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  2. When it comes to the history of things it really is hard to beat the history involved in them blues. We do start with the slave trade, and life on the plantations, it did start right there. Recorded blues 1920 with Mamie Smith's "Crazy Blues" that is unless ya want to go with W.C.Handy's blues instrumentals a little earlier. Wicked wimmen, straight razors, alcohol, drugs, hard times, trains, prison, blue steel 44, sex, homosexuality, bad men, hoboing, it's all there with this music. You will be taken a place you aren't familiar with, which is very cool. He;s not singing about no snake.
  3. Excellent, bro. I don't drink alcohol anymore (diabetes), but I am smokin' a bowl & makin' an omelette. Eggs, peppers, salsa, pepper jack cheese --- YUM! Glad to hear ya good. Ima gonna order that blues book you recommended as an Easter present to myself - I'll let ya know when I get it. Keep rollin'!
  4. Polish, Italian, Lithuanian, German -- in that order.
  5. I don't agree with the previous posters. Your house, your rules. Letting him get away with knowingly breaking the rules is letting respect fly out the window. It's damaging in the long run to do a wink-nudge thing in this instance, as it weakens his respect for you, the house, and eventually the notion that he should be a fully functioning and independent adult (because with that functioning and independence come benefits otherwise unrealized).
  6. It's all good bro, got the incense working, some candles going and drinking a whiskey/coke mix, life is good. How about you?
  7. Would I if I could? Absolutely. Most of the rest of the world's universities gets along fine without them, kids go to college everywhere else and manage to make friends, hang out with them, even get completely ####ed up all without the benefit of any sort of weirdo secret society that humiliates you and ruins months of your life if you want admission. The positives are pretty few and far between, and they can be replicated by non-exclusive entities, like campus groups that do charitable works in the community. America's a strange place.
  8. I rarely come across anyone who can really talk them blues. I do think most people listen to what's on the radio, them blues usually not there.
  9. This thing with pot has got to be the dumbest thing we have seen ESPECIALLY since it's legal to drink. Getting loaded is nothing compared to getting drunk. Not remotely close. YES, kids shouldn't do anything, yep, nothing. But once an adult, smoking pot ain't........
  10. Kinda feelin' bad about my snark. Sorry. I am adopted, and I know nothing of my roots & birth parents, but I am Caucasian - I really can't say much more, as I never had any kind of tests done. My adopted Mom (True Mom - other is birth mom) is 2nd generation German - from Baden-Baden. That side of my family is pretty small. My True Dad (not birth dad) - is Cherokee / African American / German / Jewish - we think. That side of the family fled the eastern part of KY a few years after Emancipation Proclamation. My Grandpop (who was 7) and his two older sisters (both under 18) came alone to Louisville, KY - because they were the "whitest" - thus, easiest to "fit in". I only know whats been passed down, cause my pop was the youngest of 7 - born when Grand pop was over 50. He fought in the Spanish American war - in the 19th centruty - born in 1878. So, my grandpop would have been 90 when I was born - he dead by then. Pretty interesting folk - I love them all.
  11. Who doesn't need a break from the world for about 6-10 hours a day? And, I would miss the dreams. And, now how do I do this, hmmm? So afterwards, the both of you get up get dressed and go back to the grind.....that would suck. I want to float around on that little boat as I drift off into...zzzzzzz. Living to be 160 is a good thing? So you work until you're a real oldster? All those old people out on the roads? What would the drinking age be? Old soldiers? Old cops?
  12. Yep - Spots if frustrating me. Re: Mike - I am a fan now, thanks to you. Honestly, some songs I know I love at first bar - this was one. I kept listenin' to the rest of the album, till I started makin links. So - yeah - Ima fan! Thnx! 👌
  13. And when she tells the boy..."I'm pregnant"....they all move in with you?
  14. I feel like Spotify links are acting up lately. Are you a fan of Michael Kiwanuka?
  15. Seriously, not sure what you mean. Ah - maybe this? -----> I get the Mike K Album, but no song ready to this it? I dunno why that happened. This is new to me. I've always liked to youtube even though I have premium Spotify. I just copied the link from the browser top panel - I could not find a specific share button. I may need to learn more. Also: This is sweet. Mick Jagger lite?
  16. Look, I do like this song - but ya get no reaction cause a this: WTF? Are they on a farm - or - here & on a phone - or - are they at sea? The rosy bright is nice, but I'm still confused... DUMB!
  17. First gen Iranian. Parents got married out of high school in Iran and came here for university.
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