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  2. Maybe, but there has been no news about Chubb’s health so far. He left after getting 1,000 yards rushing for the season, so perhaps that’s why he left afterwards. Basically, get the prize then leave with the victory in hand. Nothing unusual if so. If I had to guess right now, he should be fine for next week. But this should be a reminder to protect the top RBs on your teams, unless you have a super team. I have Chubb in one league with Hunt backing him up, I’m protected if he sits, but I will worry about next week, well, next week.
  3. "Bertuzzi was charged with criminal assault causing bodily harm. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year probation and 80 hours of community service." "McSorley was found guilty of assault with a weapon and was sentenced to 18 months probation." "Ciccarelli was charged and convicted of assault. He was fined $1,000 and sentenced to one day in jail."
  4. Did a voice speak to you from the flame? Have you been asked to free a nation of people?
  5. He finally got there after his time was up - he was trying to make the case that Guliani going over was not uncommon.
  6. I agree 100%. I've always told my folks to make sure they stay at a nice hotel, get a nice steak dinner and a scotch or two, and have a good time in the evenings, when they are on the road. They are sacrificing time away from their faimily and home for the good of the company. The company should bend over backwards to take care of them. Heck, I even pay the credit card fees so some employees can get the credit card that gets them into the American Airlines lounge when they travel. Money well spent.
  7. he did this last night at his locker. Looked genuinely upset
  8. This reminds me of another suggestion if your intention is improved performance - an offseason. That's when you can get better. Improve your baseline, so you're entering your training cycle at an elevated level relative to prior cycles. If you enter a cycle at the same spot you did a prior (successful) cycle I think it's difficult to expect much improvement once completed.
  9. Trade for Fitzpatrick. Insurance in case Ben doesn't return in 2020.
  10. I only know two of those posters. And I'm not sure what the vibe is. I mean, I've posted about this, Kap, Stomp, air travel and a lot of other random stuff. It's honestly just what's on my mind that day.
  11. I've read most of your comments on this subject and you have to be fishing, you cannot be serious with most of your comments.
  12. While it technically meets all the elements of criminal assault, and I don't think a consent defense would work (as opposed to a hard hit in the course of play), the chances of criminal prosecution are extremely low. The main reason is just historical precedent - it never happens. The only example I'm aware of was the Pistons-Pacers brawl at the Palace, which resulted in criminal assault charges against several players. That incident is slightly different because it also involved a fan, an usher and some other non-players. Edit: I meant to mention, the hockey incidents of criminal charges are, I believe, all in Canada. They seem to me more willing to cross that line, I would say probably for the better.
  13. how is it a sign of common sense if ylu support an enormous expenditure of tax money on a project you know will fail?
  14. Thanks for your input. As always with these, nobody is happy. I had several asking for this and it's done.
  15. I dunno. These threads so have a bit of a Tim/Wheelhouse/Yandek vibe about them.
  16. For those in need of a new phone, Walmart doing big e-gift certificate deals with new phones. iPhone XR is basically a $600 phone, get a $400 WalMart gift card . Seeing as how carriers don’t run many iPhone deals anymore, I’ll take what I can get.
  17. I would agree with that, totally. I guess you bring up a good point: There are people I like/dislike on the show because of their personalities. And their are people I like/dislike on the show because of how they play. And a lot of those people might be 'like' in one category and 'dislike' in another category.
  18. The Pittsburgh offense has been unwatchable since he took over. The offense's objective has been to not screw up and rely on the defense to win. They're run heavy and when they do throw it's almost exclusively of the short and horizontal variety. Their entire game plan is to not allow him to lose the game. It worked until last night and it had everything to do with the Browns offense. They didn't allow the Steelers defense to make those big plays they've relied on all season, which forced the Steelers offense to be functional to win. And they weren't. Because this guy is terrible.
  19. I'm glad your back and posting at a good pace Mr. Shiek. Please continue.
  20. Not sure if this will link correctly but just did a route I've been doing for about a year now as a lunch run - it's about a half-mile loop. Just really pleased with the progress I've made overall and when looking at comparable runs it gives me confidence for next year. I just wish I could get this knee/leg 100%
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