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  2. Thats a smart draft, pick a qb and then just overwhelm your roster with young line help to build a nice foundation. Skill positions will come later
  3. The Chargers OL is consistently rated as one of the worst in the league. It's actually more impressive what Ekelor has been able to do this year because of that. You are defining a RB as elite because they have had the luxury of running behind elite OLs. It really doesn't matter how talented a RB is if there is no space for them to run and they are consistently stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Watch what happens to Bell's production this year after he left a top five OL.
  4. i only like dill pickels and i like really hot ones that take a long time to eat because when i eat pickels i want a pickel that will put up a fight that is just how it is and the reason i do not like sweet pickels is because they are the wimps of the pickel world and should probably just be called cucumber wanna bes or something and that is what i believe in take that to the bank bromigo
  5. I started a thread a few weeks ago on salary cap allocation by position for SB winning teams. I could only uncover data from the past 6 seasons, but NE in that time spent PEANUTS on both their lines and WR's. They varied from year to year on RB's, but they wouldn't spend that much on a single RB that could easy be hurt and miss lots of time. NE spent a lot on their secondary and the TE spot. Brady certainly has helped them by taking a discount. I will have to get back to that thread, as my hypothesis was that teams that spread out their money are generally the ones that win. Hard to prove but at least it's a working theory.
  6. Perhaps one of the gay people here took offense to being told they have a mental illness.
  7. Never said it was. Sometimes players just aren't working with their current system, qb, coach, city, teammates, etc. Whatever the situation was, if the team was imploding or whatever the case, he was no longer a good fit there and wasn't performing well there. Given all those circumstances, no the Raiders shouldn't have kept him at that point and yes I think a 1st round pick (which they had no idea would end up 27th) was a fantastic return for them. Most people were shocked they got that.
  8. If they skip on Tua or whoever this draft then the NFL probably should step in.
  9. A couple of people on another FF website's forum said the same thing.
  10. it happened at lunch i was sitting in the break room and my main man jim the brohan said hey old swcer i will trade you my doritos for your sandwhich and i thought about it for a second because they were cool ranch but even something that glitters with golden coolranch flavor powder is not gold and my sandwhich was made from the finest meat and cheese and one slice of vidalia onion available at the pick and save and put together with love by my lady so i said what are you nuts and i veetod the hell out of that trade offer so now that i have that off of my chest what trade offers have your bromigos veetod lately thanks for your answers and as always you can take it to the bank brochachos
  11. It was working fine for me this morning. I'll check it again after work.
  12. People on the right would say video games and rap music.
  13. Sorry this has taken so long to do, work and life have kinda been in the way the last month. I told myself this would be my first post back, so here we go! 2019 Ironman Mont Tremblant (IMMT) Race Report Race: My results: TLDR: Amazing venue, horrible bike course, well staffed. It was a lot harder than I expected. Suffered 2 anxiety-type attacks and a full nutritional breakdown. I survived, but as of today my mind and body are in different places of recovery. If you don't know Tremblant a somewhat purpose built ski-village and town to support skiing and vacationing. From my families perspective is an amazing place. So much so that my wife and I are considering buying a condo up there. What we like so much about it is the atmosphere and vibe. It is a full-on outdoors area. The vibe is of bike/walking trails, hiking trails, swimming (lakes and streams) and overall "be outdoors" place. This exactly what my wife and I are looking for with a vacation destination. In addition, Canada is pretty cool. The variety of food is superb. The food as in restaurants but as well as in markets. Its not the same lot of large and small options. The variety is all over the place. Also, the variety of music is strange - in a good way. When I go through stations in the US is really like 3 companies who own all the radio. They play alternative, country, rock-n-roll, pop, and top 40. Locally in the Boston area I have 1 or 2 independent stations I can listen to which is nice. I get a lot indie, folk, and new artists which I wouldn't hear on the other stations. In Canada its a regular smorgasbord of music. Not only did about every radio