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  2. Not a Boomer but this is about the only one that comes close. I actually don't "enjoy" shopping anywhere but Kohl's isn't terrible.
  3. What kind of rifle would you need to take out Yogi Bear?
  4. Only a prelude to his tweet ordering that American restaurants no longer serve chow mein, egg rolls or other Chinese food.
  5. Well said. That overthrown pass to Ertz legit would have sealed the game and put us up 21-0.
  6. Actually, I don't feel that whipped. In some ways, the long steady runs are tougher from the cumulative fatigue. This was a trade-off of effort and intensity for the slow slog of a distance run. My overall pace, oddly enough, was about the same (a little better, actually) as if I'd have just run 13 miles. But let's see how I feel tomorrow. (Esp. after a planned 17 miler.)
  7. That wasn't my point. He claimed to be an expert on bullying. He said he deals with it every day. Now we know what he meant. He bullies people every day. My apologies. I thought he helped stop it. Carry on.
  8. I want to keep the manual, but I know I will go for an online manual. It's just easier.
  9. At the game last night I overheard some Alshon bashing over the dropped pass/INT in the Saints game last year. Also heard it on WIP the day before. Listen, I will revere Nick until the day I die for what he did for us in 2017. But I'm not blinded by that. Throw out the fact that if Alshon caught that pass, we still had to go 25 more yards and get in the endzone (it wasn't like a Tate siutation vs. the Bears, where a drop there costs us the game.) But Foles has high-highs, and low-lows, and the Saints game was a low. We were up 14-0, start of the 2nd quarter and the D had just forced a Saints punt to give us the ball. From that point, to the Alshon play, here were Nick's stats: 10/23, 109, 1 INT Whether it was his play, the called plays, a combo, or whatever, that kind of performance over the next three quarters, after jumping to a 14-0 lead, is the biggest reason we lost. Ok, I feel better now that I got that off my chest!
  10. Having a nickname such as "Boomer".
  11. Seriously. You guys are cute sometimes. Like super adorable and cute...but I really think you need to stop letting your emotions drive you on these things. I get it, I FEEL it with you..In your little heart of hearts you want to impech him, you want to SAY "You're gone big guy!!" But if you take your emotions out, and just TRY to look at it differently, you would see that impeachment is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. Before 2020 the man is not leaving office via impeachment. Now, try to focus on the election..please....It really bugs me that you guys are all emotion, and lack any real critical thinking. This is why you lose over and over and over again. Ugh..Ok I'm done ranting.
  12. Isn't Edelman 33 years old? That's pretty long in the tooth and the wheel typically comes off for most receivers much earlier. Doesn't mean this is the year for Edelman--but it certainly is one idea why he might lose the slot role this year. Beyond his preseason performance, one of the reasons I am buying Meyers now is because the guys in front of him are so old (Edelman and Thomas) and unreliable (Gordon) and the rest have proven to be mediocre.
  13. I worry for the pink dolphins, the giant river otters, the electric eels.
  14. That appears to be a very narrow minded way to see you have blinders on?
  15. Of course. Well, actually, one would assume someone with a decent sense of acumen about business and finance (and no morals) would do that, so it's really a coin flip.
  16. Or, he may just show off a room full of Big Macs, Whoppers, KFC and french fries. "All made in America, folks. We don't need any Chinese food."
  17. I wonder at the species which may be wiped out, which we may never come to know, plant and animal kingdom. What might we have learned. I worry for the fisheries which will have to deal with silt run off into their spawning beds. Imagine the fishing economies which will be devastated. How many indigenous peoples will be displaced physically or in culture because of this? There are tribes all along the Amazon which depend on the health of that river. Already hydro electric projects and dredge mining in the river and nearby have stressed that river to the breaking point. This will not help. I wanted to run that river, now, not so much. I guess I can return to the Orinoco, but its just not the same.
  18. Also, weren't we going vegan just a few pages ago? What were you planning on eating or snacking on?
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