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  2. Nope. I'd get her eyes checked once a year.
  3. Trump negotiates what he tells us all is this fantastic US MCA deal but then in nothing more than bad faith refuses to remove steel and aluminum tariffs with them to get the deal done. And worse yet before this wonderful deal is approved he tries to threaten Mexico with 25% tariffs if the don’t do more to stop the flow of drugs and migrants from coming into the US. What other countries are learning just like we already knew is Trump’s word is worthless and he is all talk and no action when it comes to getting trade deals completed. How much you want to bet the majority of his base naively think that the USMCA deal has been approved?
  4. Umm... There should be a semi-colon between the two clauses on choice #2. Or a dash. Dealer's choice.
  5. Iowa's longest-serving Republican lawmaker defects to Democratic party "With the 2020 president election looming on the horizon, I feel as a Republican that I need to be able to support the standard bearer of our party. Unfortunately, that is not something I am able to do."
  6. Hey K. I'm pretty new to this thread and you guys. Help me out. How did it use to be - before it got lost? Can I change to help ya out? 🙂
  7. I'm glad the four of them all use abbreviations with proper punctuation. Not like that blowhard @Doctor Detroit who has to spell it out like Mister Rogers.
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  9. Wild Pink had a nice sound but not much in the way of stage presence. I've listened to their new album a few times to prep for the show. The songwriting is first rate but I found myself drifting off. I'll definitely give it another spin in the days ahead. They were the most Brooklyn hipster looking band I've ever seen so there's that.
  10. My 1st choice, but - it would warrant a timeout - if properly done. Therefore: tandem work best for me. As an absurd question/answer pair - punctuation added by me. In short, they are all winners. 👍
  11. Well we should talk about Iran. Just because we’re hypocrites when it comes to Saudi Arabia (and a few other countries as well) doesn’t mean we’re wrong to criticize Iran. They’re not good guys.
  12. @Mr. Ected @Mr. Irrelevant @Mrs. Rannous @Dr. Octopus walk into a bar... Select your punchline Hey soul sister, ain't that Mister Mister I can't operate on this boy, he's my son The Aristocrats None of the above
  13. I’m with you. It’s lost its way. How are you and the wife and kids?
  14. Yikes Sharks. I checked the scores between bands tonight and SJ was down 3-0 midway through the third. I assumed they'd lost because they're the Sharks and it's the playoffs.
  15. Here is how my RB formula ranks RB prospects coming into the league since the 2013 class (with my tier labels added): WOW Darrell Henderson 2019 Saquon Barkley 2018 GUYS I LIKE A LOT Eddie Lacy 2013 Todd Gurley 2015 Nick Chubb 2018 Melvin Gordon 2015 Christine Michael 2013 Carlos Hyde 2014 Ezekiel Elliott 2016 Rashaad Penny 2018 GUYS I LIKE Joe Mixon 2017 Lache Seastrunk 2014 Jay Ajayi 2015 Tre Mason 2014 Giovani Bernard 2013 Ameer Abdullah 2015 Knile Davis 2013 Royce Freeman 2018 Derrick Henry 2016 Dalvin Cook 2017 Curtis Samuel 2017 Darius Jackson 2016 AWKWARDLY BETWEEN TIERS Jeremy Hill 2014 C.J. Prosise 2016 Christian McCaffrey 2017 Jerick McKinnon 2014 Kenneth Dixon 2016 GUYS WHO HAVE A DECENT CHANCE Jonathan Franklin 2013 Tevin Coleman 2015 Jordan Howard 2016 Duke Johnson 2015 Alvin Kamara 2017 Samaje Perine 2017 Darwin Thompson 2019 Bishop Sankey 2014 DeAndre Washington 2016 David Johnson * (ignoring production) 2015 D’Onta Foreman 2017 Marcus Lattimore 2013 Jeremy McNichols 2017 Jaylen Samuels 2018 Aaron Jones 2017 Jhurell Pressley 2016 Stephen Houston 2014 Daniel Lasco 2016 Henry Josey 2014 Zac Stacy 2013 Josh Adams 2018 D.J. Harper 2013 Ronald Jones II 2018 Le'Veon Bell 2013 Trayveon Williams 2019 Derrius Guice 2018 Kareem Hunt 2017 Cierre Wood 2013 Miles Sanders 2019 Kenjon Barner 2013 Paul Perkins 2016 Montee Ball 2013 Latavius Murray 2013 Isaiah Crowell 2014 Leonard Fournette 2017 Andre Williams 2014 Marlon Mack 2017 Boston Scott 2018 Charles Sims 2014 Joe Williams 2017 Dri Archer 2014 Elijah Hood 2017 Darrin Hall 2019 Alex Collins 2016 James Conner 2017 Kerryon Johnson 2018 Devonta Freeman 2014 Bryce Love 2019 Justice Hill 2019 Bo Scarbrough 2018 David Cobb 2015 Devontae Booker 2016 Matt Breida 2017 Dexter Williams 2019 Kerrith Whyte, Jr. 2019 GUYS I CAN'T RULE OUT Ty Johnson 2019 Mike Weber 2019 T.J. Yeldon 2015 Sony Michel 2018 Devin Singletary 2019 Cameron Artis-Payne 2015 Travis Homer 2019 Karlos Williams 2015 Josh Robinson 2015 I'Tavius Mathers 2017 Corey Grant 2015 Ito Smith 2018 Alex Barnes 2019 Kenyan Drake 2016 Damien Harris 2019 David Montgomery 2019 