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  2. This is so me right now
  3. What helps you stick to a budget and resist the supermarket temptations?
  4. I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum from you. And I would kill for a president like Reagan. And Tim is right — you pee on Reagan’s legacy when you group him with Trump.
  5. Bumping per request above. DA RAIDERS and I are doing the latter, and DA RAIDERS and a bunch of others are doing the former, I think. I ended up doing the beginner level on the app again, but DA is doing intermediate. I finished Day 15 today - halfway there! It featured straight-arm plank, regular plank, then my nemesis the side plank with arm raised on each side, then more regular planking, then DA RAIDERS's nemesis the reverse plank. Whew!
  6. Never made sense. Pace and the “experts” really blew it.
  7. That's a nice narrative. Not sure if it holds up for Jose any more, as it seems more recently he's had no problem throwing players under the bus while playing mind games with the rest. But I do think his typical tactics might work for least to get them out of the mid/bottom and pushing towards europe
  8. Yeah. If you don’t start them this week, you definitely aren’t starting them next week. I likely plan on dropping them as well. Though Rodgers has had some bad games. Sunday night with my playoffs on the line is not a time I want to test those waters.
  9. I wish this dialogue would die. Those that support the foolishness want to talk about anything but the facts. It's why they throw bait out there like second best president since Raegan. Just seeing which guppy will bite, so the subject can be changed with minutia that doesn't mean anything. Stay on topic. They cannot rebuttal with anything but nonsense if you do.
  10. Those 2 alphas would be fast friends and I bet Ronald would’ve loved the JR Donald has
  11. Lovitz is getting absolutely skewered on twitter right now. Someone pointed out that one of Montreal's LB's who was deemed better than Lovitz was a Cuban defector
  12. It's early, but between a seemingly flawed frontrunner's unwavering support among Black voters and an ascendant white politician's inability to make inroads in more diverse states, I sure am getting 2016 vibes from this primary.
  13. And the beat goes on. It feels more personal when its a company like New Belgium that was started to make better product than the big guys and we watched and cheered them on. But we're seeing this a lot with the craft brewers now. Their industry is in its roll up phase. The fun really starts when all the non-competes of the last few deals expire and some of the players that started these successful craft brewers can start over with some serious capital.
  14. For those with deep benches, he is certainly worth a speculative add for a couple of weeks to see if he sticks in an interesting situation.
  15. Reagan would have nothing but nice things to say about Trump. At the bare minimum he would say nothing.
  16. I haven’t read this thread. I’m sure it’s the same nonsense that’s been tossed around for the last several years. This was a mistake for the NFL to do. I’m 100% sure one their lawyers came up with. Complete circus to do at the 2/3rd’s point of the season. If they wanted to give him a fair shake they would have done this in the preseason. That being said some radio hosts have made good points that this has never been done for any FA that I can recall. Now do other FA’s like Dez Bryant request coaches brought in and a professional facility to use? Can’t recall that ever happening. On the flip side, no way Kaepernick wants to play. Thousands of drones saying: “I want him to get his shot.” Well if he wanted it he wouldn’t have worked out at a high school in a ####a Kinte shirt pretending to be some sort of martyr while being sponsored by Nike. A company that is probably heavily influenced by China and who has been caught using actual slave labor several times in its history. He also showed up with man boobs. Can’t believe there are people actually saying he looked like he was in good shape. No, he looked like a former jock who once upon a time worked out but now sits on the couch eating Oreos and Funyuns. This is like watching a couple go through a bad divorce and then having one last preceding to see who gets the dog. NFL does what the NFL does which is look stupid. Same as always (example MNF on ####ty Mexico field). Kaep stirred up his long supporters but he also ended up lifting the veil so to speak to some who he once had the support of. He made me feel bad for Hue Jackson having his time wasted, I think that says it all really.
  17. Wilson is their blocking TE. Think Rhett Ellison but not as good.
  18. Outside of the back up keepers, only Zimmerman, Trapp and Lima did not see the field in these two games.
  19. Thanks Bri. I currently have a waiver claim in, but good chance I won't get my guy and will end up with waiver wire dregs.
  20. I thought I read an article that a bit of a factor going into these movies is how it will do in China and a couple other countries, and it's a reason for some of the fare that we are complaining about.
  21. Good adds. I view Gage and Agholor (higher ceiling) as now/short term need pickups and Lazard as a longer play with less chance of being useful this year but with a highest ceiling and very possible dynasty value.
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