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  2. With all due respect, I think that is a mistake. If, by chance, he does get signed, then a new Kapernick thread will have to be started in the SP, no? It would have seemed easier to me, and make mores sense in the long term, to transfer Dr. Awesome's football news only Kaep thread back to the forum where it belongs.
  3. Jim Himes with a great rebuttal to Trump's "absolute rights."
  4. To be sure I understand you, what percent chance do you think it is he's on an NFL roster again?
  5. Ouch. That seems harsh, GB. I'm not even sure what I did that's like tim. But if you tell me, I swear I can make sure I change.
  6. If you want first hand accounts, Trump should testify himself. Since he did nothing worth impeaching him, why wouldn't he?
  7. Isn't that how Pompeo became SOS? What I recall is that Trump hated Tillerson's blunt style and Pompeo would do CIA briefings in a Trump-friendly way. No bad news, just fluffing.
  8. I could be wrong but it seems like Trump supporters keep throwing out the "need to know the whistleblower" line because they don't have much else.
  9. Yovanovitch comes across as very credible because both sides seem to have both gotten answers they wanted and answers that they didn’t want.
  10. Hopefully the Steelers are sending someone to Atlanta tomorrow to check out that guy that "took a knee" and never attempted to rip someones helmet off during the last seconds of an ###-wippin. I'm just sayin... 😏
  11. But in the cartoon series (not Clone Wars, but the other one), they seemed to take their helmets off all of the time.
  12. Chuck Rosenberg is a serious guy and does not mince words: Mike Pompeo is carrying out "an act of abject cowardice."
  13. I can appreciate that argument, but what if it was purposeful? What about any purposeful pitch thrown at the batter, not just at the head? What about Suh stomping on Aaron Rodgers?
  14. How about just move on to the next post like everyone else.
  15. I think you read that in the wrong tone. I wasn't questioning if what you said was accurate. I was questioning if my recounting of what you had told me was accurate.
  16. Thanks, that was my impression also. He just went off. Btw the NFL has a history of violence just like that. There is film of Dick Butkus doing just that kind of thing (IIRC) and he is beloved for being the classic old school player. This was the game that became a national past time.
  17. I don't know the process for having Schiff testify. I wouldn't be opposed to that. I have issue with the whistleblower testifying because we tell people that they can bring concerns to light without risk of repercussion. We must protect that right, not just for this whistlblower, but for all whistleblowers in the future. If Schiff was to testify, would you require Rudy, Bolton, Trump and anyone else to testify as well?
  18. I hope not. I'm really pulling for him. Everyone keeps telling him he's playing wrong and I so want him to win (or at least do well in the final) just so he can shut them all up.
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