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  2. That's gotta be really dry sarcasm. Don't forget Poe's Law, Faust!
  3. Here is a draft order generator site. Select 16 teams, put in the team names, and add a list of emails you wish to have the list sent to. Then hit the button to generate the draft order and it will email all the email addresses the draft order it generates. You can put in all 16 emails if you have them or just a few to at least have some checks.
  4. dominating the first 20' ... then the opponent scores (of course) nil heading into the half
  5. LIVE Austria 2nd Division (Bullring Footy, baby!) Austria Lustenau o1.5 -125
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  7. What I use to not ruin clothing
  8. You start with a bonus based on your year-long accumulation of Fed Ex points
  9. Why do you think she is crazy? (note: I’m not saying she is or isn’t. I don’t have enough basis to know either way)
  10. I believe that you are being fed a line of plausible bull####, my friend, and are repeating said bull####. Violence is wrong, period. Regardless of ideology. I do not condone violence in any form, along with the vast majority of Americans. But Tanner is right. These groups only become prominent when there is a perceived threat. Why are they (very suddenly and recently) prominent? Might there be a perceived threat? And why would there be that perception?
  11. If your team has hot garbage at back-up QB you might want to give Pittsburgh a call. They are sitting on three reserve QBs who have played pretty damn well and its a carryover from the practices. Have never seen such a a thing in all my decades as a Steeler fan. 💨🏈🏔️ 🤗
  12. When punishment as a kid was you couldn't go outside to play. Games like hopscotch, dodgeball, tag..
  13. President Trump donates his salary to the Surgeon General's office. Democrat response: Orange man bad! Everybody else:
  14. For redraft probably, this year could be a mess but in Dynasty's I'd much rather have Harris at his ADP going forward
  15. Dumbazz me didn't read it before posting, it was supposed to be the Cowboys-Rams recap, here's what I intended to post... Dallas Cowboys 14, Los Angeles Rams 10 9. Ezekiel Elliott still hasn't returned to the Cowboys. So as long as Zeke watch continues, Tony Pollard watch will carry on, as well. Though Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke swimmingly of the rookie runner after a modest four carries for 16 yards in preseason Week 1, Pollard actually was impressive on Saturday at the onset. Taking handoffs from Dak Prescott on the opening drive, Pollard had five carries for 42 yards, including a 14-yard run through the right side to pay dirt. Pollard looked promising under the Hawaiian sun and that's good for the Cowboys -- perhaps in more ways than just on the field. Meanwhile, Prescott was perfect, going 5 of 5 for 64 yards in his second preseason start in as many games. While there's been plenty of noise regarding Prescott's lofty desires for a new deal, he's very quietly going about his job, showing up for practice, starting preseason games (not sure why on that one) and playing splendidly. 10. In a showdown of squads boasting marquee names, the stars certainly didn't come out for either team during a prime time outing in Hawaii. Aside from Dak Prescott, the big names on both teams were absent from the playing field for various reasons. With L.A. QB Jared Goff not in action, it was another chance for Blake Bortles to settle in after a ho-hum debut (3 for 8 for 50 yards and a 59.4 rating) with the Rams the week prior. Bortles was solid to the tune of a 7-for-11 night for 62 yards with a 7-yard TD toss and a 108.9 QB rating in the neighborhood of double his previous outing. At one point in the game, Rams coach Sean McVay even checked in to do a little live play-by-play, so just what one can gauge from the reigning NFC champs is arduous. But having a seasoned backup is often an important piece, particularly for a high-octane offense and Bortles showed progress. After Bortles' exit, Brandon Allen took the reins and went 14-of-21 for 115 yards with a pick. It wasn't stellar, but it was solid. With Todd Gurley and Malcolm Brown absent from play, as well, Darrell Henderson got some more experience, with the rookie running back showing his skills out of the backfield with six catches.
