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  2. Some of the sentiments I agree with. China does steal our IP. We should not be happy about that. But having Trump in charge of setting policies, directing private companies not to work with China - the sheer brazenness and stupidity of this situation cannot be overstated. There's huge danger here. Trump has run plenty of his businesses into the ground - and here he is in charge of our country, recklessly steering it according to his whim. Honestly, this is a new level of concern based on his actions here.
  3. Carson - 12 games in 2015, 9 in 2016 at Ok St. NFL - 4 in 2017, 14 in 2018
  4. You would need to go way back to his administration to see my responses which were favorable when it came to the markets. He had a fabulous 8 year run and that is how I determine if the POTUS is doing a good job.
  5. I’m thinking he was surprised and rattled by Xi today and most of this today is off the cuff and unplanned. But who knows...
  6. Such a great and useful youtube video. Never gets old.
  7. Now imagine it was Obama...I'm sure you'd have the same stance.
  8. Because it would pretty clearly get struck down as a violation of the U.S. constitution. See, e.g. Gray v. Sanders.
  9. Imagine being so miserable in life that you get satisfaction from that. Almost feel sorry for him.
  10. They were here about ten minutes before Buddy picked. I'd imagine they'll be along shortly.
  11. As he rakes in huge $ manipulating the markets.
  12. Right now at the White House, I'd imagine that the main goal of the WH staff and the US executive branch is to get this man to the country club stat.
  13. Wait, is the Federal Government instructing private companies on how they should operate? I'm assuming all of our friends on the right are up in arms, screaming about socialism now, right?
  14. Trump must have instructed his secret investment team to short at open today. When are you guys going to jump on this? All other Trump attacks have failed miserably and this one could actually have wheels if you just applied yourselves.
  15. I would agree with Gally...and rule Jacobs out....I would go jones can you help with mine:
  16. Lessee. King of Israel. The Messiah. Fractures relationship with ally because they wouldn't discuss selling the world's biggest island mass. Orders American companies out of China. Great week.
  17. The worries about Hyde did not age well here as expected. I think there is room for sharing in this offense. I dont see Darwin being a fulltime GL rb. As an owner of both id love to see one guy get the majority of work. But even if its close to a 50/50 split I think it will be rb2 type numbers. Which is all I was after. RB2 plus potential big upside. So right on track.
  18. There are 2 spots left to fill. There will only be 12 teams but I've got the league open to 20 teams fill it, the next 2 teams to pay on leaguesafe are in and all the non paying teams will be removed. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions!
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