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  2. Lot's of things make people idiots. Attending parades and owning 30 of something are just a couple of examples we have defined. Again, you seem to take it upon yourself to decide how our service members will feel if nobody attended this parade. People get to decide how they feel and whether or not they want to dodge a draft, but when it comes to a parade, those rules don't apply.
  3. like i said ... "middling" - when they hit, they hit BIG - but the opposite is equally applicable, there were tons of misses, as well - don't wanna spotlight anything here, but i can rattle off at least ten songs recorded after the debut that resonate as legit rock classics, no doubt. i have a distinct "Love/Hate" thing going on with their body of work, let's just leave it at that
  4. It wasn’t me that reported you, I promise.
  5. It also makes sense for Bortles in that it gives him a couple of years to wait for the old-timers to get out of the way and even more teams will be QB-desperate with a bigger salary cap to spend. You have to think Brady/Brees/Eli will all be gone. If Rodgers/BigBen/Rivers/Flacco/Alex smith are still going they will have one foot out the door. I laugh when I see some mock drafts only have 2-3 QB's taken in the top half of the draft. It's already a QB desperate league and will be even more so in a year. And much more so in two.
  6. Sounds like how the pats used Hernandez.
  7. I get that all our resident Philadelphians are still wound up about their Super Bowl win, but somebody has to give you credit for one of the most subtly played puns this board has seen since. Nicely done, DJ.
  8. I seriously don’t know if I’d even heard of Emmett before the Lamas fight.
  9. Bet with CSTU /FC42
  10. Hey, let’s move the goalposts again!!!! CNN was willing to let the YOUNG PERSON discuss what HE wanted to discuss, the question HE submitted. When his DAD wanted to change it to a much broader topic they didn’t have tome for, they said “we can’t do that, but your son can talk about what HE wanted to talk about.” Dad says “no, I’m going to lie to the fake news: Fox, Breitbart, Gsteway Pundit, & Real Clear Politics to further my political agenda instead.” This isn’t a kids political belief being silenced, this is an adult trying to manipulate that kid for his own political agenda, which you were so appalled by some pages back. Interesting how that changed quickly once the truth was shown.
  11. You have at least 15 pairs to wear with long pants or around the house
  12. How are these illegals tipping elections?? They can’t vote
  13. This infringes on the 2nd amendment
  14. Yeah, like....CNN produced emails that prove they were willing to let the son talk about what HE suggested, but that the broader topic THE DAD wanted him to talk about (that had a political agenda) would take up too much time, so THE DAD withdrew his son, had his son lie about why he didn’t attend (or lied to his son about why he wasn’t attending), then falsified emails in an effort to cover up his lie.
  15. Id be interested in covering the shipping and extra for the inconvenience if you would would send the books to me.
  16. I was assuming that was my Uber
  17. I wonder how much of that is due to streaming from the NBCOlympics site/app. And whether that's across all their networks. I've watched a TON of Olympics, but 90% hasn't been on NBC proper because 90% of that is figure skating (sometimes when it doesn't even count!)
  18. Plus the time delay. At least here on the east coast, the good stuff has either started past 11pm or been replayed at 7:30am when most people are heading out to work. I'm not trying to say that the location choice has to be more American friendly, but i'm sure the numbers change when you can provide better prime-time coverage.
  19. I had to read this a few times to see what piece I was missing.....I’m not really for vetoing trades, but I’d make an exception.....
  20. Dodge the parade? No, sounds like fun and I'm not against the U.S. military.
  21. Genius of the father to doctor the email from CNN. Hell, even Trump is smart enough to know that emails leave a chain of evidence.
  22. Really? I can see preferring that side but landslide? I’ll take the ar15 side myself, I’m with @FreeBaGeL with the alshon assesment.
  23. Stealthcat plays the exact same game over and over. Shoots his mouth and pounds his chest. Gets proven wrong. Moves on to the next opportunity to embarrass himself. I put him on ignore, but it's so entertaining to watch him fail over and over again.
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