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  2. Trump requested more than one time for justice to be obstructed. Trump solicited a crime to be committed. Trump has to go. It is as simple as that. End of discussion. Do not pass Go. Game Over. Hasta la vista, Baby.
  3. The 1st inning over .5 run has hit 13 in a row when Greinke pitches. However, the wind is blowing in at 18 mph in Wrigley today. Torn. May play the over for .5 unit. Also holding my nose and playing Marlins +.5 F5. Can't remember the last time Sherzer cashed a F5, but the Marlins are truly awful. Yuck.
  4. Well right now the main focus is on this one. We, as a country, have just been handed a huge report outlining Trump and his campaigns actions. Some rise to a criminal level, some don't. Others are in a "pending" status. Let's reconcile the "pending" status of the obstruction of justice items for our current president before looking back historically. Oh, and don't forget, there are a number of other investigations ongoing right now at the state level into Trump's campaign, his non-profit/charity, and other aspects of his businesses. I can't know for certain, but I suspect we haven't heard the last of potentially illegal behavior from Trump and associates. This is really just the beginning, and Trump fought this tooth and nail, the whole way, repeatedly, behind the scenes, seemingly pulling or attempting to pull every lever of power he could to make this go away. These other investigations, he doesn't have the same levers of power to control or obstruct, aside from witness tampering.
  5. I love not having cable. I watch some OTA news and the occasional bad sci-fi movie like C.H.U.D. How I missed this gem as a kid is beyond me.
  6. Using this reasoning, why only Republicans voted guilty during Clinton’s impeachment trial?
  7. Seemed like a worthwhile discussion.
  8. Stolen from twitter..... “Mitt Romney is the Susan Collins of Jeff Flakes”
  9. My folks are the story of America, semi-Caucasian division. Me Ma came over on the boat from Dun Laoghaire, Ireland in the late 1930s. Me Da's Norman-English tail-male ancestor landed in NH in 1630 to survey Northern New England for the Crown, married an Abenaki woman. When the survey team hooked themselves up to the surveyors working south from the St Lawrence River, Ancestor John took a parcel of 200 acres right there on what is now the Vt/Canada border as part of his pay and he and his wife's Indian family have worked that land since. We are presently hosting for Easter the cousin who still lives on the property - and just completed sugaring season on the same site that's been cooking maple sap for as long as there's been people to buy it - and i'm sure our more than 350-yr tenure makes the family farm one of the oldest continuously-owned properties in the nation.
  10. Pretty sure that was a mercy hard delete
  11. It's weird how the taste and style are somewhat lost to completely different from place to place as well. I thought maybe it was cheapness but the ingredients seem fresh and whatnot. As a side note baseball fans would absolutely love Petco Park the food and beer choices are great and the venue is top notch. You WILL spend a lot though for each.
  12. Woke up to this fun one in a league of mine on FFPC I give up: Guice and RoJo I get: Adrian Peterson and 2.06 Sometimes I wonder how people can even rationally think that's even the slightest bit of fair. Or is he hoping I would drunk accept at 8:30 in the morning?
