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  2. going to tell Jon to kill Bran/Danny or both. Burn the trees too....or she could bring Bran back...maybe the NK defeats winterfell, a dragon and a half dozen heros fall back...NK takes kingslanding….endless possibilities......either way that dude standing between jon and sam is as good as dead.
  3. You consistently have the worst takes in here. It's incredible.
  4. This. This is Interesting. What help could she bring? This is one of the unresolved questions of the book/show. The god of light vs the darkness. If the Red Woman isn't full of it, she has to show now, doesn't she? Its always been a question if she's been bluffing her way through the game with hints to one side or the other. But is there a more climatic scene to come? Hmm.
  5. Oof... it's like you have to fact check everything now-a-days.
  6. Welllll... Holy hech, thnx, Psych! 🙂 I feel really bad now. ☹️ I think I owe Fred an apology. Sorry @Boston Fred. I sometimes loose my head. Sincerely. ✌️ Oh, I still might quote you whenever I have to scratch my balls - I was really looking forward to that. Back to show now.
  7. Tyrion went from talking with Bran to being drunk remembering the "good times" with Jamie. Tyrion is going to die, somehow.
  8. It reminded me quite a bit of the Helm’s Deep scenes (before the battle) in The Two Towers. So now I’m wondering if at the end of the battle Cersei could come in and save the day? I don’t know why she would, but...
  9. The game play mechanics are solid enough, as with most AC games, but the story isn't really engaging which is doubly disappointing considering the historical backdrop, and the online events weren't particularly interesting either. It's fine but it's also the low water mark of the series IMO.
  10. Just re-watched - Bran told Tyrion something....had to. Agree with Theon guarding Bran? Really? how about someone with at least a valyrian blade?
  11. Looking for owners that are interested in a Devy startup, Full IDP, super-flex. Bylaws are same as my other league below. 53 man roster, Starting lineup below. If interested, email me at Total Starters: 21 Number of Starting QBs: 1-2 Number of Starting RBs: 2-3 Number of Starting WRs: 3-5 Number of Starting TEs: 1-2 Number of Starting PKs: 1 Number of Starting DTs: 1-2 Number of Starting DEs: 2-3 Number of Starting LBs: 3-4 Number of Starting CBs: 2-3 Number of Starting Ss: 2-3 11 total IDP starters Brent
  12. The new leader on the kid's list is Macalester. Wow, we had a great time on our visit and were really impressed with their pitch. We've visited about 10 selective liberal arts schools with about 2000-3000 students, heard a lot of the same stuff. Mac really stood out talking about where their students are from, how they grow while at Mac, and what they do afterwards. Dug the language houses and study-away programs. Plus, the campus location checks a lot of boxes for the kid: in a really cool neighborhood in St Paul, 10 minutes from the Minnesota State Capitol (the Political Science major there requires an internship at the capitol to graduate) and downtown St Paul, 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. And visiting while there wasn't snow on the ground reminded me of how much I enjoyed living in Minneapolis and how fond I still am of the Cities and the people there. Still going to approach school and extra-curricular activity as if a candidate for Yale, we know that's a looooooong shot. A kid we've known since first grade got a 36 on the ACT. They're at different high schools, but still cross paths. He's a good kid and I'm happy for him and his family. Real creative thinker. I helped coach the math team they were on together in middle school. We were working through the Monty Hall Problem as a thought exercise, and he's all "What if I want the goat? My family has cars. We don't have a goat." Was a great jumping-off point for future discussion about assumptions built into questions, and how a question might try to deceive you by trying to steer you into a false assumption. Learning about that 36 has actually relaxed my kid a bit about the college search. Doesn't mind the spotlight on someone else for a while.
  13. Garrett didn't get an extension, surely he's feeling a lot of pressure.
  14. Put me in the weak writing column. Worst writing probably of the series. It's like the writers are trying to carry the show by having highlighting characters with a past together - expecting viewers to geek out over the pairings. And if you read this thread you can see that it is working.
  15. I swear this isn't meant to pick on you I just see this a lot and for whatever reason tonight it irk'ed me. I keep hearing this I don't think it presents the whole picture. "Landing spot" doesn't matter as much, what matters is the pieces around player X who landed there, mainly the QB for these WR's. Baltimore is a great example, Lamar Jackson is the reason that nobody wants their favorite WR to land there. It isn't that Baltimore itself is a bad spot for a WR, it's Lamar Jackson is bad for any WR that gets paired with him. If you don't believe in Lamar Jackson then Baltimore might be ok, assuming you also believe they move on from him in the next ~2-3 years. But we saw a similar situation play out in Miami. The Dolphins didn't torpedo Devante Parker's career by putting him in a scheme that didn't work, they torpedo'd his career because Tannehill was incompetent. I think that's a very important distinction. So yes in a way his "landing spot" wasn't great, but the second part of that was Miami's inability to recognize they should have cut the cord on Tannehill earlier than they did. Landing spot doesn't dictate value, it's the pieces in that landing spot that do that. Some franchises have a history of complete ineptitude, until they don't, ie the Browns recently, or the Patriots prior to Belichick and Brady. Some franchises have a history of excellence in terms of stability, Steelers, Packers, etc. but the "bad" spots change so quickly that I find it hard to knock a guy because of bad spots. I think it reigns true more so for WR's than RB's as their career's tend to be longer (more time for change, or they move on to force change). /end rant, sorry. Continue with your regularly scheduled programming please.
  16. He has an account over there too. Every football forum I visit he's duplicating his league specific threads until he gets banned.
  17. Loved the knighting scene, particularly the two looks Brianne and Podrick share - the first when she says she never wanted to be a knight, and the second when she realizes she is going to be made one.
  18. So many good takes but the bolded has me dying over here. 🤣
  19. Now up to 290 dead. Intelligence is reporting the NTJ (National Thowheeth Jama'ath) is likely behind the attacks. Several reports that at least a couple of the bombings were suicide vests.
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