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  2. Elijah McGuire: Joins Browns' practice squad(RotoWire) McGuire has been added to the Browns' practice squad. Analysis: McGuire, a 2017 sixth-rounder, racked up 180 carries for 591 yards and four TDs, to go along with 36 catches for 370 yards and two receiving scores for the Jets in 24 games over the course of the 2017 and 2018 campaigns. He therefore gives the Browns a depth option at running back with some recent NFL experience under his belt.
  3. An $84M game manager? Vikings still trying to figure out Kirk Cousins
  4. What brand of sneakers did you wear?
  5. I'm just saying... But, having said that, apparently a really good turnout for Buttigieg today: Frank Bruni @FrankBruni It's not a scientific poll, but the enthusiasm of @PeteButtigieg fans here at the Iowa Steak Fry, where the Democratic field is gathered today, stands out. Michael Halle @mhalle Why do Iowa events like this matter? They demonstrate strength of organization -- to win the caucus you have to bring your supporters to a specific location at a specific time. Today @PeteButtigieg demonstrated he can do that better than any other candidate
  6. I use Google for all my contacts on iPhone to avoid situations like this.
  7. I bet the Redskins knew that they were going to hold Reed out for an extended period because of his concussion history. But they've acted like he could play each week to cause their opponents to gameplan for him. Dastardly soma#####es.
  8. So........ Michigan....... call the offensive game like you're down 300 at all times.
  9. Did you read the Russia thread? We nailed that nothingburger yet it was 99% anti-Trump posts predicting doom for Trump. Our track record is much better than yours.
  10. It’s not bad but some of your contacts with android phones won’t be able to receive your texts unless they delete you as a contact and re-add you.
  11. yes I have and seeing the 214 picked player in the 2019 as the next messiah of this group is stretched . He is available in my league and I rather have Penny and J Jackson over him
  12. I think the team is in good shape. Let the season play out a bit. Keep eyes open for opportunities and such.
  13. Yeah that was a TD by Ole Miss. They still would have had to convert the 2 point conversion and win in overtime though.
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