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  2. I legit fell asleep..... Watching your football team commit seppuku makes you sleepy.
  3. Some examples that didn't make the cut: Kelly - Del Shannon Karen - Beach Boys Bernadette - The Four Tops Donna - Ritchie Valens
  4. There's too much money at stake in the evangelical world to go up against Graham or Falwell.
  5. Giants draft, wait! Oh, dear Lord. My brother, the Giants fan, is miserable. That was just a terrible draft. You gave up Harrison for a fifth-rounder (granted: salary) and drafted another run-stuffer with the OBJ pick?! WTF on Jones and who on earth is that corner? Another guy that plays the run? Who are you guys hoping to stop? Terrible draft. F-. I feel for you guys.
  6. Elizabeth Warren really does seem like a fantastic person. I've got some buddies that have been arguing with me passionately about her (and they are annoyed with Pete's rise in contrast). With her, I just worry that her focus on so much policy isn't going to do anything to introduce voters to the wonderful person she really is. Honestly, I get the feeling she'll be out of the primary race before voters get a chance to. While voters could see a lot of Hillary similarities, it seems she could use her true working class background to reach working class voters in a way that Hillary never could (even if she tried). Warren almost seems like everything we kind of wish Hillary really was. She legitimately comes from modest roots, and has been fighting for working class people her entire life. And I think she's a lot more engaging than Hillary. But I just can't see her current strategy working (even if it's "the right thing to do"). Now is not the time to be rolling out policy after policy. Kind of the old "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" adage. Now is the time to connect with voters. Once they believe in you as a person, that you have their best interest in mind, and think you are the right person to be making decisions, then you can start presenting specific policy. There's still time to reverse course, but she seems pretty bought in on this strategy.
  7. Seems like the Steelers have gone through about a dozen guys there since Shazier went down. Maybe it was time to move on from the blue light specials.
  8. 100% agree...only speculation on my part but I bet they would have taken Allen. These edge guys are money makers and if you are drafting early you need to strongly consider one if available. Jax was probably surprised that he was still there and took BPA. With that said Hock can boost this offense big time. Even if he is not the 1000 yard guy, he can dramatically improve the run and pass blocking. Also providing a red zone threat and big third down target. Bottom line is that he is a pick that checks a lot of boxes and helps in a lot of different ways. The more I let the pick sink in, the more I like it.
  9. Scary Sporty Baby Ginger Posh Yes
  10. My gpp with Sea scored 137+ but cash line was 141+. 1 50/50 scored 109 and finished 100th, the other 129+ and finished 82nd. Those cash lines were 149+ and 146+, crazy day.
  11. Very happy with this landing spot. He’s going to be really good. He was my favorite WR... production, size adjusted speed and sick after catch skills. Pats have a lot of vacated targets. And Brady. Honestly it’s all good with Harry
  12. Okay, I couldn't make it past 1:45 of the link. Good song, great title, really sweaty and gross video (with baked beans?!). Ooooof.
  13. I don't like the hitting a woman angle. It's good he got an award for work in the community. If the female owner approved of the pick, I'll roll with it. They dug into him and since the incident was in high school, they had enough data of "will he change" to form a conclusion. I'm not about to stick up for the guy as if I know him so please don't quote me here. Most of my thoughts here rely on Amy's evaluation. As far as talent or the prospect of him playing- I like reading that a team had him as the top player. I like the disruptive DL type talk. I'm concerned that they say he needs to develop moves and better technique. As a leader should, Casey adopts all the DL. Some buddy up with him, some don't. Simmons has to. He's gotta be around a good guy, gotta learn whatever techniques and tips and all. Casey is almost always double-teamed and sometimes triple-teamed. If this guy is special, he could benefit big-time from learning from Casey before he retires.
  14. Happened to me too yday, had the same thought
  15. It came on the radio a few days ago. Mr R and I were completely amused. I knew I had to draft it.
  16. Lovin' this comparison. What a great title for a song. I love it already, and I haven't clicked the link. They're the cats that covered and credited Dylan on "Wagon Wheel" before Darius Rucker covered their version, I think.
  17. Oh man - that should have been in O Brother!!!!! Great morning blast! 🕺
  18. One other thought - just to put out there - I have no real advice on this yet, but - if your child may be viewed as being of a different ethnicity than the rest of the family, find a way to prepare them for racism against loved ones, by those who do not know the family situation. Some of my hardest moments were trying to decide how to handle "ethnic jokes" in an all white crowd who knew nothing of my family. If this could be helpful to you, let me know, and I will try to put together some thoughts on how I handled it.
  19. Certainly would have been interesting if the Jags hadn’t taken Allen. That one still stings, just about everyone thought the Jags would go O line and it seemed like the most dangerous options for taking Allen had passed
  20. Oh, heck. I doubt @Ilov80s is picking this song. Round 9 - Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer - Old Crow Medicine Show (Country) It do paint a picture, don't it?
  21. Hey, I don't even let anyone wag their finger in my face.
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  23. Someone help me out. I'm going to see it again this morning but I missed some dialogue or some clue but how did Black Panther get back into the fight... thus everyone else. I missed the how?
  24. I love Maurile. Only a guy like Bill Weld primaries President Trump. Helms kneecapped this dude back in the nineties, and he was chum in the water and dead in the party.
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