurd that sounds. Seriously. - of course Trump was ####ed if a special prosecutor was appointed. Look at what that accomplished. 10% of this country and 90% of the MSM have been calling him a Russian agent for 2 years. Many on this very forum. Some still do. Trump's agenda was stalled at every turn by misleading media coverage, even sitting congressmen (Schiff, swallowsell) and former intelligence directors (Brennan, Clapper) claimed the president committed treason. So yes, allowing an investigation in search of a crime based on phony opposition research with cover from the media was an absolute ####### of Trump. - He allowed Mueller to spend 18 months searching for a crime that didn't exist, as shown by the fact that Mueller indicted ZERO Americans on colluding with Russia to interfere with the election. Mueller even states in his report that Trump cooperated fully and never attempted to interfere. An offhand comment about someone being an ####### or an investigation being based on bull#### does not equal interference, regardless of what the CNN masters tell you. This forum has had their fun with the conspiracies and hate for 2.5 years now. At some point you have to put your big boy pants on and accept the fact that you were duped, you were played, you were lied to. And you can keep suspending those of us who call you out on it but that doesn't change reality. The reality is: - the Russia investigation was based on phony opposition research (dossier) - no collusion occurred (per Mueller) - Americans don't give a #### about fake Russian conspiracies anymore (polls) - Trump, Barr, Horowitz, and Huber are going to name names and prosecute those involved in this attempt to prevent/takedown a duly elected president (buckle up, if you are mad now you are going to go ballistic in a month) - the MSM has been feeding you bull#### for years - the beliefs on these pages are in the extreme minority in this country - the rule of law is being upheld, even if it conflicts with your personal beliefs, and even if you are a lawyer
  12. Penney was a big surprise to most last year if I recall correctly... Henderson looks like the highest upside back in the class. If his game translates he could be a beast.
  13. It's not that they don't know it. It's that admitting it amounts to an acceptance that they've been conned - and that's a measure of self honesty most can't accomplish.
  14. It's even worse than that. Bush actually sanctioned the Russians for helping Obama in 08. Before he was even inaugurated, Obama told them he'd overturn the sanctions and not to worry. He may even have personally benefited from it. Nobody's talking about that now, of course, because it's all obstruction of justice this and Hillary that. But as much as i want trump brought to justice i also know you can't let obama slide for what he did, and it seems like he's getting a free pass.
  15. Iirc, you're talking to a Pizzagater. Adjust expectations accordingly.
  16. Would you have gotten this same breed if you didn’t get a rescue? Are there other dogs of other breeds that need rescuing, that you could have taken in as pets instead?
  17. Looks to me that Obama really wanted to vote for Trump over Hillary. Link
  18. What percentage of sexual assaults do you suppose are false reports? Have you ever educated yourself on that topic? Or do you let your partisanship be your guide?
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