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  2. A lot of this strategy really depends on league setup. My dynasty is set up with a salary structure so you really can't have too many studs at certain positions or the salaries will put you over the top. If a player outperforms their salary by given amount they force a renegotiation and there is a salary adjustments. One of the downsides of this is that trading away established vets in some cases can be difficult because the have higher salaries. You just aren't going to be able to trade for a bunch of 1st round picks very easily. I've seen someone acquire 2-3 1st rounders but no more than that in a 16 team league. We get a lot of people trading up or down in the draft but not a lot of people selling off a bunch of players for high picks.
  3. When I first joined I was 13
  4. He was arrested, right? Don't you agree that it would be helpful if the ATF could track where he got the guns?
  5. Could've dropped into my PT for some needling or other punishment
  6. You have who stalked who wrong and you know that
  7. One of the reasons the report is difficult to read is that it has three different authors, apparently one from each agency. A lot of the data comes from interviewing people after they were deported to Mexico. So if someone reported that they were separated from their family somewhere between entering the US and ending up in Nogales, they called that family separation. There were definitely instances of children being separated from families at detention centers, but their main concern seems to be with the fact that some minors were faced with choosing voluntary deportation while their parents awaited a hearing. Those that chose to be deported were shipped off to Mexico. What the report didn't include was the intentional separation of thousands of children from their parents, and losing them in the system. If you follow the link in footnote 25, that report discusses the border security polices implemented by Obama in 2014 that Trump claims he is following. You'll note that the Obama administration was sued by 17 republican states because his border security plan was too soft.
  8. With multiple links given to him that is considered racist and found pejorative by Hispanics.
  9. This is a LIE
  10. Right, Trump is definitely full of it when he says he has to do this or Democrats made him. It does seem this has been happening for some time regardless of the actual policy. The definition of family seems overly narrow and the system they use to track families to keep them together or reunite them seems laughable. I think Trump supporters have a fair point when they're arguing this has been going on awhile, even if it wasn't to the same level. To some degree it doesn't matter if something wasn't a policy of it was still happening in practice.
  11. Never ever cry about the lack of civility on this board again. Ever. Very
  12. like he doesn't already and no 0-0 results! Pepe down?
  13. Well I guess all police are racist as this happens thousands of time a day in our nation. The only difference is we don’t have a looped recording of one of them crying saying “mommy”. I agree it’s an awful situation but again there are legal avenues to come to this great nation and if you don’t want to be separated from your kids, follow them.
  14. Thank you. I agree we should work quickly to find a better solution here.
  15. And just to be clear so that I answer your strawman question. Help me understand how Trump leading his campaign team is any different then Mueller leading his investigation team? Show me the Strawman there please. I’ll be very much looking forward to your answer.
  16. Well, with a pitch like that how could we NOT love his idea?
  17. I don’t think they care about Bush.
  18. Oh the hypocrisy. Plenty of abusive & foul language the past few pages but I fail to see you call this out. Interesting
  19. I noticed he left out the Portugal.
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