Devine Ozigbo 2019 Damarea Crockett 2019 David Fluellen 2014 Jamaal Williams 2017 Treavor Scales 2013 Jeremy Langford 2015 Qadree Ollison 2019 Elijah McGuire 2017 Michael Ford 2013 Robert Godhigh 2014 Matthew Tucker 2013 Nyheim Hines 2018 Ryquell Armstead 2019 Mike Davis 2015 George Atkinson III 2014 Josh Jacobs 2019 Keith Marshall 2016 Terrance West 2014 Anthony Wales 2017 Teriyon Gipson 2017 Brian Hill 2017 Larry Rose III 2018 Michael Dyer 2015 Wendell Smallwood 2016 Wayne Gallman 2017 Tim Cornett 2014 Jonathan Williams 2016 Justin Stockton 2018 C.J. Anderson 2013 Chase Edmonds 2018 Andre Ellington 2013 James White 2014 Stanley Boom Williams 2017 Benny Snell, Jr. 2019 Karan Higdon 2019 Alexander Mattison 2019 Jordan Wilkins 2018 Myles Gaskin 2019 De'Anthony Thomas 2014 A.J. Ouellette 2019 Lorenzo Taliaferro 2014 Chris Carson 2017 Tyler Ervin 2016 Ryan Nall 2018 Rodney Anderson 2019 Kalen Ballage 2018 Jeffery Wilson 2018 I am not quite as high on Darrell Henderson as my formula is, but my independent impression (trying to ignore what everyone else thinks about these players) is that he's clearly the top RB in the draft class. Great production, great elusiveness, good receiving, not tiny, above average workout numbers. Great in space, nothing special in traffic. Part of why Henderson's numbers are as good as they are (including both his raw stats and his elusiveness numbers) is that he faced a weak schedule and had a great offensive line; my formula adjusts for that but I think not enough in his case. IMO he should be down a tier or two from where my formula puts him, but he's a good fit for modern offenses which love to throw to the RB. The other obvious candidate for top RB is Josh Jacobs, who is attending the draft and is a likely first rounder and a safe bet to get drafted before the end of the 2nd round. Obvious positives for him are good elusiveness numbers, good rushing efficiency, and good receiving production. Obvious negatives are his tiny workload and poor workout numbers. Sharing a backfield with Harris & Harris provides some excuse for his small workload, but a small workload plus a decent excuse is less promising than a big workload, and the poor athleticism numbers are also a major concern. People point to Kamara as a cause for optimism, but my formula rated Kamara a tier higher (near the top of the "Decent Chance" tier). I do put a lot of weight on the views of NFL teams, so if I had to pick today I think I'd take Jacobs ahead of Henderson, but that is only out of deference to the experts (and not my own independent impression). And it would be a close call, which also means that I'd be more likely to trade down or take a WR or something rather than going with Jacobs. After those two, I don't think I'd take anyone in the first round of a fantasy draft or the first 2 rounds of the NFL draft. Miles Sanders, Damien Harris, and David Montgomery look to be the highest rated of the rest, and that seems reasonable. Harris & Montgomery both have size and reasonably good receiving chops, and Sanders is one of the higher rated "Decent" tier guys by my formula. Harris has the same workload excuse as Jacobs, and had strong numbers in 2017 (though a down year even from an efficiency standpoint in 2018). Montgomery generated a lot of missed tackles but has mediocre athleticism, which leads to Kareem Hunt comparisons, but Hunt had more big plays in college, better athleticism in his jumps, and he was clocked plenty fast in NFL games; my formula has Hunt a tier ahead. Sanders has shown limited receiving ability and fumbled a lot, and didn't break many big plays. I think I rank those 3: Harris, Montgomery, Sanders, but it's close.
  16. One of the funniest threads was the one where everyone commented on how great his hair was.
  17. Jaime should wheel him up to the tower and finish the job
  18. I was rewatching season the first half of season seven and he’s a total dick about how he’s more than a Lord. Then he’s just cold to everybody. So dumb for a character with so much potential.
  19. a third of our country seems to be trapped in an alternative information environment and engaging with them on reality-based grounds is futile
  20. Not sure if anyone here is actually a Knights fan or if everyone is just anti-Sharks, but GGs. They’ll probably win a Cup before the Sharks.
  21. Well that may very well be. I guess I was saying what I think they should do, not necessarily what they will do. I like this WR class and see no reason why they couldn't get two of the top, say 6 or 7 in this class. I'd be surprised if they did. Certainly one, though.
  22. Retire. But he's going to the Bears or nowhere. I'm sure he doesn't need the money. Probably telling the 49ers to trade him or he'll retire.
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