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  2. What the truck was that? That was horrible. I have no words to describe what happened. I'm no expert,just someone who has observed and watched football for 50 years. But imop,that was awful. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. I’m happy this piece of #### never for a huge contract.
  4. I really had no reason to click into "Things to do in Detroit" thread, but so glad I did for that 80s story.
  5. Can't say it enough - practicing in the extremes will benefit race day. If you retreat indoors when conditions are suboptimal then you are more likely to fail if raceday weather goes sideways. My hatred of the dreadmill is well documented, but my avoidance of it is at least partially fueled by this. The extremes of the extremes should be avoided. No benefit to running in a thunder or snow/ice storm nor triple digit temps, but high winds and rain in the 30's? sunny in the 80's and 90's? humid in the 70's and 80's? post snow fall with some icier (but at least somewhat treated) patches? Etc. Hell yeah. I get it - it's uncomfortable. And it's a deal breaker for many. Exercising in a controlled environment is better than not exercising at all. But I think your ceiling is capped if you don't break out of that comfort zone. As the years went by I thought I'd be tempted to switch to summer mornings at some point, but I think weather is going to keep me in the afternoon/evening. Masochist? Yeah, probably. But I think extra rest and a more uncomfortable workout will enhance performance.
  6. 1st quarter numbers are great. Should continue for a while and that’s excellent news. But we’re doing this by jacking up the annual deficit. Like I wrote, it’s basically the equivalent of putting everything on the credit card and not worrying about tomorrow or the day after. We might as well enjoy it while it lasts...
  7. After keeping Snell and Bauer, I filled out my rotation with high upside guys like Boyd, Caleb Smith, Musgrove, Stripling, Rodon. So far it’s paying off and I believe the breakout for Caleb and Boyd is very real
  8. Disappointing that the Chiefs haven't already released him.
  9. Yeah, I think he’s a lock to go 1.1 or 1.2 in most leagues/formats.
  10. Snap of the fingers brought all the dusted people back to the here and now including T'Challa. So they were dusted for 5 years and then brought back by use of the IG again. Strange brought those on Titan back to Earth. Then he, Wong, and all of the Sorcerer Supreme's magic students (who were portrayed prominently at the start of Dr. Strange but then were completely ignored the latter half of the movie) then opened portals to bring everyone from Wakanda (including all of the heroes who got dusted there) to New York to fight.
  11. About to talk about the Hill tape on First Take
  12. Players like Hill are a prime reason I never get personally invested into pro athletes. None of us know the real person. I used to think Miguel Cabrera was the nicest ,real good guy, family man type of pro athlete. Turns out Cabrera is not a good guy at all..quite the opposite.
  13. No. I was looking to get a gauge from you, actually. I see that he's making 14.25 million dollars this year. I'm wondering what sort of raise or extension they might be thinking and what he might be thinking. IOW, if you'd read anything leaked to the press from the GM's office or his camp.
  14. Those My Fab Four times are highly inconvenient for me. I demand a redo. Congrats, Krista!
  15. Not to mention the direct threat to his fiancee in the audio. He should be done.
  16. I was on a clinical trial for a year and three months. First three months was a lower dose that had some impact but not a ton, then a year continuation at the clinic on a higher dose, after that I was fully clear. It's been a little over a year now that I've had the self injections sent to my house every month and in the last six months or so, some psoriasis had started to return, though nowhere near what it was before.
  17. The Feds from Rochester Michigan? I have some time, tell me some good shtick to do and I’ll go over to his team and freak them out.
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