station play music I had never heard before, but more than half of it was in a different language. Now, Im not just talking French, im talking tons of other languages. It was a strange but nice feeling of variety. My final note about Tremblant is the price. None of the restaurants were over priced, none of the grocery was over priced, nothing even on the mountain was over priced. Maybe the gondola ride (we did) and the zip lines (we didnt do) were a gouge, but honestly riding those in any ski town is pricey. I could write an entire report on the house I rented for my family as well as my wife's extended family. In the end it worked out. It had a pool, hot-tub, and we had a good time. The location ended up being perfect as you will see better. The gist of it was when I entered the house it reeked of cigarette smoke. Im thinking, "you have to be kidding me. Im here to race the hardest race of my life and I have to sleep with cigarette smoke, which Im allergic to???" The first day was a nightmare. Some logistics. I didnt realize there was no Saturday registration pickup, only Friday. In addition, registration pickup closed at 4pm. I learned this at the last minute. Coming up from MA, this changed our plans drastically. We had to leave a bit earlier in the morning and drive straight to the check-in. We also hit traffic on Montreal which set us back almost 2 hours. I made it to pickup at 330. Needless to say I was a bit stressed out. Now, let me touch on these logistics for a second. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to close pickup on Friday at 4pm? How does that sound like a good idea? You are basically forcing any out-of-towners to take Friday off. Thats a bit off-putting if you ask me. Now for registration, they provide you all your standard numbers and gear, but I also received 5 plastic bags with markings on them. This was new for me and not anything I had thought through. For all the races I had previously done, this includes a half-ironman branded race in Maine as well as the NYC triathlon I have never had to separate my gear from my bike. I could leave as much as I wanted with my bike and it would be accessible as I needed it. My reading of the athlete guide and googling of this wasn't straight forward and took me longer than I anticipated to fully understand how the system worked. Basically I had to pack all my bike transition gear in a "bike bag" and all my run transition gear in a "run bag". Only my bike would be at my bike spot. The challenge for me is that I have never separated my stuff this way. Bike shoes vs run shoes is easy, but like how much fuel did I want in my bike bag vs my run bag? Or if I changed my mind and wanted socks on my bike, I would need to pack them. In my normal model I could keep a single pair of socks at my gear and choose to wear them on the bike or leave them for the run. In this setup, I needed to partition everything ahead of time. This stressed me out. There are also 2 special needs bags, one bike and one run. These are available about halfway through each of the respective legs. I had an idea what to put in them, but I was also told to expect to not get them back. For the record, I didn't get mine back. For the most part I put gels, half a PB&J sammy and a clean pair of socks in each. I did put in a headlamp in my run special needs one and expected to stop for that as I wanted to make sure I could see if I was running in the dark. I didnt stop for my bike special needs bag. Bike check-in was Saturday. I got there as it opened and thank god I did. By the time I left there was a line around the corner. Where when I walked up there was no line. For the bike check-in they literally take a picture of my bike setup before I can enter so they have a record of it. Nothing spectacular with the bike check-in, but I had to also drop off my bike and run transition bags. I just stared at them for a good bit of time thinking if I forgot anything. BTW, when you place these bags they are organized by number, on the ground, in rows of a hundred, totaling 2500 bags. Thats a lot of bags. Thinking through how I would find my bags in transition was stressful. So we are like 5 paragraphs in to this report and I havnt even started the race yet ... For dinner I had a bunch of pasta, tomato sauce, and salt. I felt like a million bucks with the full belly. I started feeling tired like 630, this made me super stoked. I made it till 7pm and laid down. I didnt fall asleep till 11. It was brutal just laying in bed hoping I would fall asleep. Had the alarm for like 330 or so. I knew I needed to drive a distance to a shuttle parking lot. I was assured the bus schedule was prompt, but again just worrisome. In the morning I had some oatmeal and like 16oz of water. I was a little tired, but not bad. Had some tea and my first good poop of the morning. Got in the van and drove off into the night. Into the night was into an airfield. Was really creepy following signs