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  2. The Cubs announced that Brandon Morrow will not pitch this season. He was signed for two years 18 million, with a 3 million buyout. He had twenty-two saves, which means he earned about one million dollars for each save.
  3. Ugh. My son is getting antsy. Gordon unlikely to play Week 1, so we need 2 running backs. He is considering trading Evans for Phillip Lindsay. I told him you don't trade a Top 15-20 pick for a Top 50-60 player and to be patient and see what happens.
  4. You’re the man Faust ... i want to say it was a link to a twitter post that this list was on. Showed some stat of elusiveness, or most broken tackle percentage over a college career. Dont work too hard on it buddy, just trying to rub some dirt in my league mates faces after laughing at the 1.11 Hill pick.
  5. Unfortunately for Pollard when/if Zeke comes back the main area he’ll be used is on the bench.
  6. I'm in a keeper league that's drafting this sunday (.5 ppr, 4 pt passing td's, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 flex). I'm going into the draft with a leg up since I have kamara, juju, and golladay along with all my picks till round 7. I draft at the 6 spot and it sounds like Zeke might fall to me. If you were in my position, do you take Zeke at 6 (and then grab a keenan allen/cooper/hilton type in round 2) or do you take a Hopkins/Adams type and grab a fournette/freeman/jacobs on the comeback? Ultimately, would having that advantage make you more likely to less likely to take a risk with zeke
  7. Book excursions in advance. Think we can do ours in two weeks for the December cruise. They do it after everybody is paid off.
  8. And when the truth comes out about New Hampshire, you’ll show them all!
  9. There is zero doubt in my mind this is what would happen. Just look at the palestinian authority. Not exactly a model of freedom. That's the main reason why tlaibs comments were so phony.
  10. Donald Trump could be doing the hopak while wearing an ushanka on Red Square while donning a white cloak and selling index puts with his broker Oleg Deripaska and Trump supporters would say he’s just been misunderstood.
  11. Also Christie is on a war path trying to blow up people’s games. Mainly nick right now. They had a big blow up last night.
  12. I like your spirit HT. Let's dedicate this thread all Donald's hits. My link
  13. Did y’all hear that someone with a megaphone told the house that Christie and Tommy knew each other. Everyone in the house heard about it too. Seems they were instructed not to talk about it. But they are 😂
  14. The Israel Palestine debate has sunk to such a new low that it begets the charge of anti-Semitism if you discuss it as a conservative. This is. Crazy ####.
  15. How do you know he doesn’t care about social injustice? I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just wondering how you know that?
  16. Trump says he's "very seriously" looking at ending birthright citizenship File under: another attempt to distract the masses.
  17. I would add DJ Chark and Chris Conley to your under $5 WR list
  18. LIVE - MLS 11' NYFC vs Columbus Crew Columbus Crew to score in 1st Half: YES +235
  19. Thanks. We are booking for next summer. Hopefully enough lead time. Probably getting a few verandas and some inside ones for the kids. Sounds like excursions are booked on the cruise (?) so we will just have to see when we get there. Good advice.
  20. This one in December is San Juan and the British Islands, then castaway cay. May is Jamaica, Grand Caymans, Cozumel and Castaway. We’ll probably take a boat day on one of those.
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