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  2. All true. You really have to separate yourself from these guys, totally, if you play FF. I started losing interest in being a "team" fan years ago, and my NFL viewing is way down (SNF and 2nd half of MNF max). Basically all I care about with respect to football is FF draft and the stats needed to populate the scoreboard. The rest of it kind of sickens me. When the Drews Brees injury popped up on Sunday, his thread became active of course... all ~14 pages of it, for a 40-yr NFL HOFer and model citizen (by all accounts). Someone like AB, Hill, ADP, Gordon, Ray Rice, other generate 14 pages over a weekend... for all the wrong reasons of course.
  3. Karaoke night at the bar. Usually entertaining, whether good or bad. But this dooshcanoe decided 'Mr. Roboto' was the answer to a question no one asked. I'm out.
  4. do we have to do that now, answer questions? -fish- doesn't .... can we hold him to that standard too ? A great economy helps, focusing on MS13 and drugs(opioids) & gangs helps, supporting police helps, did you do ANY googling on what's happened in the last 3 years? Supporting gun owners right helps, stand your ground laws help ............ supporting arming schools has helped LEAPS AND BOUNDS if you haven't noticed.
  5. Most sane people can follow this logic... TJ has the skills a lot of guys simply don't possess, but he's also got a lot of questions surrounding him which showed in his draft slot. Not a hard thing to understand. In short, I like TJ's cost-to-upside ratio as a stash.
  6. Been in the business 30 years and never seen it, even in older theaters we buy and refurbish, specifically looking for them because locals perpetuate unsubstantiated wives tales. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but far, far less than people “think” and likely closer to obscure.
  7. Best way for Kerryon to stay health is to sit on the bench and watch Ty Johnson.
  8. I'm talking about violence yes and how we need to stop accepting it and tolerating it and move towards a society that will not be terrorized by people who want to be violent.
  9. Week 1 snaps G Edwards RB 29 38% 17 opportunities M Ingram RB 25 33% 14 opportunities P Ricard FB 24 32% 1 opportunity J Hill RB 22 29% 7 opportunities Week 2 snaps M Ingram RB 46 58% 15 opportunities P Ricard FB 25 32% 1 opportunity J Hill RB 16 20% 5 18% 3 opportunities G Edwards RB 16 20% 3 opportunities The main difference between week one and two is that Jackson ran 16 times instead of so many carries from Edwards.
  10. So you can't answer the question?
  11. He's just doing his part in keeping Kerryon healthy.
  12. Cam is trash. Always as a leader, now clearly as a player.
  13. Recording, haven't watched yet but am really looking forward to it. Even if I still didn't like the music this seems like it would be worth watching. I distinctly remember disliking most country music when it started getting big in Detroit. Maybe it's just the decade we've spent in Tennessee and Alabama now, but we're fans.
  14. Look, he said he's not a Trump fan, so take his opinion as that of all non Trump fans, it doesn't matter that he said one thing and does the complete opposite!
  15. Made quick work of CJ Anderson and setting his sights on Kerryon.
  16. what makes you think that?
  17. Expected to make $15 million in two days. Fundraiser in places like Cal and rallies in states that matter. Dem candidates should be taking lessons.
  18. Ok so covering all your bases. He has the talent to be good, but doesnt mean he can be good. must be how you're "so successful" at identifying rbs... you are never wrong based on those words! Ty Johnson has the skills and body size to send Kerryon to the bench permanently and break all kinds of records in the NFL. But he might not! I cant lose!
  19. You’re correct. Stupid highlights I watched were out of order.
  20. I heard he also caught passes from haskins in middle school on the weekends.
  21. Well, at least you’v given it some thought.
  22. I definitely have Johnson stashed in a lot of leagues. Considering a speculative add in some redrafts too since Detroit is hell bent on a split/rotation.
  23. Warren is a capitalist. Trump is a mercantilist. Easy choice between those two.
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