to drive off onto the grass, trees all around, with no lighting ... no lighting ... no light - oh wait, there is some lighting off like 1/4 mi. They had huge spot lights down onto the airfield to setup parking. This parking lot was empty now, but when I came back it must have had a thousand cars. It was huge. The reason I wanted to talk about parking the car was when got onto the bus. Filled with athletes and sherpas all making the early morning trek to transition. Sitting down next to me were 2 guys, prolly in their 30's rather normal triathlon looking. I was checking out the one guys special needs bag and in it he had a huge bag of pretzels. Im like "thats a lot of pretzels. Why would someone want so many pretzels? Where is the fuel? Where is the sugar?" I should lay out my plan for dress (yes dress!). This was the longest consideration. For my half ironman in Maine I just wore my tri-shorts and tri-shirt, no issue. For all my long training, I wore a single short or bib and a shirt. There is a lot of debate on whether to change or not. I was very on the fence of using my nice bib for the bike and changing into running clothes. I err'd on the side of doing what I had done in the past. Lesson learned. I should lay out here what my plan was for nutrition. Weather was to be perfect. Starting the race like 70f and rolling up to like 80ish. I would have oatmeal in the morning, a GU 30 minutes before the swim to top off, then a GU a minute before the swim start. Onto the bike was a planned 500 calories INFINIT per bottle I would take a bottle every hour to 1.5 hours. I would also get water from the aid stations to supplement something not sweet. I could have a cliff bar every 2 hours if desired and then a PB&J 1 hour before the end of the bike. I have 2 caffeine pills as emergency life lines should I lose focus. For the run I had planned on GU and water at the aid stations with GU's every 37 minutes. Water as I needed it depending on how I felt. I had used this strategy multiple times in my long workouts up to 8 hours. No issues ever. Fast forward (a lot) - The best part about the swim was that we were allowed in the water next to the starting line of the pro's. I was not 10' from the men's and women's pro start and they were animals. Got to watch them go off into the distance. Then we self-seeded into a huge corral of people. Started the swim and got reminded how little open water swimming (OWS) other people do. Now, I know this sounds arrogant, but Im a pretty good at OWS. I sight a lot, I know my surroundings, Im courteous but most importantly Im relaxed in the water. So in this swim, people are everywhere. Thank god IMMT allows swimmers to swim on either side of the buoy until you get to the turns, at the turns you must turn on the outside. I decide to swim on a perfect line through the buoys as people were on the sides of the buoys and just ignorant of their surroundings as well as swimming all over the place. So I swam to a buoy and literally swam under it, then onto the next one. I found this strategy kept others away from me. This worked all the way until about 1hr in. Im cruising along and I come up to some slow folks. I sight and look and notice there are 3 people, side-by-side, swimming breast stroke together. I couldnt believe what I was seeing. There was a guy to my right who was trying to figure out what to do. He eventually started to go around them but was lumbering pretty slow. I took about 20 seconds to decide this was not cool and unacceptable at any level of triathlon. At that moment I decided to do something I never have done before, with reckless abandon, to be a ####. I decided my only option now was to swim straight through them with as hard and viscous stroke as possible to get past them as quickly but also keep them away from me. And away I went. What happened? Much to do about nothing. Whatever caused it Im not sure, but I burst through the a-gap on the strong side untouched. Straight through the line as fast as I could and everyone was out of my way and I didnt touch anyone else's body parts. I couldn't believe it. Though maybe they could hear the waves of a BMF coming through. Easy enough! Out of the water and onto the wet suit strippers. Got tag teamed by a guy and a girl. I was prepared for it, but the feeling of being aggressively stripped clean by complete strangers is exhilarating. Off to the transition tent to get my bike bag and then off to my bike. Nothing eventful here. Everyone transitioning is still in good spirits at this point. The bike sucked. Anyone telling you that the IMMT bike course is "scenic" or "picturesque" is full of it. For 90+% of the ride I was on the same closed down highway. Trudging along at a breakneck slow pace for over 6200' of climbing. None of it, maybe 5% of it, was enjoyable. IMMT is my least favorite bike course of any tri I have done. My plan for the bike was to go slow. Ive done maybe 10 100mi rides before. Bike is my weakest