  13. I'm not sure I'd stick around to find out. I hear New Zealand is a pretty nice place.
  14. 2019 BOSTON MARATHON RACE REPORT This was my second Boston marathon but this one I was going to race (unlike last year’s monsoon which I made into a fun run.) I went in with a good training cycle. I knew Boston was a tricky course to try to PR but I wanted to try to go sub 3:15. In fact, I thought 3:12-3:13 would be a good place to aim for. The morning routines all went without incident. Took a VIP bus out to the start so didn’t have to navigate the mud of Athlete’s Village from the rain. By the time it was race time, the weather forecast was warming temperatures and to go from cloudy to mostly sunny. I got to my corral (wave 2 corral 3). Settled in. Talked with a guy who was dressed up as a Modesto Police Officer. All dark pants, long sleeve shirt and boots. Quite a costume for a warm day. Was wondering how he made out until I saw this article about him I used a 3:11 Boston specific race band to try to follow to help guide me. (pace band recommendations will be in parenthesis). Mile 1 – 7:28 (7:06) First mile it was almost impossible to hit the 7:06 goal pace. The roads are crowded so my goal in mile 1 is to not step on anyone’s shoes, let the race come to me, don’t waste energy bobbing and weaving around people. Oh…..and also don’t freak out that you are now 22 seconds behind your goal pace! Mile 2 – 7:07 (7:11) Mile 3—7:14 (7:12) Mile 4 – 7:11 (7:10) Was trying to get into a rhythm but the temps had started to rise and I was sweating quite a bit. I was working harder than I would have liked all things considered. Mile 5 – 7:29 (7:21) This mile is a bit uphill, and I continued to struggle a bit to hit the paces that I was aiming for. I remembered back to my Chicago marathon a few years back where I felt off but I decided to go for it and eventually ran a personal best (at the time.) At the conclusion of this mile, I was 30 seconds behind pace. Mile 6 – 7:09 (7:17) Mile 7 – 7:08 (7:15) This was the beginning of me trying to make up that 30 second gap. I pushed myself to steadily start to make up the time over a series of miles. Mile 8 – 7:16 (7:20) Mile 9 – 7:14 (7:16) Mile 10 – 7:17 (7:22) As expected, this flat section provided me opportunities to push a bit and I felt good. I was trying to steadily grab a few seconds back every mile. This stretch of a marathon, the miles almost always feel relatively easy and these felt that way. The crowds were really large through several of the towns, which is much different than last year when the weather was a torrential rain, wind and cold. Mile 11 – 7:20 (7:21) Mile 12 – 7:10 (7:12) This is when I started to notice how humid it really was. I was sweating a lot so I was drinking from nearly every water stop. I was being consistent with my nutrition during the race. From Maurten gels to shotbloks to an occasional banana. Mile 13 – 7:12 (7:21) Mile 14 – 7:16 (7:17) I started to really feel like I was pushing here. In every marathon, you will have miles that go easy and others that are a grind. This was the section that was a grind. The highlight was seeing my family at mile 14. Mile 15 – 7:25 (7:22) I was careful here to make sure I pulled back a little and “rest” before the hills that were coming soon. I had gotten myself back to being right on pace and wanted to prep for what was coming up. Plus, the sun had come out. It felt like the temp went up about 10 degrees in an instant. For the first time, my right calk tightened up for an instant….almost like a twinge. Mile 16 – 7:14 (7:04) This mile has a steep downhill that drops from Wellesley into Lower Newton Falls. The natural inclination is to fly down this hill, however, doing so can destroy the quads which I’ll need for the next ten miles. I actively held back to preserve my quads. My calf continued to twinge a couple more times which was disconcerting. Mile 17 – 7:41 (7:30) This is hill #1 of the 4 Newton Hills. This hill is completely exposed as much of it is on a bridge over a highway. There are no trees and the sun was blazing. In the past, I felt like I had tried to go too hard up the hills, so I tried to keep it at even effort as I got myself up the hill. I gave up a little time, but I was hoping I could make it up later in the race. Mile 18 – 7:46 (7:29) I made the right turn by the Newton firehouse (its an iconic location for Boston Marathoners as it’s the only turn on the course – other than at the very end) and headed up hill number 2. This one was tough. I was passing lots of people but I could feel my calves getting tighter. Mile 19 – 7:25 (7:14) This section is mostly slight downhill. This was when I needed to get back to pace, but I didn’t feel like I could get to 7:14 without putting my calves at risk. I knew my goal was not going to happen. I was now trying to manage risk/reward as I figured how fast I could go. I didn’t want the calf to fully seize up and I hobble in a death walk the final 7 miles. Mile 20 – 7:51 (7:25) Hill #3 is completed here. At this point, the sun is cooking the runners and within ½ mile of passing the water station, I’m immediately looking for more water/Gatorade. Probably 25% of the