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  2. He failed to end racism. And as a black person, it was his responsibility to do so.
  3. Word on the street is that some teams value him more than the other Devin.
  4. Used to love spicy stuff. Now that stuff just gives me killer heart burn.
  5. Didn't see a thread. My apologise if one exists. Post draft analysis, surprises, trades and anything else 2019 draft related here. Round 1 1. Arizona Cardinals 2. San Francisco 49ers 3. New York Jets 4. Oakland Raiders 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6. New York Giants 7. Jacksonville Jaguars 8. Detroit Lions 9. Buffalo Bills 10. Denver Broncos 11. Cincinnati Bengals 12. Green Bay Packers 13. Miami Dolphins 14. Atlanta Falcons 15. Washington Redskins 16. Carolina Panthers 17. New York Giants (from Cleveland Browns) 18. Minnesota Vikings 19. Tennessee Titans 20. Pittsburgh Steelers 21. Seattle Seahawks 22. Baltimore Ravens 23. Houston Texans 24. Oakland Raiders (from Chicago Bears) 25. Philadelphia Eagles 26. Indianapolis Colts 27. Oakland Raiders (from Dallas Cowboys) 28. Los Angeles Chargers 29. Seattle Seahawks (from Kansas City Chiefs) 30. Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans Saints) 31. Los Angeles Rams 32. New England Patriots
  6. @BlueDredSo - I’d like to propose a thread title change to *** Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread *** Rumors are acceptable leading up to the draft and once the draft gets underway we can post our reactions and thoughts on the picks as they happen.
  7. I can top this AND make you jealous Tonight: draft party, pizza, beers, etc Tomorrow: Avengers Saturday: Magic Kingdom for a birthday then either Cape May or Ohana for dinner Sunday: GoT party
  8. Do I understand correctly that the majority of this thread thinks Trump thinks white nationalists are "very fine people"? I think Trump is a racist but I wouldn't go as far as what you guys are saying and apparently what Biden stated (I haven't watched the video). I agree with Joe Bryant's and, I think, Sinn Fein's takes on this.
  9. I kept wondering if the babies magically became old dudes after they were converted or if there was a bunch of toddler white walkers running around for a few years until they grew up.
  10. OL at 12, don't overthink here , safe and solid !
  11. I'm taking my nephew tonight at 7. Plenty of tickets left for pretty much all showings. I guess it's not that big of a deal around here.
  12. I was told recently I looked like a "white Marvin Lewis". I thought, damn... I'm only 45 years old ####er! (It's been a fun 45 years though...)
  13. I pick before they do. Gotcha...I am on skip, don't know about @Man of Constant Sorrow
  14. He got a big raise recently but I don't think they could block him from moving to an NHL head coaching job. They would probably move him up to the Leafs as an assistant before they let him take that kind of job elsewhere but I think they're now paying him better than most NHL assistants.
  15. Yeah, I'm sure it's a knee jerk reaction on my part about being willing to sign off on that.
  16. Obviously we disagree here - but what do you think Obama did to be divisive? I recognize that many people hated Obama - but I am less clear about what he did to deserve that hate - and how he actively tried to divide people.
  17. Can I just get the federal government to give me $2m. I mean, I've made some dumb decisions; don't see why I can't get paid
  18. Yeah anywhere from TE, OL, DL and so on. So many they could get that would be nice. More of a who I don’t want...first off would be DK Metcalf at 12. No no no.
  19. We have played a big part in keeping Western Europe democratic and have largely fought for democracy (not always successfully). We also fight for our best interests though. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but it’s definitely not always altruistic.
  20. We're just lucky Ernie Grunfeld didn't trade the Wizards number one pick for a 35 year old vet on an expiring contract on his way out...
  21. We're in round 8. I pick before they do, right after MoCS. No?
  22. they probably will have to rely pretty heavily on their young dmen (Dermott, Sandin, Liljegren) or perhaps trade someone like Liljegren for a low-cost veteran upgrade. Marleau is pretty useless at this point. Pretty terrible signing and Babcock only made it worse by rolling him out there in key moments. that Amerks series was strange. Rochester looks like they dominated but still got swept while Kaskisuo stood on his head. Will Keefe get bumped up to an assistant role with Babcock as they continue to groom him as a future replacement? Will they block him from interviewing for a head coach job elsewhere?
  23. Yeah, if they truly are all fired up about Ed Oliver, I hope they trade down a couple spots and take him there instead of 4.
  24. It's a perfect metaphor, actually. This is why you can't attack Trump for the ambiguous things that he says and does, because you get bogged down in arguments over semantics.
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