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  2. He is likely a late pick, but he has shown he can catch the ball. In the right offense he could be useful because of that. Gaskin was productive right away for Washington but didn't really improve on his numbers although he was consistent. He regressed in terms of YPC with more total carries in his last season to 4.9 is a somewhat concerning sign. He didn't finish his college career strong. He didn't test all that well at the combine which is kind of what you see when watching him. He has limitations as far as his burst to generate power or beat defenders angles. He is too light even though he runs with good pad level. He basically a JAG but at least he can do everything ok but not someone I expect to be able to win a job or keep it long in the NFL.
  3. The #Jets & #Raiders have talked about a trade involving a swap of the No. 3 and No. 4 pick, per sources. — Connor Hughes (@Connor_J_Hughes) April 25, 2019
  4. Don't tip picks if you can help it. Some folks are fine with it but most others will tar and feather you for it. It's like not using the spoiler box in a Star Wars thread the weekend the movie comes out.
  5. If they get Oliver at 9 and then take TE/WR or WR/TE in the 2nd and 3rd I'd be ok with that. WR and TE seem to be pretty deep with a bunch of talent that is all in the same tier from the mid-1st to the 3rd.
  6. Not even close to being off base but that's your opinion!
  7. Headed to Italy this summer. Can’t wait. My pro Trump FIL is retired and travels all over the world. But I’m a bit skeptical of what he tells me. According to him, everybody he meets loves Trump and hated Obama.
  8. Khachaturian -- Adagio from Spartacus Forgot that we are playing this as well. Just after the 6 minute mark is magical. I'll see if I can grab a couple recordings tonight at rehearsal and post them here if anyone is interested.
  9. Reporter in the field checking in. Depending on speed, will be there for at least the lottery and possibly up til the Titans pick. Gotta head out early to catch the late showing of Endgame tonight. Any shtick requests, post now or forever hold your peace.
  10. That's one profile and the video starts with Dan saying they had a hard time finding negatives for him. Larry was considered a blue-chipper. Harry isn't close to the prospect that Larry was.
  11. Are pleats back in style? In KY, I never know until it is already outta style...
  12. I'll have to find it, but there was a twitter online who experimented with a Trump tweet, he reposted it as his own and he got a Twitter warning. They may have even taken it down.
  13. Wow that’s bold. Darnold looks like the 2nd coming imo. Youngest QB in the NFL and led the NFL in QBR for the last 7 weeks of the NFL season with a sad sack of weapons.
  14. Certainly. And Harry has high-end ball skills, so he doesn't need a ton of space to make catches. I do think he could have trouble getting away from good man corners, though.
  15. Yeah, I've been hearing some of that, too. I REALLY hope they don't do that. Way too much to give up, and like you said this team is not one player away. I don't want the Bills to trade up. I don't want them taking defense tonight. I'll be so bummed if this is how the night ends...
  16. So what you're saying is by keeping them from voting, it helps the party you favor.
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