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  2. 3-4 near miss TDs this year. He needs to finish some of those plays but still he's been impressive.
  3. He absolutey does. In the preseason--he was asked about his more stout and "sturdier" physique--and he claimed that it was a better weight/body style for him. I'm not saying he got fat---but the dude admittedly bulked up so that his body can withstand more hits. Unfortunately for him--I think his new swoll body has slowed him down to where he's either got to get rid of the ball asap--or he's going to get hit because he's less agile. He hasn't looked very elusive-- I'm having a hard time finding his rushing stats for this season so far--but it doesn't seem like he's been a running threat at all.
  4. How did he score you 27 points? He is 13th rank in my 12 person league which means there are better options. I have watched 2 straight weeks of him and his oline is horrific. Maybe they figure it out but I wouldnt start him.
  5. 1. On Baker - he is dancing too much in the pocket as was pointed out last night. Doesn't look comfortable, probably not getting the looks he's expecting, defense shifting at the snap to mess with him, etc. That said, he's year 2 and I expect a certain degree of that as teams scheme against him. I think he can overcome it but it needs to happen soon or we're in for a long year. Play calling isn't helping him, see my second link above, wtf Freddie? 2. Freddie's PI call - don't really have a problem with it either way. Has much bigger issues IMO. 3. Last drive - 100% agree. Every week Freddie is saying he needs to put the team in better positions and call better plays. Yea, we know, how's about you do it? That was almost criminal on the goal line with the game on the line. He should take the blame for it. 4. When it was announced our starting secondary was out against the Rams I was . That defense played it's ### off and should get credit for keeping that game close. They played great IMO.
  6. Warren is now leading in the polls. Moments ago on CNBC they were whining about socialism. Oh sweet irony.
  7. Its going to be interesting to see what Cam thinks/does during all this. Hopefully he is a good teammate
  8. I'm going to cream the next time I get 60 something.
  9. Danny freaking Dimes if he wasn't picked up last week.
  10. Anyone else in favor of just shutting it down today? Let's not even play the last week!
  11. I'm not sure he missed a single snap last night. That isn't sustainable, but it was a big step in the right direction.
  12. And if he did Trump calls him a liar and his supporters fall right in line anyway.
  13. In 3 games in 2019? Yes. Evidence prior indicates that isn't the case though. This drifting right out of not unclean pockets is new.
  14. I was cracking up when Baltimore tried this in the game against the Chiefs. It was an interesting play.
  15. And the fact it’s in San Jose. I don’t particularly care to litigate the specifics here the morning after a win, but there are a lot of critiques available on the inter webs if you want to take a deep dive.
  16. The longer he has success the less the excuse "we needed Cam to play as soon as he was healthy" fades. If he's even serviceable, there is no reason to rush Cam back..none. Get him healthy and then have the discussion about the future.
  17. “My man just started throwing babies out the window. But we was catching ’em, unlike Agholor."
  18. Yes we'll don't let facts get in the way of the Wentz hate. They are fired up since yesterday. We'll be hearing it all week along with the Cowboy fans. Can't tell who's worse right now. Probably the Wentz haters.
  19. Thx. Des Moines Register and CNN both accepted polls, but I guess depends on whether one of her other two involves either.
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