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  2. They very well may have. But they traded him during the draft, not after. No matter how badly they botched it.
  3. My guess is if Bolton were still there Trumpites would be blaming the current posture on him.
  4. Up 15.9. He has Mayfield and I have Chubb - standard scoring with 6 pt td passes/-2 int and 1 ppr. So low scoring game I'm good, aerial shootout I'm bad. Projection says I win by 11, but when have they been right? This feels like a tossup.
  5. He’s not going to be out furlong, so is well worth holding
  6. The Saudi attack would hurt Europe and China more than anyone else I think, just based on who they sell to, but I wonder how much this will help our oil companies with the higher prices and no damage to repair for the next qtr.
  7. In the previous 7 games against Minnesota, GB only won one (and tied one). This is a big win, although the Vikings played like chumps. I’m going to enjoy it. Kevin King played all but 1 snap and appears to be at full strength (jinx?). Great INT after dropping one last week. Remember that as a team they only had what, 7 picks all last year? Big improvement in the secondary so far. Josh Jackson is only getting on the field for special teams. Jenkins got snaps at LG and may be the starter there soon. Another tough pass rushing group will challenge the edges this week. Bulaga has been quietly very good. Bakhtiari wasn’t himself and I hope playing didn’t make his reported back injury worse.
  8. You can count me as another ha. I think I would have to include The Place Beyond The Pines somewhere on this list. I think I also like The Town a bit better than Oceans Eleven and might try to fit it somewhere on here.
  9. Chris Mortensen‏Verified account @mortreport When I called Jake Delhomme very early this morning, he didn't even say hello. It was, "You're calling about Ben Roethlisberger, aren't you? As soon as I saw it, looked just like my injury." - The UCL tear in right elbow, which led to Tommy John surgery in October 2007. 10:50 AM - 16 Sep 2019 ------------------------------------- Chris Mortensen‏Verified account @mortreport 3h3 hours ago Jake Delhomme had the Tommy John surgery and said his arm was "better than ever" six months later. Panthers finished 12-4 that next season (2008) and Delhomme started all 16 games.
  10. Oh come on. That argument is disingenuous. I don't think his comparison began and ended solely on shooting percentage from 3. How many of those 57 players could you lean on to be a primary scorer and more importantly a crunch time scorer? That leaves aside that Curry shot almost 44% from 3 last season, so the 38% is just an arbitrary number to make a silly comparison.
  11. Was your wife at one time your best friend's girl?
  12. My wife just refuses to admit she is in error about anything and it drives me batty. I am talking silly, meaningless things like failing to close the shower curtain after a shower so it drains and doesn't get mildew on it. Why is it so difficult to admit any errors in today's world?
  13. Wish I still had my rush shirt, the first concert I went to.
  14. This is awesome news. So hard to pick a favorite. Hal, the School for the Gifted, but I'll submit this one Crosshairs
  15. Well, you seem to know more than the CDC, who just created an emergency operations center to investigate the illness. Their last press release and web page: It ain't just the Wisconsin lettuce, Hulk. From the NEJM article: Last week's MMWR report: And to be clear, this is the CDC's interim recommendation for vaping: Doesn't seem overly sensational, or hysterical to me.
  16. Went to Allianz last night for a match. What a beautiful stadium. Also hung out w Dark Clouds beforehand. Nice people.
  17. Loved the Cars, pure musicians that sounded recording studio crisp live. Too many great songs to mention, I thought they had a perfect intro album.
  18. Jut got a 2020 mid first from the Tyreek owner for Demarcus Robinson, who I picked up as a free agent last week. Bam!
  19. In his house? Cause I gotta check on that. Won't anyone think of the poor innocent nudists?
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