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  2. All of these shirts are overpriced. Look for the brands Next-Level or Bella+Canvas.
  3. I missed which relay y'all are heading to... do tell.
  4. No, they should have a single vote like everyone else.
  5. OK, so Valerian steel and dragon glass for sure. Fire kills the dead. What was the trick with the Child's (of the Forest) spear in the 3ER cave scene with Hodor? She speared a WW in the neck. I can't recall, did they ever elaborate on that spear being V-steel or dragonglass tipped?
  6. I dunno, it's getting old for sure but I'd be lying if I said I cared. I disagree with Kerr's central premise that the league is so popular because of all the media access. Guys like Russ should be able to opt out of that crap.
  7. DFB Pokal semi on ESPN News Bayern at Werder Bremen
  8. Atrue! i think that may have been the first time I cried during a movie. Musta been like 6 or 7.
  9. I think declaring your love of green plants is commendable and should not result in loss of your vote.
  10. I think this can be the spoiler discussion....discussing in the MCU thread. Makes sense to have a spoiler thread so we can talk about it without having to have every thing in tags for weeks
  11. I don't think anyone who's dead should have a vote.
  12. Right now he's better than all of them. Fitz is still easily a top-32 WR in the NFL, he'd be the #1 WR on a bunch of other teams. Its absolutely silly to blame him for any struggles last season. No WR in the NFL was gonna have great numbers on that offense.
  13. I think you are agreeing with me. Obama's subtlety and Trump's 3 year old tantrums - somehow achieving the same thing.
  14. I enjoy reading your perspectives. Not trying to chase you or anyone from the thread.
  15. As far as the question goes no voting while in jail, that's part of the punishment being seperated from society. Once they have finished their sentence rights should be automatically reinstated.
  16. Thanks. A good pocket tee is essential to this Dapper Dan man. I go with J. Crew 100% cotton XL or Large slim pocket tee these days.
  17. this should be hilarious (one way or the other)
  18. None. Apparently there is some audio at the very end though, but no video.
  19. Yes. At least as of last year, TT might step it up but we've been waiting. Not really the point, sorry about the hijack.
  20. this was my reaction to a college crowd storming the court this season. storm the court. have fun. but, if i had to guesstimate i'd say 95% of the kids rushing the court had cell phones out above their heads filming..... a blur and lots of screaming? most of them weren't looking around, they were looking up at their cell phones. like walking down the sidewalk & looking through a periscope. so bizarre.
  21. [PFT] A press conference is rarely held by the district attorney to tell the world, "Everything is fine." (Re: Tyreke Hill)
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