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  2. Some good ones: How Not to Be Seen Bicycle Repairman
  3. If you aren't getting someone you think is going to be "the guy" don't use anything more then a 4th round pick. Too many holes that need to be filled, they need starters or at least rotation guys at the top of the draft.
  4. Middle of the screen at the bottom is a timed event, you do certain things to get scratch tickets. It really only makes sense to play when those are active
  5. Haven't watched a single episode this season. Is it still really bad or did it get better?
  6. Fair enough, but the howlings weren't from Thomas fans, just people who didn't want them to draft another WR.
  7. Most of us can't afford to keep our cars in coolers.
  8. And you will be wrong most of the time and look like a petulant child. This behavior is unacceptable in every other walk of life. When you have a 2% success rate, it is time to be humble and realize you are likely wrong and act accordingly, not point to the 2% and continue in bad behavior as a result.
  9. Seriously, I'm not looking to discuss. I'm asking if you'd be in favor of removing.
  10. I don’t think that means what you think it means.
  11. Seriously, I’m not having the discussion in this thread. The blood & soil people are much more relevant to WW2. Ask me how I feel about that.
  12. I’m frankly glad he’s going full bore at Trump over this. It needed to be done and he’s doing it well. And tes all the statues need to come down. They are all traitors to the US.
  13. Trump’s disingenuous clarification that he was not referring to neo-Nazis came way after the fact, following several days of either refusal to clarify or wink wink nudge nudge hints that he was in fact referring to neo-Nazis. This is Trump’s formula, same as when he attacked the handicapped guy, same as when he attacked Khan’s wife, and dozens of other examples. He’ll say very inflammatory things to rile up his supporters and make the media’s heads explode and then attempt to clarify it later.
  14. To be clear, are you in favor of not removing them?
  15. That was clearly more than “refused to give an interview.” If you don’t want to give an interview, you say “no thanks, not giving interviews.” Not that wacked out, ambiguous nonsense he was spouting. Maybe the tone of the conversation matters, but by the transcript the reporter seemed more than cordial and attempting to appease the concerns of the elder Haskins.
  16. And I agree the video announcement seemed boring. It seemed like an 80s movie. Background music for dramatic effect and such. I'd be shocked if it wasn't super expensive and created by an old school marketing firm. Where Buttigieg's videos will be crowdsourced, and made in exchange for a shoutout on Twitter. And way better.
  17. I live in New Orleans. I can take you to a monument for Confederate dead in 5 minutes. Jeff Davis was buried here. I can talk for 3 hours on this. I fact Joe instead of the Confrderate museum here the WW2 museum is a much more appropriate place for the discussion. Similarly It’s a subject for another thread.
  18. Sure. His track record on treating women. Both the handsy/touchy stuff and his embarrassing display in the Anita Hill hearings. His track record on criminal justice/war on drugs. He has constantly been on the wrong side of this issue. (Joe Biden's long record supporting the War on Drugs) He is too old. I do think he would beat Trump. Well, I don't know. It amazes me that Trump gets any votes. And he is an extremely unpopular President. But there are a lot of areas that are going to vote GOP regardless of who the nominee is. So can Biden flip some of FLA, PA, MI, WI, OH? I honestly don't know. I don't really know what to make of it. My favorites are Beto/Mayor Pete/Booker. I can also live with Harris, though her record as a prosecutor and on criminal justice worries me. And I don't really know if any of those will beat Trump either.
  19. The United States of 2019 bears zero resemblance to the United states 75 years ago.
  20. It compounds though. If you feel slighted by egregious things, then you are more likely to nitpick the small things and feel persecuted.
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