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  2. I cannot say the same thing at all. If only...
  3. I don't think I can either board or depart a flight now without looking for the bulkhead seat in 1st class and reminding myself that there's the Otis seat.
  4. So many great players over the years, been great being a Niner fan going back to those alphabet days. My major concern right now is Jimmy G. I;m just not all that sold on him....yet. What have we really seen? I would love to have Boza or Williams, but never get too excited over any rookies, learned my lesson on that long ago.
  5. Cross post from the Marquise Brown thread. Depending if he falls enough, could be kind of interesting. If there is anyone that AB will take under his wing and try to hold to his work ethic standards it should be his cousin. Of course he'll probably also hand down some of his undesirable traits but would be an interesting flyer depending on the round and a nice tip of the cap to Al.
  6. Watched a little quirky indie flick last night called Upgrade. It's about a guy who gets some kind of a microchip implanted into his skull after being paralyzed from an attack. The scenes where the chip takes control of his body during payback to his attackers are pretty amusing.
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  8. I'd be out there every minute of everything having to do with my football job. It would really do have to go now Zeno, we are locking things up. Way too many wimps out there anymore. Especially.....only 12 million? am I gonna make it? Just one time I;d love to hear about some rookie. vet....ok rookie, how about that fight song, hit it. talking to me tubby, I;m not singing a damn thing and none of you old geezars can make me, now do we have an understanding? Instant leader (if the kid works his butt off on the field)
  9. If he did do wrong then he deserves the punishment given. I'm hoping he didn't because he is one of the really exciting players we have seen. His speed on a whole other level than the rest of the NFL.
  10. If the HOF judged...WOW!...then Lynch would be a lock. But, it's not other than Gale Sayers, but.....he did return kicks. Lynch simply doesn't have the numbers for the HOF, yep, bummer! He is right there with.... Marion Motley Jim Brown Cookie Gilchrist Mack Lee Hill Jerome Bettis John Riggins Earl Campbell .........when it came to power running. And he was smaller than all of them. What an exciting runner he was.
  11. I'll defer to your knowledge of the draft class. I was going by the assumption that the top 3 were the real "locks" of the draft and after that there wasn't anyone that measured up to a Mack type prospect. But I'll gladly accept being misinformed and be able to add a surefire stud to the D over a QB.
  12. I make a spice blend with equal parts turmeric, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon & oyster mushroom powder (it's primarily an anti-inflammatory thing). It's got tons of spice and plenty of heat. I mix a heaping tablespoon of it (maybe two) in about 12-16oz of homemade bone broth most every afternoon. I use generous amounts of hot sauce (typically Lucky Dog of course) on most meals. Pretty sure I'm older than you @Soulfly3 and I don't have any issues between those choices and my bowels. Maybe it's an issue with keeping your tolerances up?
  13. Minor issue at worst. No, it wasn't.
  14. LA Clippers seats : how did we get so good at the basketball!!!
  15. Good point. And I agree, zero chance he takes that shot if they're down 2.
  16. Any values shining through. Granted, this is a textbook example of confirmation bias, but watched the Mr. Rogers documentary yesterday. He was an odd (but wonderful) duck, who I equate to a pure distillation of Christian values. When stripped bare, they are uncomfortably simple and do make us squirm, because there’s a vulnerability to pure naked good, born from a truth that we should operate always under a baseline of compassion, empathy and as servants to the other and greater good. What happened near the end of Fred Roger’s life? He essentially got Trumped by the right wing media for “making everyone feel special” and breeding a generation of whimps. So basically genuine unabashed values were rejected in favor of some hyper-competitive, appropriated version of Darwian and class-led Christianity in its place. The point is the right is so far off center from real Christian values, or any values, It’s sick. And insanely, the right wing media bubble makes this seem totally normal to anyone inside of it. Maybe the good news is that many of those outside of it have reaffirmed that those values do exist and are seeking community and leadership to restore them.
  17. Only a couple of spots left....come and complete us. You’ve love this set up
  18. 2 of his 5 Pro Bowls are the fake kind where he was brought in as an alternate after someone dropped out. His peak was a 4 year stretch in Seattle, 2011-14. Lots of other recent players have had a similarly good stretch - Arian Foster, Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy, Maurice Jones-Drew, Ray Rice, Chris Johnson. I'd put Lynch behind Charles and McCoy, and also Gore. Foster vs. Lynch is an interesting comparison. During the Seattle years (2010-15) Foster was a better RB than Lynch, but Foster did almost nothing outside of those years while Lynch compiled some decent seasons in Buffalo & Oakland.
  19. I have a negative take on Mayor Pete. His audiobook is boring as ####. I am only on chapter 8, but hopefully it gets better soon.
  20. Around 25 years ago my ex-wife and I were presented with an Amway-esque sales pitch from our marriage counselor. To this day I am a sucker for orange/citrus scented soap.
  21. Decent update of where we are after today.
  22. It's completely distracing
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