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  2. Driving in the left lane the entire time, of a two lane highway.
  3. 12 team dynasty. 1qb 2rb 3wr 1te 1wrrbte 15 bench 6 pt all TDs. we do a 2 round rookie draft after the NFL draft and a 2nd 2 round rookie+veteran draft around preseason week 3 I traded down for a 2020 1st and was still able to get Paris Campbell at 2.4. The 3.1 is a little extra valuable in this league since you get first dibs at cut veterans as well as rookies that have shown out in preseason. I traded for the 3.1 with my eye on Justice Hill but now my eye is on Darwin Thompson too as well as Tony Pollard. My receiver corpse is scary good so I decided to flip Paris Campbell and my 4.12 for 3.2 and 3.10. That gives me access to 2 of Justice Hill, Thompson or Pollard as well as possibly landing Irv Smith at 3.10. What do you guys think? Am I crazy for basically trading all my pick into the 3rd round? And which 2 would you take?
  4. If your arrogance had substance, it wouldn't bother me as much. I'm not sure where I came off as bragging but I'm definitely not bragging about anything. Most of your points are not accurate based on 3 high stakes drafts I used as my reference for ADP. And speaking of ADP, lf I were looking at generic ADP lists from MFL or something, I'd much rather look at the range of draft position than the average itself. Will Fuller may have an AVERAGE draft position of 7th/8th (per you, it's actually 6th) but he's gone as high as 5.04 (MFL) which is important to know, especially if he's a target. The goal is to draft the players you are targeting, not go by ADP and hope for the best. For the record, Will Fuller's ADP per MFL with appropriate filters is 6th round. In 3 high stakes drafts: Mixon went 1st round in all 3 (mostly late 1st except for my pick). Engram went 5th in all 3 (top 3 TEs all went in round 3) Fuller went 5th round once and twice in the 6th including my pick. This pick was not forced, he was a target of mine. LeSean McCoy - I'm not thrilled with him but he's a starting RB as my 4th option. I can always drop him for a ww pickup if he's terrible.
  5. the nectar of the tards. straight up poison.
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  7. Texting one thought over 8 individually sent text messages (hitting send after every 4 words). Drives me insane.
  8. 12 team FFPC Team A got Edelman and Cohen Team B got Sutton, Crowder and Reed
  9. Ah yes the wild boar problems of the south. Probably should build a couple machine gun nests alongside the house. I’m in Michigan, maybe you can find a wolf here. Do shotguns work on boars? I don’t have a problem with you shooting at targets, it is enjoyable. I don’t think you need the inalienable right to do it with any gun ever made. Trying to spend less time in the psf so forgive me if I don’t respond, it’s not because I’m beating my head on a wall.
  10. if you had to pick 2 Irv Smith also available
  12. I just remember Nick Foles targeting Nelson Agholor like his life depended on it at the start of last season when Wentz was out. Huge PPR upside for this guy. He's like Julian Edelman but 4-5 rounds later.
  13. Wait until he gets his annual injury and trade for him dirt cheap
  14. i've brought this up before. i used to not drink for lent. my weight loss wouldn't happen until the 5th week or so. then it would fall off like crazy. 15 lbs easy. mostly in the last 2-3 weeks. so again, commitment is the key. if one doesn't see any major results for a month or so.....will one keep it up?
  15. boom! i call it, paying the piper. i did legs yesterday. then i drank a bunch of champagne at a work event. too much of it. today, i had to pay the piper. my legs said, "don't do it" my light hangover, agreed. 45 minutes of varying cardio, with my heart rate constantly above 150. followed by 10+ minutes in the sauna. came out feeling fantastic! i was sweating like an NBA player. it was awesome.
  16. TJ's combination of size/speed/power/receiving traits is impressive. It doesn't mean he'll eventually be a feature back, but he's got feature back-type skills, IMO. Just for reference, I like him more than Darwin Thompson as far as a long-term asset (although, Thompson has a fairly big advantage right now due to situation).