  16. 1) The Panthers played a pure 3-4 in preseason game 1 with rookie Brian Burns and former DT turned DE Michael Haynes both playing OLB. 2) They didnt do much of any 4-3 hybrid, except when they are in 2-4-5 nickel, they spend more time with a 3 point stance, instead of standing up, than typical 3-4 OLBs do. Yet they still lined up very wide as a 2-4-5 nickel as a 3-4 does. Now this weeks pre season game 2 looking at the first drive with the first team defense on the field and getting driven on by the Bills... you only had a 3-4 and a 3-4-nickel (the 2-4-5). Addison is #97 and Bruce Irvin is #55. Both former lightweight 4-3 DEs. Play #1: 3-4, Addison ROLB. Irvin LOLB. Play #2: 3-4, Addison LOLB, Irvin ROLB. *Out of the huddle, Addison moves to weak side (non TE) and Irvin moves to strong side (with TE). Once there is offensive motion though, they do not move again. They keep that Left-Right alignment. Addison drops deep into coverage, and handles a zone area as is normal for LBs with a 3--4 zone defense. Play #3: 2-4-5, Both are 3-point (hand in dirt) wide positioned OLBs. The DE on Addisons side is lined up straight up with the LT. You can see Irvin is much wider than the RT. This is standard affair for a pass rushing OLB. And the positioning is even more standard for actual DEs for a 3-4 (ex: Heyward and Tuitt in Pit). Play #4: 3-4, Addison OLB on Weak and Irvin OLB on Strong post huddle. TE moves motions later. Play #5: 2-4-5, Addison stand up ROLB (way wide) and Irvin 3 point LOLB. Line tilted left Play #6: 3-4, the back ups come in on this play and Burns and Thomas assume the OLB roles. #53 Burns directly behind Addison in depth chart. And #98 Haynes. Play #7: 2-4-5, once again at OLB, but this is the closest that Addison gets to being any type of DE. As the d-lineman on his side kicks way inside does not touch the tackle box whatsoever, a true DT spot for that DL. Play#8: 2-4-5, wide OLBs in 3-point stances, and within the red zone. Play #9: 2-4-5, same as above. Play #10: 2-4-5, same as above. Allowed a F. Inside the 20 they played the same nickel alignment. And that nickel is what most all 3-4s are relying on as their most common/base defense these days. Its a modern trend in the pass heavy game. The honest-to-Gods-truth through 2 preseason games, is that Addison and Burns (his direct back up) dont sniff a DE spot. The only thing that is different is their more frequent use of a 3-point stance over guys like Von Miller, James Harrison, Demarcus Ware and Clay Mathews. Obviously they all use a variation of stances to some point, but this proclivity probably has a lot to do with Irvin and Addison being older when they are picking up the trade. This will cause them more initial coverage issues, which is why they seem to stand up when given more direct passing responsibilities. They've never seen the inside of the OTs shoulder yet (big give away). *The second drive of Carolina defense is exactly the same. More substitutions though. ** The third drive is once again the exact same. This game, like the last preseason game... shows almost nothing of anything besides a 3-4 defense. Addison and Irvin are OLBs. They play a lot of 3-4-nickle, which a 2-4-5 alignment. There does not appear to be anything fancy or new or "Hollywood" to change the proper designation from being anything other than LB.
  17. Remember all the preparation that went in to taking a photo? Setting the shutter speed, exposure, f-stops? Lots of planning. And maybe, maybe, you took a second one, just in case, but that was expensive. But you wouldn't know how it turned out until two weeks later, so better hope all your settings were right. God forbid someone walked in front of you while you were taking a picture, that was like $3 wasted.
  18. My "college fund" was four $1,000 CDs, staggered to come due the four years I would be in college. My dad bought them in the late 1970s. Interest rate was about 18% for 18-20 years
  19. I’ll even pay 150 to play as sad as that sounds . I was really lookin forward to playin In this . Haven’t played ina league in many years after being a fantasy fanatic. I genuinely hope we can work out somethin.
  20. RB/WR isn’t really a “stack”. It’s having 2 players on the same team. This one’s been discussed over the years as well - it’s generally not considered ideal to have this combination within your first couple picks, because they don’t usually have great days on the same week. The optimum circumstance is the team gets way up via the pass, then grinds it out. what often happens though is the RB has a monster day & the team doesn’t need to throw much. Or the team gets way up by the pass & they bring in a 2nd stringer for mop-up dory in the 2nd half. There are more scenarios that work against having a top WE/RB combo than for it.
  21. @Penguin did you forget you already posted that two hours ago...twice?
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