people are walking up this hill. I just wanted to keep running. I was running with a group with their names on their shirts so when fans yelled their names, I pretending they were yelling for me. J Mile 21 – 8:05 (7:36) The famous heartbreak hill. Legs are gassed and I pushed up the hill. Thankfully, maybe 1000 feet from the top, some guy yelled “See the street lights? That’s the top. You got this!” After he said that, I just stared at the lights as they went from red to green to yellow and back to red. My mantra was simple…. Just. Get. To. The. Lights. Mile 22 – 7:32 At this point, I stopped looking at my pace band, and I zeroed in on trying to break 3:15. The sun was hot, my calf was incredibly tight. Several times every mile, it felt like a lightning bolt went through my entire calf from knee down to Achilles. I kept trying to manage my pace along with my leg. Mile 23 – 8:00 I was running through Brookline where I lived for a few years back in the 90’s. I knew this route quite well. I did stop at one point for 20 seconds to stretch my calf on a curb. It was about to seize up and I wanted to stretch it out. Mile 24 – 7:40 Mile 25 – 7:48 Mile 26 – 8:04 I had accepted my 3:15 goal was not going to happen. So I tried to push myself within reason as I wanted to make sure I had a buffer from my 3:20 Boston qualifying time for 2020. For every person that passed me, I passed 10 people. The sun had taken a toll on everyone at this stage. Temps were a humid 70 degrees. Many people had cramped up and were walking. Last 0.4 – 6:56/mile pace I finally opened it up at this stage. I didn’t have anything to lose as I could see the finish line. If the leg seized up, I would stumble my way over the finish line. This is the greatest finish line I’ve experienced. The tall buildings and loud crowds makes a canyon of noise. Boston Marathon #2 complete! Official time – 3:16:41 …. Average pace of 7:30/mile Qualified for 2020 Boston Marathon by 3 minutes and 19 seconds. Overall -- #5731 out of 26,737 finishers (top 21.4%)
  15. If you broke the door down and married the two kids on the spot, then the thread would have been okay.
  16. If you're dead set on RB sure, but as high as I am on him, the earliest I would spend a pick on a RB this year (Sanders or someone else) would be 1.05. I think it would be a mistake to have him go any sooner for any team, desperate for RB help or not.
  17. It is not hard to get someone to make false accusations when you are willing to spend the money. How do we tell what is real and what is not? Look at the comprehensiveness of the evidence, the vast number of folks with differing incentives, and look to see if the needle continually points in the same direction. With the Mueller report, it does. When Donald Trump lies, the evidence points in a different direction from what he's saying. Time and time again. With Mueller, and with the Russia-gate conversations for the past few years, the evidence has lined up incredibly well with the concept that something was going on with team Trump and folks from Russia. All the while Trump was pointing the needle in a 180 degree different direction. That shows you there are two diametrically opposed positions. One where the whole thing is a Hoax, nothing to do with russia, witch hunt, everyone is out to get me, they're all liars, fake news MSM, the intelligence community is wrong. All of this coming basically from one person. The near totality of the remainder of the evidence, from foreign intelligence services, from our own IC, from independent mainstream reporting, from historical comments from Trump's own family, and now from a fairly comprehensive report from some of the most capable and trustworthy and able folks in our country - it all points to Trump's campaign being entangled with Russian agents in ways that's truly disgusting to imagine for a presidential candidate. It also shows Trump was lying to the public about Russia all the while trying to make a deal for a trump hotel in Moscow that would make him hundreds of millions. Also discussing how his campaign was a great "infomercial" for his trump properties. All of the information, from a variety of folks, point in the same direction...and that direction makes Trump a liar, a fraud, and to be blatantly honest, an unindicted (as of today) criminal.
  18. Indeed. I absolutely figured that happens. Sort of bittersweet. I wonder if the franchising is also helped along by the publicity, too, which sort of ruins the local flavor of the places. *Sigh* Such is the problem with an otherwise well-meaning act
  19. Nice hit. Always makes those quiet nights that much better.
  20. What happens if Trump is impeached, removed, and reelected? Does the removal only affect the current term?
  21. Does anyone prefer a edible to smoking weed? I don't do either, just curious. Seems like the edible would be more convenient.
  22. Yes...and the locals hate him for it. Lines were so freaking long for about a year or so. Pissed us off to no Now the lines are just long.
  23. This far those things have been brought up multiple times...and not once has someone answered about those things.
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