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  3. Relax Commish. It's all friendly #### talking here. That's what we do right? Or did I miss a memo? UM playcalling certainly got more aggressive in the late stages of the game. UW was certainly not bringing the pressure that they were earlier in the game and youth in the secondary contributed to that. That's all I was saying. Enjoy your weekend.
  4. Eugene Frenette‏ @GeneFrenette Source tells me #ravens locker room was buzzing Tuesday about trade going down for Ramsey, but all quiet since then. Reports from Baltimore, not ESPN or NFL Network, said Ravens offered a 1, 2 and TE Hayden Hurst, got turned down. If that's true, doubt #Jaguars get better offer. 7:50 AM - 21 Sep 2019
  5. Could be....but that doesn't explain how they were so ill prepared on defense...that's the puzzling part. They looked like a Rich Rod defense today.
  6. Let me say it a different way. There’s no way they could even claim to do diligence in the few hours from release to signing. If they’re going to be that careless they should have to bear some side of the risk outside of a game check or two. Maybe something like this should have more affect on their 2019 cap?
  7. Outsider's POV here, but my guess is they are tuning out Harbaugh's crazy ####.
  8. They need to find some heart..plenty of talent and clearly the WRs can make plays. I don't know what the injury situation is but they better figure things out quickly.
  9. because those two guys draped all over them for PI is going to make it different somehow? This comment would make sense if we were talking a situation where the WRs were running free everywhere. I've been saying since Collins stepped on campus they need to throw him the ball even if he's triple covered...let him make plays. They've only done that when they've been down big.
  10. Whether it is CTE or Bipolar, the league really does need to step in and make him getting help a condition to be readmitted into the league. This whole thing feels very much like the Titus Young situation a few years back. His father was convinced it was CTE but once in jail he got onto his bipolar medication and seems to be doing much better.
  11. Maybe... but radicals usually find some excuse to be, well radical...
  12. Keep thinking of that line from Remember the Titans about playing with no heart....there is NO fire in this team for whatever reason.
  13. Just posing a question that’ll be asked of Jim all week. Should be interesting. I’m betting he skips his normal radio gig this week like he usually does after loses.
  14. I don’t think so. If the US wasn’t in the Middle East, I’m pretty certain we never would have been attacked.
  15. This post doesn’t make any sense to me. NFL teams are in the business of winning football games. NE took a calculated risk signing him, as will the next team that signs him or any player with character issues. Seems like AB handed them a loaded gun by not disclosing the allegations / litigation, which is why his guarantee is likely gone, as well as this latest round of idiocy. That’s on him, not NE.
  16. It's so often that we act like teams know exactly how they are going to divvy up snaps and touches. But, in reality, how the players play is the main determinant. Darwin probably has the opportunity to carve out a large role if he plays well. And pass protection will be the most important factor. If Mahomes gets blowed up one time because Darwin misses a block, he could end up on the bench for the foreseeable future.
  17. There are so few spines this congreff should be referred to as the jellyfish smack.
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