  17. I honestly think your resulting draft was meh. In general, I'd rather brag about how late I got someone that everyone likes than brag about how early I reached for someone I particularly like. The whole draft feels forced--outside of Evans in the 2nd and Fournette in the 3rd. You take Mixon a round ahead of ADP. Engram routinely goes in the 5th--and the late 5th a lot of times. But since you believe he's a top 5 tight end, you reach and take him a round early. The problem is--wait for it--everyone thinks he's a top 5 tight end. And the rest of the world is paying that 5th round price for him. But this is where you force it. And this is where it really turns south for me. 5th round Ingram is a fine pick--but you've got 1 WR and are probably better served getting #2 at this point. You take Will Fuller in the 6th round when his ADP is in the 7th/8th. You use your little motto of draft explosive players and he's a beast when healthy--but he's never healthy. Even if you completely believe him staying healthy this season--you could have gotten him 2 rounds later. This is a completely forced pick and again devoid of value. Robbie Anderson in the 7th was good. Lesean McCoy in the 8th--I hate it on so many levels. He's over the hill. They went out and added Gore, Yeldon, and even Singletary in the draft. The 8th round still has a lot of upside guys. The Ferarris and Porches are gone. There's some Mustangs left, some Camaro's. You went and grabbed Pappaws 1992 Buick Lesabre and you're telling me it will get you from point A to point B.
  18. You should probably get over that. Holding onto butthurt & getting defensive about topics like this on a discussion board is sorta unhealthy. It’s all just talk, friend. We all have our opinions. I’m not your enemy - I didn’t ask you to not mock draft with me again. I do like how you summarized & repeated several of the points I’ve already made in here about ADP, projections & player value. How no tool is perfect & ADP is only a measure of the average & not an actual ranking. Because if you read through you’ll see I said that. A few times. It’s only a shame that you still kind of missed the point. Even with your personal anecdote about Ajayi, you fall to acknowledge that by reaching for him by so many rounds you eliminate much of the value. Because you could have had him AND a few players ranked higher, with higher ADP. So even though you were correct about him, you still shouldn’t have picked him that high. Same with Cook in this topic. Being right about Cook doesn’t mean reaching for Cook is the right move. but I’m retiring from this topic. have fun storming the castle!
  19. I'm surprised no one has said A.J. GREEN up in here. He has had a few seasons interrupted by injury, and some owners are undoubtedly stung a bit. His draft stock is falling to such a point where its getting to be something to keep an eye on. FFC has his ADP somewhere around 5.05. The fact is, any season where he has been healthy, and played 16 he finished as a WR1. His rookie season he played 15, and had over 1,050 yards and 7 TDs. I'm starting to think he is going to help a TON OF OWNERS if he can get on the field in weeks 3-4 and play the rest of the season. TZM
  20. I have always just drafted my guy and determined my own ADP. I love Cook and have no problem if someone takes him 5th overall.
  21. New 10 team league, $80 entry, 100% paid out: 1st: $450, 2nd: $200, 3rd: $50, Season High Points: $100. Standard ESPN scoring, PPR, snake draft w/ randomized draft order. Draft Sunday, 8/25 at 5pm Eastern/2 Pacific. Money due to league safe before auction. Reply or send me a message w. email if you are interested. No dirty team names... I'm going to let my son partner w/ me as his welcome to fantasy football...
  22. Imagine a world where we are engaged in a real conversation at a bar and I say: What about Mixon at 1.05? Would that not start a discussion? Are we not on a discussion message board? I think you're the one who is being 'weird'. Even weirder is that you have the most posts in here besides me 😂
  23. Let me chime in here.......... I actually see both sides. But no way in damn Hell am I burning a top 5 pick on Mixon. (Just FTR - I was extremely high on Mixon and CMC BOTH last year) I think they are too expensive this year. Mixon is obviously the cheaper of the two, but his OLine is a shambles.... he has similar offensive questions as he did last year. The question is do you really think he will repeat as the AFC rushing leader, as he did last year? If you do, then I can ALMOST understand the top 5-ish pick. I just don't see it happening. I spend my time thinking about who are the next "BIG RBs" you can get cheaper/later rounds. TZM
  24. Retro anything beards tiny houses penny pinching on everything except for craft cocktails, dining, and traveling
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