leg and ive only climbed that many footage once before. Ive climbed 5500' multiple times, but never at that distance. In addition to the bike being my weakest, ive never run a marathon before. Ive run multiple half's, including a half as part of a Half-Ironman (HIM). Heck, in the HIM I did last year I was like an 8:50 pace. However, my longest run to date was still 14 miles. With my hip flexor injury in the last 2 months of training I never pushed my run volume. None-the-less, the bike plan was to save all the juice for the run as I didnt know what to expect after 14 miles. I fueled according to plan on the bike. Quick interjection here. Sometimes triathletes can be #######s. This is most evident on the bike. I could fill another internet on the stories just from this race on how people think they are the only ones on the road and everyone should yield to their needs. Again, just like with swimming, I think a lot of these people spend way to much time on the bike trainer and not enough time riding outside. Ill save these stories for another time. My target for the bike was 125-135HR and about 15mph. Any hill I was over 20mph I would coast down. I had 2 panic-like attacks on the bike. One at like mile 80 and one at around mile 100. These were along the lines of "I dont want to be here", "I can stop and quit", "this isnt worth it", etc. Just repeating and repeating over and over. Usually I can quickly snap out of this. However Im this desolate highway, nothing in site for miles except a couple other riders. Just going and going for hours on end. It truly felt endless. Typically my goto's for getting out of these thoughts are thinking about my mom (RIP) or thinking about some of the ####### kids I grew up with. Usually I find enough emotion to jog my mind out of the funk its in. For both of these cases I couldnt shake it off. For both cases I decided to take a caffeine pill. While the caffeine pill will help me focus I didnt know if it would make me more anxiety ridden. I just hadnt been in this situation before. In both situations it gave me enough focus to just stay on track and keep going. This part of the race was the toughest and it was all mental. Crazy to look back on all the training I did only to have my mind be the weakest part. Pretty awesome lesson there. Toward the end of the bike I just started going harder. I did this for the sole purpose of mixing it up. Something to give me to think about. For the end of the bike I finished just about as I expected at 15mph (would have preferred 16). Avg HR was 140, a little higher than expected. So I get off the bike and into the T2 transition tent. Much much much MUCH different environment that T1. Everyone in the tent looks a mess. I sit down after that debacle of a ride and think to myself "How the #### am I going to run a ### #### marathon?". I look to 2 guys sitting across from me and read the same exact message from their faces. Priceless. I then said out loud "Whoose idea was this?" Now, the T2 transition tent is like Vegas, what goes on in there stays in there. Ill leave it with I saw more body parts and lube than I planned on ever seeing in my life. Unfortunately those images are burned in my mind forever. Now, my ### hurt, but not too bad. I mean I was on a bike for 7 something hours I aint going to feel pretty. However, it was OK. I think my mistake here was not re-lubing my stuff, or even changing into running gear. I start on the run and I kinda feel tired. Im like, jesus Im really tired. That bike ride was a lot of work. I start my jogging. The run plan was a 1030-11min pace for the first 13 miles then see what happens. In the beginning it worked. I was tired, but I kept going forward. Unfortunately about 30min into the run my stomach turned sour. I just couldnt think about eating any GU. I had a bunch of them, but they were feeling disgusting to me. I knew I needed to fuel, so I would nibble them. I knew it was bad when I would finish a GU and then have to start my next one (37min later) straight away. This was a bad sign. I was trying to eat, trying to take water in but everything tasted horrible and I felt like throwing up. To add to that I was starving (weird right?). This forced me to walk, walk a lot. Basically my entire running fueling plan out the window. The one side tidbit I learned about walking is that I know for a fact, I am the slowest walker in the world. When I would walk, I would be passed all day long by the "real" walkers. I would start jogging again for a bit, then start walking and ... get passed again by those same fast walkers. Over and over I would pass, then they would pass. I kinda felt helpless. I was worried about my nutrition but still pressing. Then I started thinking about the last time I peed. I couldnt remember. Im a pee'er, well at least I always have to pee. I guess I have an active prostate. So I tried to drink some more so I would get the feeling. I finally stopped to pee and to my chagrin