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  2. 12 Team PPR 1.1 - DK (first time I’ve seen him crack top 3 myself). 1.2 - Jacobs 1.3 - Harry 1.4 - Montgomery 1.5 - Sanders 1.6 - Campbell 1.7 - AJ Brown 1.8 - Murray 1.9 - Samuel 1.10 - Isabella
  3. Apparently Denmark cares more about it's citizens than creating a war machine. I guess you're right, Denmark is a delicious apple, America is a disgusting orange.
  4. Bears are a tough projection this year. Personally, I think they come in almost identical to last year (with slight regression on the defensive side and slight progression on the offensive side). I don't expect much change in Tarik Cohen either. I agree that the first 8 games are a tough stretch. The Bears may be trailing more this year. But Cohen's usage will increase if the Bears are behind (generally). The Bears may need to score more in general. And as a Bears fan, all I can think is that this may be a year to watch out for the Lions. They always do well when everyone thinks they will suck, and suck when people think they are going to be great. This is a year no one is looking for them. Which scares me.
  5. US defense spending = 700 billion for 2018 Denmark defense spending = 4 billion
  6. Number of immigrants being supported by the US = 44.5 million as of 2017 Total population of Denmark = 5.7 million lets start there before we compare Denmark to the US
  7. 11. Richard Wagner - Ride Of The Valkyries After the Bumblebee flight, I was ready to ride something a little grander.
  8. No, I am Pointing out that the US pays a disproportionate amount of its globally leading budget on defense. The US also pays a globally leading amount on healthcare. The US also has higher quality healthcare for those that receive it. Denmark is an apples to oranges comparison.
  9. You're vying with Tim for most Delusional Post in the Thread with this silliness. It's going to take an extremely talented front office to prevent the Lakers from becoming BKN 2.0 with this trade and Pelinka & Co. have already proven their utter ineptness at everything else basketball related so I don't know where you think they are getting all these extra IQ points from. They were desperate to get AD to avoid the perception of being even more clueless, saving the proof for when they try to pull this off with their one mid-level exception at ~$9MM. They'd be better off splitting up that money for a few OK players and similarly splitting up their max contract space for 2/3 pretty good players, but the headlines wouldn't be as flashy which is exactly why they won't do it. Continually overestimating players' desire to come play for the Lakers and making decisions based on getting approval from the casual fan are major reasons their situation is so dire in the first place. They just made it worse.
  10. Also, nothing that has been “marketed” to me has influenced my political leanings. As liberal as the media has become, if anything I’d be more left had I been influenced by that garbage.
  11. Well, to take B first, Denmark joined the US in it's ill conceived wars in Iraq and Afganistan from the beginning. We were also part of the coalition that beat up on Saddam in Kuwait, as well as being part of multiple peacekeeping missions under UN and NATO auspices. Re A. Have you heard of Syria? Migrants to the EU from Africa and the war torn Middle East? Do you actually believe that only the US is a destination for immigration? Apart from that then nice deflection (are you seriously of the opinion that money spent on wars overseas are better spent than providing healthcare for your population?)
  12. Back in the 90's, I used one of these for a few seasons, but it got to be a pain in the butt keeping the old blades sharp. I switched to an electric with a cord. The thing eventually died on me. I have been using a gas mower since. I really need to try one of these newer cordless ones out.
  13. Thompson graded out very high in skills. Regarding escapability, no one averaged more missed tackles per run last year in college football than Thompson (I believe it was around .32). He blocks and catches well. But, if you are asking, his draft stock is rising because of just how high he graded out. His biggest issues seem to be size (5'8") and speed (4.52). At 200 lbs, I am thinking his comparable is MJD. Both have a terrific dead leg move.
  14. No, this is not currently relevant. To my knowledge, the poster was referring to Hill's prior. Hill has repeatedly denied the current incident. If anything, the girlfriend has admitted to setting up the recording. They are both real works of art. But, to my knowledge, the injuries came back consistent with a fall, not from an adult twisting the arm.
  15. Buy an cordless electric mower. Buy it for your anniversary.
  16. Of course I care, but implementing policy that detracts or impedes our economic strength and vitality is a short sighted solution. Our current system is greater than any other system in the world. Just about everyone that is not handicapped can become American middle class. And as we all know American middle class makes you better off than most others in the world. We are protectors of the free world, not to mention the economic support we provide globally. We are global leaders in education, innovation and moral ethics. Don’t mess with greatness, or you’ll be the next Europe before you know it and all of that greatness that my family has fought to protect and died for, will disappear.
  17. Jebus.... I haven't even gone to my first place to see if they even have a shirt..
  18. Don't get your iPhone stolen
  19. I’m tired of paying for other people’s mistakes. And now Warren wants me to pay for bad student loan decision making. Eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol excessively. only then am I willing to consider subsidizing your healthcare
  20. FMIA Guest: PFF On How Data Is Changing NFL’s Present And Future Excerpt:
  21. A) how many immigrants does Denmark support? B) what is Denmark doing to support the rest of the world militarily? No country can be compared to the US, it’s an apples to oranges comparison.
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