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  2. PFF... According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Miami asked Fitzpatrick to learn six positions this off-season after having him play at least 90 snaps at box safety, slot corner, outside corner and free safety as a rookie. Fitzpatrick’s frustration is well-warranted because it takes him away from the position he clearly plays best and one that has grown significantly in value with the NFL’s ongoing pivot to lighter personnel groupings. As a rookie last season, the former Alabama standout earned an impressive 79.3 overall grade and a 76.7 coverage grade across 379 snaps at slot cornerback. He also ranked first in completion percentage allowed (51.3%) and passer rating allowed (53.4) among the 34 defensive players with 200 or more coverage snaps played in the slot in 2018. Fitzpatrick was one of the best rookie slot corners we have ever graded. Since 2006, only five rookie defensive backs have earned higher coverage grades from the slot than Fitzpatrick’s 79.3: Casey Hayward, Desmond King, Leon Hall, Tyrann Mathieu and Antoine Cason. Fitzpatrick’s NFL success is what we expected after he excelled for the Crimson Tide in college. His 90.5 career coverage grade playing the slot for Bama is the best grade among 93 Power 5 defenders with 400 or more slot coverage snaps played since 2014. And successful slot cornerbacks are indeed valuable in today’s NFL, well worth first-round picks. In 2018, Fitzpatrick allowed a passer rating of 69.0 in coverage - good enough for 7th best among qualified CBs. Note* his worst grading is when he is "in the box," 40.9.
  3. The next Fall the Colts also traded away a future 1st to add a former high pick from a struggling team: RB Trent Richardson from the Browns. The Steelers acquiring Fitzpatrick can't go that poorly...right? 🤔
  4. So good. The Graham part had me dying
  5. Don't see an uptick for JuJu. Him and Ben are clicking and he looks for him often. Vance and Washington will get more targets than they did under Ben. I'd downgrade JuJu for sure, but only slightly.
  6. People say that FF is mostly luck but the reality is there is a skill advantage in identifying things ahead of the curve. For instance not sure if you know or not (probably don't, this is next level ####), but Dwayne Haskins was actually Terry McLaurin's college teammate so his numbers should go up even more when Haskins takes over.
  7. The Packers don't play an away game for 31 straight days between September 5th and October 6th. That's crazy. Wonder how many times this has ever happened in league history not counting a bye week.
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  9. Scenario #1 reminded me of that horrible movie Welcome to Marwen. The updated version of this movie starts off with the Jets beating Cleveland in the manner you described. Then the camera pans back to find a long-time Jets fan suffering from losing PTSD and playing with football player dolls. He was escaping reality in this fantasy scenario only to hide behind the couch as the real Jets offense sputters and the team loses again in a nationally televised game. Roll credits.
  10. They should trade Leo. We've got plenty of guys on that line that provide the same production. No way that we give him an expensive contract next year. You're right. They should sell off before the deadline. T Johnson is such a bust. Benched. Why did we even dress him? Can we fire Maccagnan again? Lev Bell has played like a beast. If only he had some decent teammates around him. Holy Ficken hell, we made a fg. That o-line is a disaster. 2 games in a row that they have been under siege and pushed around. I thought Falk played better than Simien. I couldn't believe that they didn't try to open up the offense at any point. Gase said it was because the o-line was bad. ugh I thought the defense played ok until that OBJ td. We invested all that money in CJ and he couldn't play. Johnson is getting $17m and was benched. I guess they will sign that bum Davis to back up Falk against our friends, the Patriots. Should be fun. Can't wait!
  11. Surprised he lasted this long 😂
  12. This is getting boring. It's like a soccer team trying to tie so they both advance. C'mon one of you, change it up a little. Just going to pick both teams playing Miami every week? You're better than that.
  13. I think the SaLmon kid would have been of great help to the execution of that plan. Bad break he got hurt in week 1.
  14. That’s just not true. It’s rare, but people die of opiate withdrawal syndrome.
  15. Alex Grammas 1926-2019 He played ten seasons in the majors and managed the Brewers but is probably best known as the longtime third base coach for teams managed by Sparky Anderson. As a player, he was a light hitting middle infielder. Rocky Bridges (969.9) Ruben Tejada (968.1) Dave Anderson (964.6) Hal Rhyne (961.1) Glenn Hoffman (958.8) Danny Thompson (958.4) Sam Dente (953.2) Rafael Santana (951.1) Woody Woodward (950.4) Ramon Santiago (948.1)
  16. Yes and if he keeps up this pace he’ll blow all TE records out of the water. Tex
  17. Pitt would need to be #2 or #3 for this to happen, and I don't think that will be the case. Tua and Justin are gonna go 1&2.
  18. Probably the case. Don't blame Miami at all for taking Pits offer, and I don't even feel bad for missing out. It's like Blind Bidding in Fantasy. Sucks when you miss on your player to a guy that bid $1 more than you, but feels okay to lose him if he went for double what you bid.
  19. Agree...I am looking for a QB to pick up but Goff and Rivers are gone (no surprise), so who is my best options out of these, Rudolph Stafford Dalton Garoppola Bridgewater Thoughts?
  20. Yea, it is an odd move. Team already struggling and you lose your starting QB. Your backup comes in and though didn't do horrible didn't turn things around so you ship your 1st for a slot/safety? Sure, he is a great talent. But.... is that the move you make if you are the Steelers? JAX is reportedly asking for at least a 1st but actually more for Ramsey. Yea.... good luck with that guys. You are not exactly in a strong position to deal. They may be hoping to ask high and come down as a strategy. 🤣 I would still take the risk with one of our 3rds though. That talent..... but we may be too gun shy. Two attempts to send 3rd rounders to get a guy who had issues and two massive fails.
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