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  2. Players suddenly declining, especially ones at the upper ends of their position's age bracket, isn't a total unknown. Brees is one of the all-time greats so it's hard to believe the filament just burnt out. Truth is likely in the middle -- this Saints team has looked discombobulated at times and not settled in, and Brees has not made adjustments and is earning his lower passing rating compared to his historical average. Brees and that entire team looks too good to not turn it around, but man they are looking rough. There is that possibility that what you see is what you get this year.
  3. I lean toward losing Thomas, not having a rapport with Sanders, and the team scoring an abnormal percentage of rushing TD's the first 2 games. I think Brees could still be a low-end QB1 this year, and people dropping him are insane. That said, I'm not sure people who drafted him are going to be happy with there ROI. I think many expected a healthy Kamara, and the addition of Sanders, to possibly make those last 6 weeks carry over.
  4. Oklahoma State RB Chuba Hubbard’s Heisman candidacy ends before it begins
  5. That was easy money. Not mayweather vs mcgregor easy...but pretty close. meathead gets KTFO. Costa was all bark and zero point zero bite
  6. I can't help but think that if Jones wasn't hobbled by his hamstring as much, he would have caught that thing. Watching him struggle to get up after a play, limping on the sidelines -- I don't care if he is better than most WRs with half a hammy, there are likely other options on my bench or on the wire who may have a better shot than scoring more than 3-4 points (maybe even 9-10 even if he caught that TD).
  7. Me too. One of the storylines I've loved this year is how he has worked to just fit in and be a role player. He was a key part of the Lakers' success against Denver once he stopped trying to punk Jokic and just focused on doing his job. Props to the Nuggets in these playoffs. That was as much of a grind as a 4-1 series win could be. Such a fun, mentally tough squad to watch. They have some really nice pieces in place to be a significant contender for the foreseeable future.
  8. In last years championship, I went from 84-83 loss to 85-84 win after a correction credited Balt D with a sack.
  9. A lot of people who are bolder(?) than I here. if Julio is active, he starts for me, doesn't even matter what my other options are. A banged up Julio is still a high-end WR2 in my eyes. Hell, maybe he'll see some lesser coverage with Ridley blowing up, and teams knowing Julio's not 100%. I can't help but think if he doesn't drop that TD last week, nobody is even considering benching him.
  10. Honestly, I think Burkhead is a better option than most of the guys who were waiver priorities this week. Guys like Henderson, Kelley, McKinnon, or any Giants RB. I don't think I'd have him ahead of Mike Davis though. Not saying he's a better season long pickup than those guys, but like him more for week 3, especially in DFS, as his price is basically free.
  11. I think Burkhead is actually a great sneaky play this weekend. I don't have the cojones to do it and have other options, but would definitely be thinking about it I didn't.
  12. This totally got me thinking about my favorite unanswerable band-related question: Which was the better AC/DC lineup: The one with Bon Scott The one with Brian Johnson
  13. How do you feel about Fresca? I agreed with others that the show was sliding into being a little cartoony, but this episode was really great.
  14. Of course they're divided. 52% of them are going to hell.
  15. Catholic community in Wisconsin divided by priest’s video Father James Altman of the St. James the Less church in La Crosse, condemning Democratic Party-supporting Catholics as imposters who are going to hell.
  16. Van Halen with Sammy Hagar = way more commercially successful. Van Halen with David Lee Roth = way more the better band.
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