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  2. Dance/Electronica and Pop are the only unrolled categories. The dice are wise
  3. Brown said his biggest problem with Roethlisberger, was that he'd tell teammates what they'd want to hear, either in person, or to the media, and then talk crap about them to management behind their back. Brown either said, or implied, that Ben was two faced. Roethlisberger did a bunch of interviews last off season, about how Tom Brady was doing it right, and that championships were the goal, not making money. He said, he wanted his money to go toward keeping the players around him happy, he mentioned Pouncey and Gilbert by name, and it seemed like he was referring to Bell as well, but didn't wanna mention him by name. Fast forward a year, and the Steelers are coming off a season of not making the playoffs, letting 2 former all-pros go, and Roethlisberger becoming the 2nd highest paid QB in the NFL behind Wilson, on a per year basis. Again, his play is worthy of it, Big Ben is arguably a top-5 QB, but it just looks like he said all these things he would do, and then did the opposite, just like Brown said he would. I'm not absolving Brown for his role in his departure, but it looks a little fishy, that Brown and Bell aren't worth more money, but the guy saying he doesn't want the money, gets a huge raise.
  4. I did! He was going crazy!! I only caught the first in the Hospital and then made it home for the OT. Congrats Canes fans. Not to be a downer, but I wasn't able to watch much the last few days. My mom fell out of her bed on Sunday night and broke her neck. She's 87 and lives alone. Slid on her back from the room to another bedroom to get the phone. She had surgery to fuse her vertebrae, screws/rods and also needed a pacemaker put in. She's been in intensive care for 3 days. Hopefully she is starting to mend. Will need some therapy. Doctor said she was VERY close to being paralyzed. Glad the Canes brought my son a little happiness tonight. Got tickets?
  5. That’s not a breathalyzer! That’s an Alexander the Great-alyzer!
  6. one thing I'm wondering is how the police reports were generated, as I'm not sure if this has or will be disclosed publicly. But obviously someone either 1) called 911, in which police responded to the house and made a report, or 2) went to the police station or DCF offices to make a report, and did this twice as two reports were made. I don't see Tyreek Hill doing either of these things.
  7. Classic stuff. My wife hates when I use the phrase "intercourse the penguin.", which means I find ways to work it into conversations. Love a good Fish Slapping Dance
  8. If the league chooses to extend its power this far so be it....I guess just being in the environment or involved in some way is enough for them and a suspension....but as that article indicates it still could be that Hill didn’t actually do anything...
  9. I think it's perfectly normal that most people would know what a robin looks like, I just happen to not be one of those people.
  10. With the language the District Attorney used, he was clearly letting everyone know he feels that Tyreek caused the boy’s broken arm. I’m guessing that Tyreek’s previous brutal attack against his pregnant girlfriend figured into the DA’s decision to use the language he chose to. I read some comments that maybe the boy’s mother did it. If there was any chance of that happening, I would think the DA would have worded his statement differently. This press conference was about Tyreek Hill, if there was any chance he wasn’t guilty, the DA wouldn’t have put the bullseye 🎯 on Tyreek’s back like he did. That’s the way I see it.
  11. When I posted they are rookie level, it was I was referring to. I knew Canes had younger legs but both teams looked slow.
  12. Had some good ideas- had a lot of AZ, Phiily, and most of my SP combos on DK were Verlander/Means, but didn't have all the ideas in the same LU. Oh well, up $2 which is a lot better than the last couple days. I think from now on, at least one of my gpps will just be a stack vs what I think a highly owned sp will be. That was the only reason I had a couple AZ stacks tonight.
  13. Here is a mind blowing stat: Washington is now 1-10 alltime in playoff series after taking a 2-0 lead I will never not love last year’s team for somehow overturning this wreckage of a franchise, however briefly
  14. So I'm pretty much gonna try and let the dust settle on this a little bit first. I'll say this. I'd rather be talking about the draft. Speaking of which, if KC takes a WR early (relative to the WR ranks) I don't think it says anything. I would assume they'd take a WR anyway.
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