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  2. You are welcome. I have seen those style of infomericials a few times before, and in each case they were pitching snakeoil products with simpleton logic and no real proof that the product would do what it claims. This seemed no different.
  3. He tweeted twice about presidential harassment, retweeted everything Judicial Watch has said about Clinton and the FOIA, retweeted a video about Nadler, and then said to watch Barr’s press conference.
  4. It's a shame because Mullin had started to make that program at least good again after years of terribleness. All that progress seems to have been wiped away with his departure.
  5. A timely reminder: There is a DOJ sentencing memorandum filed in the US District Court of the Southern District of New York that alleges President Trump coordinated and directed a felony violation of campaign laws. I don't understand why we (the media, Dem politicians, regular shnooks like us) aren't bringing this up every day.
  6. Totally convincing post that you're right and he's wrong.
  7. he liked tampa in the nhl. just remembered that one.
  8. Great tune - monster bass work by Joe Osborn as well as a bunch of other Wrecking Crewers.
  9. After a game always hit Xfinity Live if you dont want to sit in your car for half an hour. They have drink and app specials for a half hour (or something like that).
  10. Does it strike you as odd that you’re providing an interview he gave specifically to lie to you as an example of what a good man he is and an example of how you can’t understand how anyone could listen to him and think otherwise? An interview I assume in which you originally believed him? Like you believe him about his sources for the DNC leak? And a lot of other stuff?
  11. It strikes me as completely antithetical to the spirit of the law, and like panther, I am no Kraft nor Pats fan. Furthest from.
  12. Originally I was talking about a weeknight. Yesterday was a last minute decision. I told my buddy who had never been that @shuke said it would be easy and let’s go for it. My buddy hates @shuke now. My buddy’s family hates @shuke now because we missed supper. Thanks @shuke!!
  13. I like his comment about Vegas bookies. With all this money this quickly he's a little worried he'll get some unwanted attention. Alex asked did they know him well in Vegas. He said "oh, they know me there." Professional sports gambler. Rain man?
  14. Awesome GB! I suspect you won’t have much trouble finding some pork to shoot at MIM while there Im working up a schedule for our video crew, once I have it nailed down I’ll send it over to you as well and will give ya a ring to go over when you may want to be there for content/eye-candy reasons, and when you might want to be there for gastronomic reasons 😁👍🏼
  15. Central MS is on edge today. We obviously get our share of these storms, but they've been talking about this one for 48 hours or so. I'm nervous today.
  16. Interesting take. I noticed a lot of the DDs are in the 400/800 range too where they're usually 1600 or so. I'm sure James is causing ratings to spike. I usually try to at least tune in for FJ but I've been watching entire episodes since last week. And a lot of us are in here talking about this guy. Juggernaut.
  17. There were probably more honest ways to run cover for his source, but no, he wasn’t telling the truth.
  18. This story from ESPN has their NFL beat writers predicting each team's final record. I know everyone's optimistic this time of year, but collectively they have the league at +66 wins. YEESH! Having said that, there is tons of fodder for optimists, and lots of potential around the league. A couple that stand out: TEN at 11-5, unlikely; MIA 4-12, probable; INDY 11-5, maybe. 14 teams are predicted to have double-digit wins!
  19. I know it's only April, but I can't see them winning a single game. Right now the schedule means nothing....
  20. I read somewhere that GRRM said that someone has guessed it. That one theory out there is correct. I realize that's not saying much as I have no idea which one that is.
  21. Yup. Rough day for the east coast tomorrow. Looking at the models, I believe the SPC is still hedging their bets on the northern parts of the threat area. New update for tomorrow will be out around 1, but I don't think they'll move it much. Mainly because I think even if the threat is real, we would only be in the SLIGHT risk area. So why not wait until tomorrow's update to wait and see? Currently, SE PA is in the MARGINAL risk. Today's hot spot is the AL and MS southern portions of the states. They are in the ENHANCED risk area. The risk of tornadoes will really depend on how unstable the currently stable atmosphere will become. Models are showing that it gets ripe pretty quickly today. If there's enough shear to get some supercells out in front of the frontal boundary, these could easily produce several good sized tornadoes.
  22. They won't go back until there are 5 left. Another idol will probably be put back in play. Lauren if she is smart should start looking for the second idol.
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