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  2. My guess is that he was advised to use the trigger warning since he dropped the names for affect.
  3. Father's side - surname - great great great great great great grandfather was a French Huguenot fleeing France around 1700. We are pretty sure that guy's son married a Cherokee. *my great great grandparents on my grandmother's side were from Germany and came over around 1850 Mother's side - I can find Germans about 4 generations back, along with English and Irish. So, western Europe. Germans most recently, with French, English and Irish mixed in.
  4. NFL draft: Drew Lock, Rashan Gary among 13 boom-or-bust prospects
  5. Player Comparisons for the 2019 NFL Draft's Top Prospects
  6. Planning on hitting the slopes in my old Marleau sweater for some spring skiing and watching the game at a Squaw watering hole. Honestly haven’t been this excited for a day to arrive in a long time
  7. Sadly enough--theres not much Rubio can do. If Rubio stays in front of Harden--Harden can either shoot up and over him--or do his patented step back. The height advantage he has on Rubio basically allows him to shoot an easy three if Rubio is defensively playing in front of him. Harden hit a 3 on him the possession right before the play we are discussing. That's why Rubio basically played behind him (it's like fronting defensively in the post--only the post in this case is the 3point line)--he either has to give him a wide open lane straight into Gobert or give up a 3 like he did previously. He chose option A. These two consecutive defensive possessions efffectively costed them the game. I just think the Jazz should do whatever they can to keep guys like Mitchell, Ingles, crowder, o'neale, or even sefolosha on Harden. All of these guys have the ability to give Harden resistance at the three point line while at the same time not giving him an absolute red carpet to the basket. Regardless--it was a fun game to watch--but I think Utah has figured things out too late. Had they played like this in game 2---there is a good chance this series is 2-1 Houston and not 3-0 Houston.
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  9. I am a hodge podge of mistaken identities. One grandfather thought he was half Irish and half English, but he was actually 1/4 Scottish and 1/4 Welsh plus various Euro ethnicities (no Irish or English at all). One grandmother thought she was Jewish, but she was just German with a jewey name. Another grandmother never knew her grandparents but was pretty sure they were English (but DNA tests indicate they were French).
  10. Yeah those last two possessions seemed odd. I get forcing him right, but he was straight up behind him.
  11. Alzheimer's. Trust me when I say that it's not any more fun.
  12. I think Max was talking about the play where Rubio played defense from behind Harden... have no idea what he was trying to accomplish there. Agree with your overall points though
  13. Alas, I think he's right. If she had a will, find it ASAP.
  14. It seems like this has become a forum where calling out odious views, outright lies, or complete hypocrisy is unwelcome. Even without including personal insults or vulgarity in those responses. I guess @Joe Bryant is correct, we should post even less.
  15. "Breeders are the problem..." "Owners are the problem..." "The Media is the problem..." "The statistics are the problem..."
  16. I may pick a song by an old fart that's cover of a song that's at least eighty years old. Joy.
  17. Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune are both syndicated. It's a big revenue stream.
  18. It seems to me we only contemplate how important it is to take mental health issues seriously in the aftermath of a tragedy. You don’t have to give warnings to people who have major traumas in their histories, but maybe lay off of other people who are just trying to be nice?
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