it was brown. I became scared. So I started walking a lot more and just drinking water. Just kept forcing it down and trying to change the tables. Then, something cool happened. At the second half of the race they started offering chicken broth and pretzels (ahhh - pretzels!!). I started taking water and broth and pretzels. At about 4 hours into the run I started feeling better. I peed a little and it didnt look brown, I was much happier. I started to run more, it was all coming together, physically. Mentally I think I may have been out of it. My BIL has a video of me talking to him on the course and while I remember doing it, and what I said, its still surreal thinking about it. Maybe like an out of body experience? Just weird. So, back to running ... all pretty good off and on until like 2 miles left. I could feel my quads hurting some. I was pretty nervous about pushing it hard at all even though I really wanted to try. I had a vision of me cramping up at like mile 25 and having to pull out, crazy thought. I hobbled up toward the town and as you would expect adrenaline kicked it. With the lights and the people cheering I felt like a million bucks. A truly good and real moment that cant be described but you know it when your in it. Saw the family and crossed the finish line. I could talk much much more about the post festivities. IMMT really does it nice at the athlete finish. I had my own personal escort walked me and literally held my arm to get my finisher gear, chip removed, anything medical, my food, and drink. What I really wanted was to hang out longer with my escort but my guess is I wasnt her type, especially in the gaunt and stinky state I was in. The finisher tent was huge with tons of food and drink options. Honestly, I wanted nothing to do with the finisher area. I wanted out and never to see anything Ironman again. I was in a special place. I wanted to sell my bike, I wanted to rip off my clothes, and swore I would never compete in an Ironman again. I just wanted it to be all over. Looking back now, clearly I was in a mental place and not thinking straight. Im definitely going to do another event, prolly not next year but maybe 2021. We will see how it plays out but its funny looking back at how my mind was working. In conclusion, and Ive had a lot of time to think about it, I wasnt physically ready and I was far from mentally ready. I think if I had to do it over again I would take 2 years to train for a full Ironman. I definitely didnt respect the distance. The entire time I looked at my HIM time 5hrs45min. I kept thinking about this race linearly. I did all the math and my goal was under 13 hours. Maybe 13.5 with all the hills and never have run a marathon before. The reality was that my mind couldnt control my body through all of that. I just couldnt put together the time in my mind and process how truly long 12+, 13+, 14+, hours is. Its a long ####### time and it weighs on and drains you. The funny part that while I was sore the 2nd day, I still went on a hike. I was physically able to do what I wanted but my mind was off in lala land. For nutrition, lesson learned. The lesson is always have a backup plan. I had trained my nutrition up over 8 hours and no issues. At about 9-10 hours my body shut down for sugar. Not only that, but I had no backup plan. Huge mistake. I also think I didnt take in enough water. While I was getting in the calories, I prolly should have drank more pure water at the end of the bike. Or at least done my bottle mix and 375 calories instead of the 500. Oh yea, and pretzels!! Im also trying now "food forward". I might have said here before that one of my only strengths is I can eat. Ive started eating food before a workout, like right before. For my longer workouts, especially on the bike, I will try to eat more food in the beginning with water and then slow into the liquid fuel. If I can do that for 3-5 hours I think it positions my GI much better down the stretch. Not to mention the forcing of water instead of pairing it with my fuel. Today Im kinda a mess. My shoulder issue from June is still there. I finally went to see the doctor and he thinks its rotator cuff. Wife and I dont believe him, still think its nerve. Even the exercises he gave me are hurting. In addition he has asked me to stop swimming. That sucks cause I love swimming. My right knee doesnt want me to bike at any distane, its sore after any ride right now so Im going to have to stop that. For running, anything over 5 miles my left knee starts to hurt. So I will be figuring out what my body can do and what it cant do over the next couple months. Kinda a downer ... also adds to my feelings that I could/should have approached the training slower. To end this hugely long diatribe, I could honesty type for another 10 pages. I feel like I have a lifetime of stories from this trip. And really isnt that the best part about all this crap we do? The fun times and stories that come of it?
