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  2. Trump lost his ### in this badly. He looks like a horribly secluded and tone-deaf human being once again.
  3. F it all. I'm adopting two kittens soon. I want to come home and play with kittens.
  4. It's amazing how quickly "I'm hopeful about our young secondary growing into a dominant group" turns into a slap in the face with the reality that our defense won't change overnight. What did did change overnight was our offense being shut down. Very disappointed that we couldn't even crack that nut after the half time break. And major hats off to the Redskins for dominating us on both O and D.
  5. Short TD last week and more involved this week. Still has no redraft value, but he looks like he's going to be a good player.
  6. Many may say " you did it for her. Not because your heart was in it" BS. I spent my entire life honing my skills. I didn't even do it to impress her. I did it because I wanted to make a little bit of money and give her a better life. I don't need personal satisfaction for my talents. I despise praise. I hate anyone telling me I'm good at something. I don't do it for that. At the very least it's to make a decent living and if I were able to get rich from it I would give away every penny I don't need for something more important than t shirts or huge comical dongs. The only think that matters is self respect. That's what it means to love yourself. Looking in the mirror every day and knowing you did all you could and the little extra you may get can go towards something much more important. i don't need to tell myself " I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And goddonit people like me" i say " I'm more than good enough. I'm more than smart enough. And if I do it I better help the world or I'm just another scumbag". ill be damned if I'll be just another scumbag. Mark my words.
  7. I started my t shirt business because I was in love with a wonderful woman. I know what love is and I know what it means to " love myself". I put in the work and I will eventually do it again. Not because it's easy for me but because it's challenging.
  8. Because that Skins D looked so bad tonight against the Raiders.
  9. I think there is a misinterpretation of anger and sadness. I am am very confident and think very much of myself but I'm very angry about the world of ignorance we are surrounded by. I know any day I want to I can draw or write something great, but who would listen? I still need to make a living if I'm going to put that much effort in. Does the world really deserve it?
  10. Im sure there are lessons to be learnt from this game, but where to start?
  11. I can live healthy any time I want. I'm very close to doing it again. Addiction is not a condition for everyone. It's a means to an end. Addiction doesn't exist for some people because they are always aware of it.
  12. Yeah, no, you can't be. Just sounds like you need a program and structure. Like AA. But this is the last I do. I hope it works for you. I just got involved. My bad.
  13. Today
  14. I don't need someone to save me. That's where I lose the " love yourself" theme. I know what I'm good at and I know what I'm bad at. I don't need to convince myself I'm perfect or deserve more because I already know my value and I'll always improve to some degree even if I take a few steps back. My love is for something that should be loved. A kitten, a child, or a beautiful woman. A man is a nail. We can bend but we stay strong til the bitter end. Love myself? I don't know what that means. If I didn't love myself or feel confident I can survive and take on the world I would have been dead long ago. I don't need to BS myself. I'm not perfect and never could be but when I meet a woman I love , several of which I've found and only a few appreciated, I love with all my heart. Cant be a perfect man but you can try to be every day and that's all that matters. Nobody appreciates the effort they just want perfection right off the bat.
  15. I haven't looked at snap counts yet but based off of utilization, production and a cursory look.. I thought Funchess was worth rostering in deeper leagues after he saw a career high 7 targets last week with Olsen out. Now this week KB went down and Funchess set a new career high with 10 targets. He didn't do much (4/58) but much of that is a product of Cam just not looking quite right yet. Still, volume is volume and it may be bankable moving forward, especially if KB misses time. Curtis Samuel may also be worth looking at, he saw 5 targets this week which is the most he's seen so far this year. If you've visited the Alex Collins thread you already know how I feel about him. I bet when I go back and watch his 82 yards on 9 carries I'll be impressed, per usual. I think he's worth grabbing in case there is a RB shake-up in BAL (Collins replacing West). I'm assuming Cobb is out again for TNF, grab Allison if he's still on you WW. The trend of him seeing looks and producing with Cobb sidelined has continued. You want guys tied to Rodgers. Bruce Ellington quite simply cannot stay healthy but when he's healthy he flashes legitimate talent. He saw 7 targets this week and turned that in a 4/59/1 stat line. Fuller is coming back soonish but that shouldn't effect Ellington who plays in the slot. While Ellington was injured Ervin manned the slot but gave way to Ellington the minute he was healthy again. I think Ellington is worth looking at in deeper leagues. Honestly, a Hopkins/Fuller/Ellington passing attack doesn't look bad on paper. Subsequently, Watson may be worth looking at as well. Lastly, Foreman needs to be owned as a sky-high upside handcuff. Smallwood. I don't like mentioning him because I don't think he's very good but Sproles broke his arm and the only other player on that roster who is a similar comp is Pumphrey who is also injured. Out of Smallwood, Blount and Clement, Smallwood is the most versatile and the one most likely to pick up Sproles' missing targets. Before getting injured Sproles was being utilized 12 times a game, 50% of which came in the form of targets. Prosise. He's undoubtedly talented and looks to have cemented himself as the COP back in this offense. Although Rawls and Lacy were active they didn't register a touch. Prosise was utilized a season high 9 times (5 targets) and played on a season high 37% of the snaps. Baldwin who mans the slot is also dealing with a groin injury of unknown severity which may lead to more underneath work for Prosise. He's worth at least keeping and eye on in PPR.
  16. Then there are other fish in the sea, bro. Look, nobody is going to save you. We all have needs, but you don't seem like that you can handle somebody else before you can handle yourself. Just an opinion. Take it FWIW.
  17. He had some good moments in the preseason and has looked pretty good so far in the regular season. He can run and catch. His usage this early has caught me by surprise to be honest. It's a full blown 3-man committee right now.
  18. If they insist getting in to it what is one to do?
  19. That's a long-winded way to not answer my question
  20. Honestly, you listen to her. Then you make your own informed decisions about to that which you've listened. I think you're being difficult here. The vagaries of politics, if above even your intelligence, are above many. You seem to order a tallboy when you should just get a shot, frankly. But you're a good dude. It's a metaphor.
  21. Combination. The Jets played great defense for a change. Adams was a beast. Cutler was terrible, but the whole Dolphins team looked like they would rather be elsewhere. Total garbage effort by the Dolphins.
  22. Powell did have a long run called back due to some suspect penalty call. Starter? Yeah, next year for sure. Maybe later this year, but it will be in a committee unless Forte/Powell get hurt.
  23. Well that was unexpected. A total thrashing of the Dolphins. Those guys should be hanging their heads in shame today. Very conflicting result. On one hand, I was rooting for the tank. Halfway through it, I knew that loser Cutler wasn't going to do anything, so I shifted to pile on the hated Fins. At this point, I still have no idea why we're playing McCown, Kerley, Forte, etc. If it's about development, then use the younger kids. Anyway, kudos to the players for coming out hard and busting their butts today. Adams was a beast. As much as it hurts to say it because I usually think Bowles is a dope, credit to the coaching staff for integrating lots of new players over the past couple of weeks. Lots of contributions today.
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