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  2. Do the Chiefs have the police reports?
  3. Republicans that hitch their wagon to Trump remind me of the racist that looks all over before dropping an N bomb because they are most certainly racist but they aren't so sure they want anyone to know and certainly realize it's wrong to be that way.
  4. When someone else already brought this up and it was discussed in detail, it would be nice if you didn't post the exact same thing without adding to it. So yes, I think a quick look over what people have already discussed should be done.
  5. Perhaps I should have said present day. The reason why I sought to distinguish that by the use of the term "modern" is the past is not something we can change, but the present and the future are challenges we can yet meet, if we have the courage. As for who I contrast you with, it could be any person of principle over pragmatism, so who can say?
  6. There have been times where the judicial branch has taken such positions.
  7. I dont think Pete is going to prioritize small donors at all. I think he will be very happy to take big donations. I think he is a third wayer.
  8. Maybe they haven't, but that won't stop me from imploring them to do the right thing anyway. This report is more than enough to merit the impeachment process.
  9. Can you list one significant legislative achievement or act by Congress in the history of this country that was not accomplished through compromise and pragmatism? Freedom of the slaves. Civil rights Act. Social Security. Medicare. Perhaps you can come up with one. I certainly can't.
  10. That depends. First, what you and I call "clear" might be very different. Second, it depends on the issue. It's clear that Trump sought to use his presidential authority to stall, stop, obstruct, or otherwise interfere with many aspects of the Russia investigation, directly and also through witness tampering. This is clear for anyone who can read and accept evidence. This is an abuse of power. Congress is tasked with being a check on the president. This is exactly the kind of situation impeachment was to be used for. To remove a president from office who is abusing his position for personal gain, breaking laws, or otherwise behaving in ways grossly out of character with what we should expect from a POTUS. Why, again, should congress neglect their duties as a co-equal branch of government, tasked specifically with providing checks on the authority and actions of the executive branch, and let these transgressions go unchallenged? What precedent does this set? A POTUS who has behaved in this outrageous way will not be brought up on charges? Trump could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and not get impeached.
  11. He goes from mid-round dart throw to undrafted for me. I'd rather take a chance on someone else with the pick and roster spot.
  12. Just on the flip side of that Obama argument- and I do think he got criticism from Dems because I remember it when it was reported - keep in mind that Obama specifically ***warned Trump about Flynn and he hired him anyway.
  13. Are you going to start contrasting me with Margaret Chase Smith again? Heck, why not Robert Welch? And why "modern" Democratic party? As I challenged Adonis before, give me a time when either party took a brave stand against the majority of public opinion. Not a single stateswoman like Chase Smith, but a political party. Doesn't have to be modern.
  14. I’m of the opinion that the only people who will ever truly “know what happened” are the kid and whomever was with him at the time. I expect the Chiefs and NFL know about as much as the police and CPS do, and will eventually act based on that. But that knowledge is going to be limited (and in some cases inferential) and may or may not be an accurate understanding of what actually happened.
  15. No, but what it does do is help set your hourly rate expectations. Set it such that you can do the job and gain internal satisfaction (if they hire you) that they're paying you some ungodly sum. In my mind I'd be thinking, oh, $200/hr or thereabouts.
  16. Sorry buddy, didn’t know that was a requirement to post in a forum. Will take note. Like your forum name....
  17. Which link would that be? One of the three opinion articles he posted from highly questionable authors? As others have pointed out. And no...nothing i said about Obama was wrong. He did something things. Not enough sure (and some that is on him not wanting to make it political and in McConnel for refusing to go along with it...again as pointed out by me and others and linked to).
  18. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The directional signs on that road are painted by pragmatists.
  19. Is it a first offense if you did it twice? I guess it’s the first time she’s been caught. Also, you could argue that there is indeed a victim if USC has a target admissions number and Lori’s two daughters bumped someone.
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