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  2. Eric Trump discussing China a few years ago.
  3. SOD, great compliment for Mo Salah's Magic Carpet Ride.
  4. Fair point. I suppose Luck leaving is like only giving a two weeks notice when there is a big project/trial/etc in two weeks. That’s certainly not the ideal way to go. But, still, two weeks is the expected norm. Edit: I recall reading that the colts have been working brissett with the starters and they sat him in accordance with the starters so I have to assume Luck gave them idea.
  5. I watched some of CNBC coverage on Friday and saw some tweets over the weekend and this time feels different. I think the financial media may be turning on him. Feeling like enough is enough.
  6. What kind of great trade deal is he talking about that is better than what the US currently has with the EU?
  7. Hilton's year with Brisset had about the same per target stats as usual. Even the same target percentage. Main difference, the Colts threw the ball 460 times instead of their usual 600+.
  8. Tim is like a WebMD doctor, but for politics.
  9. They need to make it for home defense only. Someone breaks into your home, you can treat them like the Gimp. Otherwise, back away slowly.
  10. I know- I think Sheik was being sarcastic
  11. I thought CNN had seen a drop in the ratings, but I'm assuming they believe that anti-Trump coverage (very similar to MSNBC) will help them over the next year.
  12. Yeah, wonderful song. I hope the RB pans out too because I have him in my only 2 leagues now. Funny before I finished reading this, I was like "he has his new Josh Gordon" and then I saw you typed it as well. Works on 2 levels. Philly is where Rocky is from and Fly--Eagles. Surely this means something grand for my team, right?
  13. I’d keep gurley. Henderson hype is over. All the top backs will be kept, right? Anyone I can think of that could be available seems below gurley- like the rookies, maybe kerryon, Aaron Jones, etc, who do you want over gurley? Unless you know or have a good idea of the available player pool and can guarantee a guy you want falls to you I wouldn’t overthink it.
  14. I agree with this to a point. My criticism would be timing. Two weekends before the season? You don’t leave a loyal employer in a lurch. Had he announced 6 months ago and gave the team a chance to plan around this, that’s totally fine. But to do it now opens him up to some criticism (unless, of course, he has been previewing this possibility to the team for a while, which is possible).
  15. surprised Tacitus was on the engine early .23/.47 splits up top - breather hitting the half - he stayed around for yet another chunk of coin, Code of Honor ran a helluva, props ... but methinks Tacitus is the most honest and talented of this bunch.
  16. Certainly what Brisset has showed was awful...Im not sure where any optimism comes from
  17. He also is convinced that ratings play no part in his company’s coverage nor would a drop in ratings be seen as a problem. Mkay Brian.
  18. Sure, to a minor extent. But many of us quit jobs all the time. A couple of months ago I left a job I had been at for seven years, did well for, and was personally very close with the owners of the firm. They were hurt and even some tears were shed but they’ve shown nothing but support and the notion that I should have been booed when making the best choice for my family is ludicrous. Same goes I’m sure for most of us in our jobs. This was Luck’s job and nothing in his past suggests he didn’t give 100%. He should be able to quit without being booed.
  19. Ya, except he plays through all the injuries. Where did this perception come from? Guy may have had a lot of injuries but it’s caused him to miss very minimal time. He started 13 of 16 games last year. 10 of those games he has >12 touches, 4 of those games he had > 15 touches. In 2017 he played in all 16 games and had >12 touches in 6 games.
  20. I hadn't thought about it but this is now a possibility. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slurms Mackenzie‏ @KardiacAve If the colts get Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck and Trever Lawrence I’m gonna be pissed 6:53 PM - 24 Aug 2019 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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