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  2. We'll go with this thread for season 9, season 8 OP hasn't logged on in a few months, so title update wasn't coming. Discuss! Love this 80s revival American culture is going thru right now. The wardrobe selections are fantastic. I'm just not sure I can take a serial killer called Mr Jingles seriously
  3. or they could easily win 4 games next year and finish 2nd last.
  4. Should feast against Arizona next week.
  5. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking typing that in retrospect. He missed one for sure.
  6. High Stakes. $1,000 FAAB. $435 Demarcus Robinson $345 Darwin Thompson $312 Nelson Agholor $209 Andy Dalton
  7. The 2008 Lions actually had a run of games in weeks 5-8... @MN 12-10 @Hou 28-21 Wash 25-17 @Chi 27-23 Miami won't come close to winning a football game this year. They will have the same record as the Lions but they will spectacularly lose by more points. Detroit allowed 517 for the season...Miami is on pace for 700 points allowed in a season. 533 is the all time record by the Baltimore Colts in 1981...Miami should eclipse that before Thanksgiving.
  8. Fuller had at least two drops. One was a long bomb that hit him in both hands. Frustrating. Link "The passing game depended on Will Fuller who had two costly drops in critical situations but turned to Kenny Stills on a 31-yard strike to set up a field goal."
  9. Best elimination I can remember in a long time. Laurel didnt shut up the entire episode.......until she got her ### sent home after cheating She was speechless What's with her and Bear? Wasn't she a dyke the last time she was on a challenge? Oh well. She's got plenty of time now to figure it out. The change in emotions in freeloaders Nany, Tori and Josh Hopefully old man Bananas doesn't worm his way to another final.
  10. But how do you really feel about the KC running game?
  11. Today
  12. This thread is the absolute antithesis of well thought out logic. The whole Kareem Hunt thing forced KC to have to play Williams and for those of you not familiar with this hidden gem, take a look at this guys career stats. The one or two games he made a splash in last year equal his entire career rushing yards. I don't make this crap up and we got a 22 page thread on him, good stuff. What are people arguing about? Williams is never going to be solid production for weeks on end, that was a pipe dream. I watched this guy for years in Miami and he always made a nice play here and there but he was nothing special and still isn't IMO. I don't know what the Chiefs were thinking. They waste time on guys that really cannot fill a starter's shoes and then when they do a la Kareem Hunt the bottom falls out on them. I don't think they've recovered on the ground and Mahomes makes it easy to forget or gloss over. Go home everyone, there's nothing to see here. Cue it up
  13. i’d rather eat kale chips than drink Bud Select 55s. I’d rather go to a Furry convention than drink Bud Select 55s.
  14. I'm with you on the pivot play.
  15. The guys from Weezer wrote that Ocasek pushed them to do Buddy Holly, though they resisted because they thought it would be taken as a novelty record. Ocasek told them it just sounded good, and they should record it, and then let it sit for awhile, and then come back to it. If they still didn't like the sound, they could reject it, and they could move on. That was good advice.
  16. Do they have a choice at this point? They might be so bad that 1 year can't fix it. They are in Millen Lions territory.
  17. No sweat, I just wanted to gush over JJ and used your post as an excuse.
  18. the kavanaugh battle was lost long ago and is now merely another distraction from the only story that matters, the fact that a traitor inhabits the white house
  19. Here were some of the waivers from tonight... -DRob went 1st, I posted "low hanging fruit" at the owner but I'm sure most owners had a bid in for him -Randall Cobb and that seemed legit with the Gallup injury, I'm eyeballing the other guy Devin Smith...Miami match up looks so easy. -Agholor went, I tried but he got snared right before me...price you pay for being atop the standings I guess 😘 -Deebo Samuel was my fall back and while I shy away from most rookie WRs, you would be blind to not see what SF is doing with him. I could see a true breakout game coming at some point so for a WR6 on my bench, I like the upside. -Mostert went on the 2nd pass, was shocked all owners didn't jump on the first go thru. I simply didn't have room for him and wanted another WR.
  20. He's not holding out. He's not getting any wear or risking his career playing like a starting RB would. He's stuck behind a better guy right now. Eventually, the Eagles might want to move on from Ertz and keep Goeddert. He's not asking for anything in his 3rd year when he'll be a year from FA or a bigger role.
  21. The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command
  22. That was sort of tangential to me making fun of my own critical ability but it's a good anecdote nonetheless. Good for him for being a stand-up guy about it.
  23. I'd just like to remind folks that Ekeler also had a costly turnover at the goal line that could impact his workload next week. Maybe he will get an opp to go airborne again or maybe they try Justin Jackson on a few red zone touches or potential TD plunges. Chargers Fumble Mistakes "It was just a dumb move by me, a rookie mistake,” said Ekeler, a third-year pro. “You have to look at the situation. It’s first down, and we have three tries from the one-yard line, so I probably need to stay on the ground and pound it in there. I got too anxious, I tried to go up over the top, and someone punched it out.” His words not mine and I'm sure most find it refreshing that he came right out and said these things.
  24. Is that like the Oneders in that movie?
  25. I don't think anybody thinks this is a cakewalk matchup in the running game for the Chiefs, we're just hoping with all the draft capital invested in these guys that they have a serviceable day. A little mediocre ROI would be nice. But yeah, I get exactly what you're saying.
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