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  2. In fantasy maybe.. real football he has anything but disappeared.
  3. Sometimes its better to be lucky than good. Jones was great in his debut, sure he has to clean up the ball security but you couldn't ask for much more of a rookie making his 1st start. It was nice to see a QB with the ability to make plays with his legs. The defense was the 1st half. 2nd half they held the Bucs to 3 points (should have been 6 points but I'll take it). I'm not sure if they really figured something out in the 2nd half or the Bucs let off the gas but it was nice to see them not give up points in the 2nd half.
  4. I get that, but how early did Whitehead launch, if he launched as Goff was diving it's hard to stop a lunch in midair. I get protecting the QB, but some of these look pretty questionable considering it's football.
  5. So if a guy is stumbling and on his way down you just have to let him stumble/dive for a few extra yards and pick up a first down? No, you stop his forward momentum so he doesn't get that extra yardage, especially when he is lunging for a crucial 1st down.
  6. You can't really see it but when he started to trip or tap dance he was touched by a defender and therefore he was down when he hit the ground or his knee touched, he couldn't reach for the first down.
  7. And to top it off run a draw? Terrible
  8. Easy to see in slow motion with a view behind his elbow and a yellow line on the 1st down marker. Not so much down on the field at full speed.
  9. 247 in 31st place. I'm strong everywhere except my back up WRs suck a-s-s. If Evans and Julio stay healthy I may be able to stay in it for awhile. WR corps is those two, MVS, JJAW, Boykin, Moncrief (poop), and Trequan Smith. Very strong elsewhere but I don't know if this WR corps can do it.
  10. he was in the process of hitting the ground. cant lunge at his head when hes about to be down already
  11. Holy Crap.. How close are we to flag football on the QB? Seriously That wasn't vicious at all and Goff was going for a first down.
  12. Totally understand but he was already hit and gonna be 2 yds short. That's how I saw it but perhaps I'm off on that.
  13. crickets.....on the positive side, we're tied for the first overall pick
  14. Why did Cleveland go for it on 4th and 9? They punt there, the defense has played very well all night. Kitchens every week makes me think he is less and less qualified to be a head coach.
  15. It looks like Kitchens guzzles a 12 pack nightly
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