  14. The Giants had guys injured all season long on defense that all came back healthy at the end of the year. NYG really came on in the post season. They held TB to 14 points (averaged 21 in the regular season), DAL to 17 points (vs. 28 in the regular season), GB to 20 (vs. 27 in the regular season), and NE to 14 (vs. 37 in the regular season). The Giants defense played way better in January and February than they did in the regular season.
  15. Not sure how you can say this about the Steelers and it's too early to tell with the Chargers.
  16. The team was imploding. Which is my point. To say "but Anderson was cut by the Raiders!" when all the evidence is that the team was imploding, and a bunch of people left the team and had success in their next stop (including Anderson), shows that being cut by the Raiders isn't indication of a performance issue.
  17. Fair enough but we are crazy close to being completely out of it statistically. Really close. Now if we lose at AZ, which is more than likely to happen without cam then its over. We aint coming back from 0-3 with only 6 home games left. I have been a big RR supporter but being this close to a blown season this early is unacceptable. How did he not learn last year that when cam is hurt we are not going to win? We lose sunday and Tepper needs to step in and rest cam for the year and make next season a "contract prove it" one for him. I also dont see anyway RR or hurney survive this without making the playoffs. I would love to see that Lincoln Riley would in the NFL
  18. Yep. All that discussion is gone. Not sure why as I didn’t think anyone went over the line, you answered questions and didn’t seem offended. While not 100% on topic what thread here ever is.
  19. Team besieged by injuries; having lost Brees, Tyreek Hill, Michael Gallup, Tevin Coleman and temporarily Damien Williams. Plenty of depth at WR even with Hill and Gallup on shelf. Is it a wise move to trade Hill for Freeman? If it helps, here is my RB roster (with literally nothing of value on waiver wire at RB) - Williams KC - questionable and didn't practice today Lindsay Den Freeman Den Coleman SF (OUT last week likely OUT this week as well) Malcolm Brown (picked up on waivers last week as last viable RB on waivers) When I say no value on waivers I am not kidding, 12 teams and all teams are carrying 5 or more rbs with deep benches.
  20. I agree that more organizations should look at who the Patriots prioritize in salary. Even if 2019 is an outlier, they have been contenders for 20 years because they rarely/ever would tie up $13m+ in one RB (and yes, underpaying Brady helps too)
  21. Do we know how much was guaranteed though? That's what's important to Gordon the guaranteed portion.
  22. also who can forget the lost boys with that lovable scamp corey hame putting on a tour de force using holy water baloons to kill the head vampire and save his scrappy pal mike and that my friends is the true meaning of thanksgiving take that to the bank brochachos
  23. We'll see. I have a plate game to umpire this evening so I'll be doing a bunch more semi-squats tonight!
  24. She said she knew someone in the Cowboys organization, maybe a relative? She announced the Zeke signing before it happened too but there were tons of indicators that was going to happen. The AB news was out of left field and 100% accurate. That's why I say that the Pats knew what they were getting into and didn't care. If some random announces it on Twitter via the Cowboys, one would think the Pats would have the same info.
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