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  2. Thanks Binky. I think the question is more how one feels in general about them. There was some discussion in the Buttigieg thread that it was a negative opening his email with a trigger warning that he was going to talk about Columbine and Gun Violence. Others didn't think it was a negative at all.
  3. I enjoy RedZone every week,but I need the NFL Network to get the RedZone,since I have u-verse and can no longer get NFL Network,bye bye at&t,hello Spectrum and you're wonderful customer service. Called at&t to drop,rep asked "what can I do to change your mind?" I said get the NFL Network back so I can get RedZone. He said what if I lower your monthly bill? I said sure,but I need the NFL Network with that. He said sorry I can't do that "at this time". I said can you do it before September of this year? He said "I don't know". So I said o.k.,can you drop my monthly payment and then I'll decide in September whether or not I want to stay? He said "no". So I said "Bye Bye Baby,Baby good Bye!"
  4. I mean it seems foolish in modern times. What's your opinion on whether or not marriage is necessary to be happy?
  5. I think some of the discussion revolves around a point @Henry Ford made. It seems like people don't mind trigger warnings before a concert letting the audience know there will be flashing lights in case anyone with epilepsy is in the crowd and would have trouble. But a trigger warning about gun violence or eating meat has a different reaction.
  6. Joe - is the question "are trigger warnings themselves a negative thing for you?"
  7. And I'm sorry about the jacked up formatting on the post above. Not sure what's happening there.
  8. It makes sense that a fake attack would result in fake emotional trauma.
  9. This can be an interesting discussion on it's own. Didn't want to bury it in a thread about Buttigieg so I started a new thread here.
  10. I’m not expecting good from this but we’ll see. I don't know a ton about Ukrainian politics, but electing a comedian who played a president on TV seems like a really really dumb move....
  11. This last week I just did one $1 gpp a night on FD. Managed to pick a good pitcher 5 of 6, and found the right hitters so the results were $2,0,4,2.5,2.5, and $3. $6 in $14 out. Do wish coming in around 400ish out of 9000 was a bit more than 4x, but good entertainment for a dollar. Good luck this week.
  12. We've had an interesting discussion here about Trigger Warnings. This isn't a political thing. It just happened that Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg said something that generated discussion. @adonis started the discussion here. Buttigieg sent an email that said this: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don't turn this into political talk. This isn't about Buttigieg and it's not about gun control. Please be cool. The question I'd ask here is what folks think about trigger warnings in general.
  13. big yes on this and bonzai's takes. Ex.) I mean "The Stranglers" near 1,000? I am loving this as a great source of additions to my spotify lists. I'm not adding every song of course, but getting exposed to a bunch of bands I would have likely never have heard (or had forgotten) is great.
  14. And "commie" is more of an eighties jock-esque and derogatory term. Say it with me. Commie. Commie. Commies.
  15. Caught On The Media's summary from the Mueller report on my drive back home today. Pretty decent overview of all the reporting the media had right juxtaposed with Trump lying about it
  16. But you don’t seem surprised by people being upset about trigger warnings.
  17. I think Portland straight up wins tonight in OKC. OKC got all the calls last game and shot 50% from 3. I don't think that happens again tonight.
  18. I’d take the multiple picks unless there was a guy at 1.6 I had to have and right now I don’t see that as the case.
  19. In fairness guys like Mixon, Blount and others never had to pay the price for “crimes” committed before they entered the league either - which makes sense really.
  20. Not going away... Jessie is now having PTSD and night terrors.
  21. That's a 46-game sample. Both teams scored in the 1P in 30 of those L46 Sharks games. Opposing teams went 19-27 SU: Scoring 3 or fewer: 1-24 SU Scoring 4+ goals: 18-3 SU Knights o3½ +100 Sharks/Knights o6 -120 Sharks/Knights o7½ +250 Both teams score 1P +145 Sharks/Knights 1P o1½ -150
  22. I have a couple of closed Facebook groups that we all bounce things off of - heavily moderated, you don't get to be vulgar there like some here are. I have a couple of other places I visit as well
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