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  2. She was very odd to follow her as a hottie.for someone my age. On the #### Van Dyke Show, she was rockin' those Capri pants and being all girlie, but she was also a mom and her son on the show was only a coupla yrs younger than i was, so i was feeling gooey & wrong at the same time. Then she'd been diagnosed as very diabetic just before the MTM Show and, from week to week her appearance would change. She'd be all rosy & round one and gaunt & drawn the next. But that smile. That smile was what enjoying life was all about. Everybody wanted a girl as real & nice as her.
  3. It was a gutsy call to cast America's Sweetheart totally against type but she did a great job with the role.
  4. You can do better than Carson for Jackson. I would not trade Mahomes for any player in a 10 team league.
  5. Glad you guys didn't drop Crowder. I didn't realize that was on the table. Definitely hold.
  6. same. was wearing a helmet. nothing like traversing huge elevation drops on a deep trail. or finally making it up a steep incline for the first time when you're finally strong enough to do so. The event that sold me on bike helmets was encountering what I can only describe as a pothole, concealed with high grass, just off the side of a very solid, compact dirt trail. My front tire caught it perfectly and stuck. I don't remember flying over, but I remember getting up and moving my #### to the side - as I had landed on the other side of a blind corner and needed to avoid getting potentially ran over. It gave me a headache, but what really sold me was the subsequent nausea. I'd never associated the two before - head trauma and nausea - and can't imagine how much worse off I could have been sans helmet. Especially being alone in a remote location. Don't get me wrong - I'd prefer sky burial when the time comes, and that's hopefully what would've happened, inadvertently. But that wasn't the time. It wasn't my time, Cletus.
  7. Yeah I drafted Damien Williams and am just wishing I’d have avoided the whole situation wtf
  8. And if I rode around like a bat out of hell, I'd agree with you. I don't, so I don't.
  9. I've picked up Case Keenum as a week 6 bye replacement on the couple of teams that I have Josh Allen as quarterback. Keenum plays the Dolphins week 6.
  10. What are QB TDs worth? 4 or 6 pts. Honestly, I would trade one of those QBs for 2 RBs, or an RB and a top flight WR.
  11. TD scoring only. 6pts rush TD. 12pts rec TD.
  12. I mentioned it up thread, but on my bike commute home tonight I saw another grown adult human type person riding their bike with the helmet dangling off the handle bars...just in reach for their head to duck into when the put the bike down.
  14. What do we know about Atkinson? He comes across heroic in that article. (Even if he’s just doing his job.)
  15. cant believe we're gonna beat the rams in a shootout
  16. The Taliban not 9/11 widows go to Camp David. Season 7- episode 4.
  17. I, and I'm sure I'm not alone here, need to see your rooster before weighing in on this.
  18. Yeah, it would be pretty stupid for anyone to think any of this is a reason not to wear a helmet.
  19. Can you list other countries that have the gun violence problem we have?
  20. Only one* album to go: Blonde on Blonde. Here's a little BoB timewaster that lets you play around with a four track mixer of "One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)". You can also remix "Like A Rolling Stone" but that's not on Blonde on Blonde. * excluding Christmas In the Heart.
  21. Hated that damn pick Couldnt even get a 6th or something?? Oh, and “soft taco”.
  22. Why am I sensing a Darrell Williams ascension coming soon just to really muther eff everyone. Maybe it's because I was one of the fool's holding the Spencer B. Ware bag last year when DWill swooped. I own both McCoy and MGD and can see big Andy getting me once again.
  23. For the people who think the ad is over the line, you might want to self-reflect.
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