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  2. Thanks Steve Castor for spending 45 minutes reinforcing Yovanovitch's credibility.
  3. Neighbor cutting down tree was pretty good imo.
  4. If you complain on one hand that second hand information is no good...then wanting the whistleblower to testify is a double standard. His was second hand information. He stated who was invovled...those are the ones who should be witnesses. His identity should still be kept private and he is no longer necessary as a witness because the people who knew...the people where he got his information are the ones being questioned. its that simple. What Schiff said has already been need to rehash that either. Screwed them over? No...not to those paying attention...not to those that know the whistleblower rules...not to those that understand what this is about. The only reason, IMO, to bring him WB to try and smear him as biased (despite the information provided being corroborated by the actual witnesses).
  5. "When the witness gives you lemons make a sour face."* ~Mr. Castor *Not an actual quote.
  6. Republican Congressman on Trump's tweets: "it's who he is ...that's his thing." Myles Garrett just found his defense. Why bash another person on the head with a football helmet? "It's who I am ...that's my thing."* * hypothetical logic
  7. Maybe someone who heard the President directly? I know, crazy thought. Here is the thing, we have the transcript of the call and there is no impeachable offense there. This is pure crazyness.
  8. The haven’t gotten to beat up on the US team
  9. I've been a fan of this game, and have been watching teams play this game for 60 minutes and pummel each other while doing so for decades. I've never seen a player forcibly remove an opposing player's helmet and then use it as a weapon against that player. Garrett not only crossed the line, he took a triple jump over it on his way.
  10. IIRC the offer that was made was that the WB would testify anonymously and in writing or in a way to protect his identity. The Republicans rejected that.
  11. I’m shocked he was made available to reporters after the game. Is that mandatory? Anyways, next man up. Need to get Vernon back on the field. If not, are we looking at Smith and maybe Lawrence sliding outside in a timeshare? Who’s ready for the Chad Thomas era to really begin now?
  12. Disagree. When you have no proof but still go forward with impeachment it is pure hate and trying to reverse 2016 election. Very bad look and foolish.
  13. I'd highly recommend Rudolph not seek criminal prosecution especially given he will be playing against Cleveland again in a couple weeks.
  14. substantially, i'd say, considering he believes that camels are a real thing
  15. Are you claiming that because the investigation didn't prove active conspiracy that the entire thing was a sham?
  16. Lmao at “sometimes that happens on social media” - that was a good one
  17. Stock market is doomed thread is worth a read
  18. Historically, you are correct. But there was a surge in 2018 that will almost certainly carry over into 2020. This is what I meant by trump's base being energized in 2016, but everyone else being energized now. Youths and independents will be taking part in this for sure.
  19. There were criminal charges and significant prison time for members of the Cards organization for the hacking scandal IIRC. But the Astros would be penalized more for something that might not have even been against the rules at the time and certainly wasn't illegal?
  20. Not one witness the Dems have put up have said anything damaging on Trump.
  21. Not being facetious, but why? If the President did something that would result in impeachment, why would you care where the information came from?
  22. Hope everyone has been well! Haven't been around in a while, was curious to see the Myles Garrett conversation in Shark Pool, took a quick stop in here too. Decided if I was going to waste endless time online, might as well make it productive. Been going through an MBA program to make better use of my online time wasting. Actually enjoy the paper writing, hate the quant stuff and test taking though. Any worthwhile threads in 2019 that deserve a read?
  23. Ugh, the groin. The third member of the dreaded triumvirate (along with turf toe and hammy)!
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