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  2. Now they’re saying 3-7 weeks. OUCH. kinda as I’d guessed. Mono kicks the crap out of you, and with the enlarged organs it’s very risky to play a contact sport. The spleen is the biggest concern IIRC man - 2 mo’s without your starting QB. Jets gonna Jets, as someone said.
  3. Fading Oakland in my GPP picks. I'm high on Derrick Henry-TEN Def even though the point total is quite low.
  4. Thoughts on E. Sanders going forward? Like other WR3's/upside stashes like Smokey, Ross, Metcalf, Stills etc better?
  5. We complaining about the like button now? And responding with calling someone cowardly?
  6. Unless the accuser has a smoking gun, slam dunk piece of evidence, I don't think the league will put AB on the exempt list. It hasn't happened before, and I don't think they want to open up pandora's box here either. Big Ben had essentially the same exact thing happen for his first sexual assault allegation (civil suit) and he played the entire season. Sure Ben eventually got a 6 game suspension for a second incident and was ultimately not charged. Zeke got a 6 game suspension and was not charged (but that also was based on other incidents). The commonality in these cases has been that a police investigation was involved and then a league investigation. Short of a videotape, the league has taken their time and made their decisions at the back end of things, not at the beginning . . . especially when the police was not involved and criminal charges at least considered. That's my take, and given the way the league has responded to these issues, maybe they throw out precedent and set a new bar and new standard for the future.
  7. @sho nuff cowardly responds with a laugh. Cesspool.
  8. Impeach Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to restore democracy and the rule of law (respectively).
  9. The post you quoted seems pretty damn clear that it is his opinion and a controversial one at that but anyone that takes that as a fact is on them. Nothing wrong with stating his opinion. If someone takes that as some kind of a fact, please invite me to their league. There is nothing wrong there. How boring would the board be without guys like Milkman hanging their nuts out there to be chopped off?
  10. Surprise Level: zero. He is who we thought he was.
  11. Was rewatching some of the Ravens Week 1 game and Andrews was Lamar’s prime target on a first half third and goal, would’ve been wide open for a TD so the DB tackled him for a defensive holding call that led to a 1-yard Ingram TD run on the next play
  12. Brown gets worried about his guarantees getting voided, fakes a major injury at today's game, NE has to IR him.
  13. Also, jon, that “draft” article was from 2016 and the language was ratified that year and has been on the GOP website as its official platform for three years.
  14. last year you had your blog. It was most helpful with the last minute updates happening around the nfl. I dont see currently where there is anything like that this year. Is there something similar to your blog for this year that is updated close to lock? @Devin Knotts
  15. Hey Sig! Flex PPR / slight favorite; Lindsay, DLewis, JHill, AJ Brown, Hardman or Njoku Thanks!
  16. And yes...if this POTUS is pushing something with no pushback from the is the mainstream republican position. Until they actually oppose his crap, thats how it goes.
  17. The calendar is one data point for me, his claims about his social circle is another. Another is the way he portrayed the high school culture he was in at the time. What’s your take on Mike Judge’s book?
  18. Your argument is just so disingenuous. Yes, an increased number of Republicans are FINALLY willing to admit it might be happening, after years in which you attempted to deny it (I use the word “You” inclusively here because in past threads you were a very vocal denier), but the skepticism among conservatives remains strong: And let’s not forget that the deniers continue to include the most influential people in the conservative movement: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham Michael Savage, Lou Dobbs, Ann Coulter, Dennis Prager, Michelle Malkin, the cast of Fox and Friends..... ......and, of course, Donald Trump.
  19. Draft? No. If it makes the final version, yes.
  20. Bojack is lighthearted with dark moments, Undone is dark with some comedy sprinkled throughout
  21. I find myself winning A LOT following this order. Usually when Dodds and Bloom agree on a player, he's in.
  22. You are much more convinced that Kavanaugh lied than I am. I think it is absurd to state it as a fact.
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