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  2. That seems to be an issue. Not understanding who am author is before using them as a source of information. It’s a problem the President has as well retweeting some very questionable people.
  3. there is a great Richard Pryor take on this ...
  4. I’ve said for a while that i didn’t think it would reach up to him or have evidence of it. I’ve also read enough of the report to say that his campaign did likely work with Russians. They did share data. There is a difference between that and criminal conspiracy. I’ve said for a long time that he wouldn’t likely be removed from office. Nine of which means I don’t accept that he won. Which was your claims. So I am again wondering why baseless claims keep getting made.
  5. I could be wrong, but wasn't there some criticism of Bowles after he was fired for not providing input to McCags on draft picks? I could have sworn that I read that Gase, unlike Bowles, was working closely with our GM on draft philosophies and players that fit Gase's system. Apparently they (GM and Bowles) didn't work together and were forced on each other like an arranged wedding. Allegedly Bowles would say that he can coach any kind of player. Either way, it's been obvious to most of us that both Bowles and our GM were in way over their heads.
  6. Dude, not sure what a troll is but the above accusations are not cool and make you look uninformed and hateful. Very representative of the Democratic party at the present time. I happened to be looking on CNN and say a pro Barr article and was surprised to see it and linked it. You are free to disagree but stop attacking opposing others points of view. It makes you look petty and arrogant. Have a good day!
  7. Road or trail marathon? If you’re talking about pushing a road marathon 2 weeks out, that seems risky. If it’s just about time on feet and cruising through a trail marathon, you’d probably be ok. But it all depends on how quickly you typically recover from these things.
  8. #1 Donald Trump #2 Communist who keep their people behind a wall #3 Buttered popcorn flavored jelly bellies. Sure enough, there it is, #1 on the list.
  9. The Trolling accusations and actual Trolling are getting tiresome. Stop it. Not everything you disagree with is trolling. And stop posting stuff that's obviously just trying to get a reaction out of the "other" side. Which is the definition of trolling.
  10. You’ll notice that when I argue with Don’t Noonan I don’t diss Oregon. I’d like to, but they’re too good.
  11. It’s trail season for you, my friend! Embrace it and crush it. As for the 24-hour, I’ve never done a timed event. But as I said on your FB post, I think it’s a great way to tackle a >50M effort without the logistical challenges involved in typical ultra courses. And I think you could absolutely get that course record, as long as your feet and stomach hold up alright.
  12. I think you were born about 15-20 years too late for your musical tastes. ETA: great song and great album.
  13. I don't even have time to read books I want to read.
  14. Been on work trip in Rome for last week. Went to this place tonight. There is of course amazing food in this town, but this place has been my best meal hands down. Highly recommend.
  15. Is this a polite way of asking some of us to post less, Joe? Including yours truly? As it turns out I’m going to have to post less anyhow. Lots of work and personal stuff is piling up for me and I’m going to have less time to indulge. This place can be very addicting.
  16. It’s a great book, and Koop is one of the most respected coaches in the ultra world. So I think you’d enjoy it and get a lot out of it. That being said, I don’t think you would “need” it in prepping for a 50K. You really just need to treat that like marathon training but with a little more focus on 1) time instead of miles and 2) specific terrain, elevation, and conditions (heat, altitude, etc). And of course nutrition and hydration becomes a little more important with the extra time you’ll be out there.
  17. Crushed it Love No Doubt's version as well - but they have a lot more upon which to draw - like their smash first hit it!!!
  18. Always like seeing mocks, so thanks for putting another out. That being said, could you explain this pick a little more, because I think after his embarrassing pro day, and off field issues, that he's a day 3 pick.
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