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  2. My across the street neighbor who is a complete dork wears gloves on his riding mower.
  3. Can’t find info if they started back up already or not
  4. I'm starting to think he couldn't hit the ocean while throwing from the beach
  5. Can we get a count of how many times Booger says "I love..." He loves everything it seems.
  6. Nahhh Jets have the Browns right where they want them. Jets D gonna tire the Browns out with the Brain-A-Dope, then WHAMMO! Jets take the lead.
  7. I like this one Coming Undone is a great riff from them
  8. It sure seems like the refs are dragging this game down. Same time, not sure anything is going to help the Jets tonight, they look lifeless on offense. They knew Sam was not playing many days ago, plenty of time to get a Qb ready to run the offense on Sunday unless that QB never really was getting ready most of the off season...this is a indictment on management and coaching IMO.
  9. I was just thinking that. It's a nice practice ball.
  10. This could already be 14-0 if the Browns executed competently at all.
  11. Sorry to bump an old post, but want to add a link to the actual OIG report. It's worth reading.
  12. Siemian throws a really nice ball. Not saying it's accurate or powerful, but it does look nice coming out of his hand. So, there's that.
  13. two less fighter jets a year and fund a program like this for a decades (probably more than that if they get the right people). ZERO reason to increase the budget...just shift funds around.
  14. I hear if you add an "s" you can turn Baker Mayfield into "Bakersfield May." That's an amphetamine-laced May.
  15. Considering how Jets O has been thus far, Jets going to need to force some TO's to at least change field position otherwise this is going to get ugly soon.
  16. I love when people I disagree with so vehemently regarding politics turn out to have good sense in other endeavors.
  17. He had 6 in my league. So I'm still holding out hope!
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