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  2. To be clear though, I understand what @chet is saying too. A warning is one thing. You warn and then say the thing. Where it becomes different is more in a conversation and if it turns to "You can't say what you're saying to me because it triggers me".
  3. That's my "fear" (strong word, doesn't quite fit but roll with it) for avengers too. I don't know if I'd be as psyched if I didn't have a 16yo son who is totally into it but not really sports. It's our thing like the rose bowl was with me and my dad.
  4. They seem like the friendliest.
  5. Lots of typos in my post that I went back and fixed.
  6. Cool. What some people are saying is that it's a negative to include a trigger warning like Buttigieg did. I don't think anyone is making it a big deal. Just a negative.
  7. A trigger warning is saying, "Don't bring up this topic or use this word because it will cause me to be uncomfortable or worse," so even if you don't explicitly ask someone to censor their language, the request is implicit. As I've also said before, I will never go out of my way to say something that would offend someone but I will also never use political correctness to censor myself--I will use my judgement to decide whether or not to say something.
  8. Agree with everything you said except about OTs. Colts drafted G Nelson last year early. He not only performed well individually but you could tell his attitude carried over to the other positions. I feel like he was a big part of that turnaround for Indy (obviously Luck being healthy didn’t hurt, but Nelson made about as big of an impact as I have seen from a guard). The right offensive lineman can make a big impact on the offense imo. Wish you guys luck in Buffalo, seems like you are on the upswing. Was not a fan of drafting Allen but he exceeded expectations and if he continues to develop could be one of the more exciting playmakers at his position for a long time.
  9. Remembering Victoria Nuland’s “#### the EU” moment. Another shining example of democracy and freedom: It turns out people don’t like US-backed, ultranationalist, hyper militant neonazi fronts.
  10. I'm such a big fan of the show. Brooke and Bob do really good work in that 60 minutes every week.
  11. Some conduct detailed in the Mueller report was lawful, some was pretty certainly unlawful (though the report refrained from reaching that conclusion). But it was all awful. Schiff made a good point in the clip I just linked to. The Mueller report is about 400 pages. Go ahead and pick whatever page you think is most favorable to Trump. No matter what page you pick, it makes Trump look really bad. There are literally zero pages that are flattering to him.
  12. That seems to be the opposite of how trigger warnings are supposed to work, as far as I understand it. I thought it was to provide a warning that what you are about to say may be offensive or cause feelings of discomfort. You give the trigger warning so you don’t have to censor yourself. Am I off base on this?
  13. What I was saying was if someone (Mayor in this example) wants to include a trigger warning then no big deal. I don't know why anyone would care. Equally, I wouldn't care if he had not included it either. I think the real debate would be the opposite scenario. If someone were upset that it was NOT included and they were trying to mandate them. There would be way too much gray area there for me.... where do you draw the line? A lot of the examples brought up seem to be in this opposite scenario like what if there was no warning about teachers if someone had been molested by a teacher.
  14. Chet seems pretty up in arms only a few posts up. It obviously really bothers some people. And most of those people can't help but make it political. "Radical left", for instance.
  15. You got bad info. You want as much full spectrum and total cannabanoids as possible. CBD and THC play nice with each other...they all do. I get a more “leveled” high when there is significant CBD involved. Regarding dabs...I did a 1:1 and it was a fantastic cerebral high and my body felt like I took two Vicodin. Almost narcotic.
  16. You can’t reasonably apply the same censure that Dems fought for Clinton, probably appropriately in retrospect, to far worse behavior. The GOP won’t accede to it any more than the impeachment either. Are you saying that censure isn't appropriate because Trump's behavior is worse than Clinton's? If so, I don't agree. I think "censure" can be appropriate for a wide variety of "low crimes and misdemeanors".
  17. Sorta different, but I absolutely believe the best thing I did training for my only full Ironman was doing a "metric" (meaning multiply the distances by .62), mostly under race conditions as best simulated. IIRC, 1.6 mile swim, 70 mile ride, 15 mile run, working transitions. Sucked while doing it but it made me confident before the race. Godspeed!
  18. I wish we would use them more often. Meet someone new? I'd like a trigger warning. "Hey about 30min into meeting you im gonna start obsessively talking about the Mueller report" Thanks. Peace out. "Hey, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Tim. Tim is super cool and he may to try win your soul for Christ, so if he asks you to come hang out at his lodge for some free skiing, he is going to preach Christ to you"
  19. Huffman was one of the first to plead guilty, publicly accepted responsibility and showed remorse, and was charged with paying someone $15,000 to correct her daughters test. Lori, by comparison, has plead not guilty, is not accepting responsibility for her actions, was charged with paying $500,000 in bribes as part of a fraud to get her daughters into USC, and has been hit with an additional money laundering charge for routing the money through a fake charitable organization. There’s a whole lot of difference between the two cases.
  20. Good discussion with Adam Schiff on the Mueller report and the prospect of impeachment here: (Schiff takes the timschochet view on impeachment: don’t go to trial if you can’t get a conviction.)
  21. He's a small guy, you expect big hands and a large catch radius? Huh?
  22. To be super clear, nobody is "up in arms" or "fixated" on the trigger warnings. The discussion came up that they were a negative.
  23. "the story about Dean Ambrose not going to AEW nor any wrestling company is 100% correct. The guy is genuinely taking a break from wrestling and has offers to go Hollywood. His contract ends this Friday so this is indeed the last one."
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