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  2. Solich hosting Napier is a compelling head coach matchup. Napier is a pretty tenacious coach, and Louisiana was picked to win the Western division of the Sun Belt in the preseason. Solich at OHU has history of non-conference games going over the total - especially vs Sun Belt, and more often in regular season than neutral site bowl games. That's exciting to me. Both coaches are very strong in their respectable roles in this game as well: host/visitor and underdog/favorite. It's going to be must-see TV for me. Solich after two consecutive losses is not as good as you'd think, either - unless he's laying big points, which he isn't. And they're typically scheduled to play cupcakes after they come off the annual game versus Marshall (again, laying big points, which they aren't). Solich even said it himself that "two games in a row now [tackling] appears to be a problem for us." This game is going to ####### rock. The weather looks perfect, too.
  3. We're talking about a guy drafted in the NFL's 6th round and nowhere in fantasy. Of course he is not a favorite of most people.
  4. Hey @JohnnyU, you live in SE MN, right? Not far from Rochester? What town/ area?
  5. Trump ran on the fact he was going to drain the swamp, no? It was the top three things Trump supporters clamored about...he was an outsider coming to DC to clean up the swamp.
  6. To be clear, I'm not suggesting he's going to be a feature back nor I have I seen anyone else say that. I'm simply saying TJ has that kind of upside, & for a stash, that's all you can ask.
  7. Hmm... history would suggest otherwise. Good for a career of low mileage NFL use like say, Darren Sproles... but even bringing him up he was an absolute beast statistically at Kansas State. Don’t get me wrong Johnson’s production is good and his elusiveness is 🔥. That being said he’s on a team that is hesitant to give Kerryon Johnson more than 50% of the snaps. I have zero qualms with declaring emphatically he is not a feature back and would bet against him sustaining over 15 touches regularly given his use on a bad, bad Maryland team. ETA: I think he has a chance to still be fantasy viable getting snaps like he did last week. I would compare him to Matt Breida as a home run hitter who is a bit of an unknown in the passing game (Breida was bad in the passing game his rookie year and improved tremendously last season)
  8. Bout dang time. This could be good for both players and the NCAA. When players are doing commercials, autograph signings, etc......its free advertising for the NCAA. I imagine there will be some rules to go along with it, to keep from idiots making everyone look bad by doing super stupid stuff.
  9. just ask Duke Johnson I couldn't help myself
  10. Started reading this thread and almost pissed myself and puked at the same time by all the comedy. Summer tires are dangerous in the winter regardless of tread depth. get a dedicated set of Blizzaks for the winter or if things are tight financially. Park it until spring ya cheap mofo .
  11. Sure. There's reasons why TJ wasn't taken until the 6th round. Production is a big one. Scouts like to see somebody who's done it.
  12. Didn’t realize he was a yard away from another TD as well 👍
  13. A lot of interviews with people no longer with us. Ralph Stanley and Little Jimmy Dickens tonight.
  14. If flies had machine guns, frogs wouldn't f#$k with them. Lol. I mean, you may be right. Unless you're Dan Marino and shatter offensive pass records, nobody is looking too hard tompush any player in but you can't say there are multiple criteria to making it and then just toss one piece of it out. On the other hand, that list of guys you listed that Eli would be just like as if it's not a big deal...well, actually, it kind of is in terms of career performance because all four of those guys, including Eli, are all top 18 all-time in yards and completions, with Eli being ranked the highest in both categories and Eli and Vinny are not top 16 all-time in the history of the game Tds. Some may want to to say this shouldn't be compared to this guy or that but these four are all more modern p,Ayers than old school players and at the end of the day, being top 10 in every major passing stat says something (depending on how you view it). THE #1 goal of each and every NFL franchise is to win the super bowl and whatever the #2 goal is, it's waaay down the pecking list and Eli has done it. I just don't know how that will be ignored when the time comes.
  15. I hardly think the CDCs actions convey no need to be alarmed.
  16. What about D.Byrd for AZ as a 3K option on DK this week? 7 targets each of the first 2 weeks and so far as 2.7x and 3.5x on his salary. Not going to win you a gpp with his air yards and aDoT, but might get 8-10pts and get you what you want in the LU for cash. Also has a RZ target each of the first two weeks.
  17. How have you concluded vaping is awesome harm reduction? Sure it helps some people quit, and others cut down tobacco consumption. But that must be balanced by the harm it causes by encouraging teens and others to pick up the habit, plus the potential for long term toxicity. My major concern is we don’t know much about the latter, despite many smokers embracing it as the best thing since sliced bread. Moreover, less harmful alternatives for smoking cessation exist - even if you assume vaping is twice as good at promoting quitting (a controversial stance, despite the NEJM study), are the extra 9% who quit worth the collateral damage?
  18. You don't really believe this do you? This is just semi-trolling, right?
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