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  2. Agree - I’ve had po’ boys and see them on menus all over the place. Never heard of a Taylor pork roll until this thread.
  3. Try saying the following words out loud "I would rather have a criminal as president than lose votes next November" That's the appetizer. Now the entree: "I want my Representative to set their responsibility to support and defend the constitution aside and try to pass legislation through the house that will never get passed in the Senate because the polls suggest that voters prefer one kind of political theater over another" For dessert, go ahead and explain the problem with American politics today in your own words. Feel how the flavor mingles with the after taste of your meal.
  4. now, keep in mind, this child is being removed from a home that i GUARANTEE you isnt some slum palace, either. id bet my ### this kid wasnt living in squalor, malnourished and surrounded by feces and roaches. which, by logical deduction would tell you what, then?
  5. Was everyone drunk last night?? 1.15 Your Teeth In My Neck - Kali Uchis - R&B
  6. I am sort of against tilting at windmills, though it does have a sort of romanticism I can get behind when I allow my better angels some leeway. That said, when those windmlls are actually dragons, well that is another matter entirely. Then it is time to gird one's loins and to charge fearlessly into battle.
  7. FWIW, I much preferred the trip up to Piazzelle Michalangelo to the Duomo. And don't take a cab up. Take a cab to a spot at the bottom, grab a coffee and then walk up. The view is amazing. Have lunch/drinks at the restaurant up there. This was one of the highlights of our trip.
  8. I had recently traded Hill away and at the time I was fairly sure that nothing was going to come out of all of this, because so much time had passed, and that still may end up being the case. But right now I'm pretty happy I don't have to worry about it because there is NO OTHER WAY TO SPIN IT this is not a good thing. He may end up not missing one single game but his owners have to be stressing now and I did not want that.
  9. Do you know what an admission in real time is? One thing that always amazed me about that scorpion/frog story was that Trump was always telling us what he was. And I guess it's on us when he plainly tells us and we don't follow up on it. The guy expressed guilt, it's right there.
  10. I plan too. But not until after reviews, the inevitable price drop, etc. Like you, I have little time to game, so I'm never in a hurry to pay full price.
  11. A conmans first line of defense. Everything bad you hear about about me is lies.
  12. That is really cool. (make sure they take their beet shot with you)
  13. I can't think of a single song from this album that I love, but I do love listening to the whole album start to finish. Underrated IMO
  14. I wrote to my Representative begging him to convince Wawa not to close down one of the originals in my hood. They’re that awesome. i still haven’t fully recovered from them shutting it down. 😢
  15. A problem with that is his social game is and has rubbed others the wrong way. If he's laying low in challenges then why constantly try to shake up everything at TC? I get that he has to build a resume somehow but he doesn't seem to be playing the game of someone who is just trying to get people to "bring him to the final 3" with them. And he's been inept in tribal immunity challenges too which is not a good idea if you're losing on purpose. I can see him give his final 3 speech... "I threw challenges on purpose to appear inept so I can lay low and then turn it on later to keep a target off my back... and here I am!" Jury members: "So let me get this straight... you insisted on throwing the sand bags (among other challenges), if you can call it throwing, and then intentionally kept us from getting immunity as a tribe... and also rewards/chickens/fishing gear? Uh, okay, you just lost my vote." I think there are many guys who have the lack of self-awareness to call themselves something like "Wardog."
  16. 12 team ppr ( qrwwwftkd) The Federation gave up Guice, Derrius WAS RB and Year 2019 Draft Pick 3.03 and icemen gave up Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.07 and Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.11
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