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  2. I have the 2x month self injections for psoriasis too. Mine is Cosentyx. Not quite symptom free but none visible with clothes on so close enough I guess.
  3. Texans has such a glaring need they had to know someone would try to jump them. It also really helps that there was so many surprise early picks too.
  4. Anonymous call to police last night to do a wellness check on Crystal. She was home and ok, Tyreek wasn’t there.
  5. Do we do hand photos for @Otis and **** pic’s for @Arizona Ron ?
  6. In a defensive first round draft, the Bears got the best of it in Khalil Mack.
  7. It's a lot worse for many reasons. If I recall AP never denied it and in fact almost seemed like the last person to know you are not supposed to discipline your kid like that. In this case we got a repeat offender, who apparently was far more abusive then just taking a switch to his child, who fully knows he did something wrong to the point he conspired to hide the crime and the cherry on top is that he continues to threaten the person he beat and choked years ago even after going through treatment and counseling. I don't think he ever plays again but with 1 or 2 years of of PR and time along with game changing talent I won't say it's impossible if he gets back in the league but we always discuss the impact of video and we might have just got presented something worse then video. In the annals of NFL scumbag history this might play worse to the public persona then anyone other then Rae Carruth. I don't think even a murderer like Aaron Hernandez was this reviled. I'm trying to picture how a team can sale signing him in a year or two and really struggling to do so.
  8. @Joe Bryant I think the easiest way to clear this up would be to provide the pictures/footage Trump is talking about in the quote you provided. I said this back in the very first reply to this thread. I can't find any pictures of 'very fine people' who were protesting with the neo-Nazis. trump said he saw them and we all saw them. so where are these pics?
  9. Mayock was a scrappy DB who wasn't a great athlete but played for the Steelers, Argonats of the CFL, and the Giants. His first pick as an NFL GM is a guy who did not have a great athletic profile. Is he evaluating from a football guy perspective like the Steelers USED to do a few years ago until that caught up to them? Hopefully Mayock nailed the top pick but if it doesn't work out then he might want to lean more on his analytic dept going forward.
  10. But I took today off work, figured if I was about to find out I had cancer I didn’t want it to be at work.
  11. Joe - this presumes a different guy than Trump. Trump does not say anything very clearly. Trump was just invited in open air press conference to clarify. Instead he did it again and claimed that every day, normal statue protesters, fine people, were there. The guy is an inveterate, repeat liar. Open question why that is as discussed further up.
  12. #41. Theme from The Pink Panther - Henry Mancini "The Pink Panther Theme" is an instrumental composition by Henry Mancini written as the theme for the 1963 film The Pink Pantherand subsequently nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Score at the 37th Academy Awards but lost to the Sherman Brothers for Mary Poppins. The eponymous cartoon character created for the film's opening credits by David DePatie and Friz Freleng was animated in time to the tune. The tenor saxophone solo was played by Plas Johnson. The song was included on the film's soundtrack album and issued as a single (in the United States) in 1964; the single reached the Top 10 on the U.S. Billboard adult contemporary chart and won three Grammy Awards. Various recordings of the composition appeared in the opening credits of all The Pink Panther films except A Shot in the Dark and Inspector Clouseau. It has also been used in countless works in which the animated Pink Panther appears. "The Pink Panther Theme", composed in the key of E minor, is unusual for Mancini's extensive use of chromaticism. In his autobiography Did They Mention the Music? Mancini talked about how he composed the theme music: I told [the animators] that I would give them a tempo they could animate to, so that any time there were striking motions, someone getting hit, I could score to it. [The animators] finished the sequence and I looked at it. All the accents in the music were timed to actions on the screen. I had a specific saxophone player in mind–Plas Johnson. I nearly always precast my players and write for them and around them, and Plas had the sound and the style I wanted.
  13. Good luck man. Yeah Im lucky, modern medicine is a miracle. My grandfather had it and was a miserable ####er. Which I totally get. About 10 years ago mine took off and the #### was everywhere even on my face. It was so uncomfortable. I take those Humira shots 2x a month and am symptom free.
  14. It is a gun purposely used to end a life. It is statistically relevant.
  15. this won't be a suspension. this will be a walk to the exit.
  16. If you Draft QW, you have to let LW walk and get the comp pick.. that seems to be the way to get consistent picks, unless you have an All-Pro. We will see if they can trade a player and get back into the 2nd, but expectations are low...
  17. Ben Franklin is on the hundred. Benny is a proper name, hundy is not.
  18. This is exactly what I expected. Did you think it would be something different?
  19. At some point, the NFL will start publicly asking some serious questions about the Chiefs franchise, right?
  20. Push comes to shove and I'm feeling like RB or CB in rd 3. With so many DL/OL going in rd 1, the next round will be a run on skill players and maybe out best bet is a big
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