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  2. Oh, ok, lol not even close there on the spelling. Sure, I know who Ed Dickson is.
  3. I started watching later in the ot, but I didn't see him in the game.
  4. But how to pronounce? I think that in the written version, doge is still great.
  5. Ed Dickson, their other tight end. He's a vet of a few teams and years. Nothing special, really, and Hollister seems to have Wilson's attention.
  6. Breida hurt his ankle and never returned to the game, Coleman I saw limping after a carry, not sure if he was taken out of the game like Breida or not.
  7. I like this thread. Sort of crystallizes issues I'd been thinking about. It's an issue spotter, and a cool one.
  8. I did say perhaps. That said, he didn't need to jump to bat that ball down. It came right to him. Actually looks like he didn't even need to jump to catch it. Bad team play regardless of the injury, though. Karl should know better as a vet. And not comparable to Joyner blowing out his knee while playing proper coverage duties for the above reasons.
  9. Since we are getting closer to the "sales" I just thought that I would note that there is a pair of wireless buds that actually advertises 120hours(with the re-charge case obviously) that may be an even better choice for folks that travel all the time..... ... it passes the smell tests in these ways: - ADVERTISED 120hr total life INCLUDING the re-charge case - BT 5.0 - IPX7 - PRICE(at the time of posting $46-$10 instant clip coupon = $36) ....... BUT the big caveat here is not only does the product get a sub-4.0 score on Amazon but on Fakespot both the product and the company get a "C". While the 70 hour headphones got a product "C", the company that made them had a "B" and the reviews on Amazon were just better. These 120hr buds also only have an advertised 3hr battery life between charges which may matter depending on how someone planned on using them. If they drop closer to $20 in the next month that's getting to "why the F not?" territory and I may have to give them a try. BT headphones are getting to the price point now that I just stuff the rarely used ones in every piece of luggage I own so I will ALWAYS have a backup even if I forget to pack what I generally prefer to use. I already do that with cables(after being forced to purchase a USB re-charger at an international airport for close to $20 several years ago). All this stuff that weighs next to nothing and would cost 1000% markup in an airport is just worth having extra imo.
  10. Revenge is a dish best served in week 17. We will beat them by 10 if we are healthy and don't have home field or the division wrapped up at that time.
  11. So funny how different leagues change perceptions of players and when to grab them. I grabbed Foles after Wk 8 in a Superflex and plan on starting him this week without hesitation.
  12. Breida out with an ankle, per a source that I can't remember.
  13. Let’s not make excuses for Jimmy, he didn’t have any help tonight but he was every bit as bad as anyone else on offense. That fumble that got returned was totally avoidable and maybe the biggest swing play of the game, he was begging to to get picked off all night, and that last deep throw to Samuel could have still won them the game if it wasn’t underthrown. Usually he has 1-2 baffling plays a game, tonight it was 6-8.
  14. If I had him anywhere, he'd be exactly there, without question. My biggest mistake this year in my main league was drafting Sony Michel over him in non-PPR (hence I could justify Michel). Bad move on my end.
  15. I forgot to mention Hester is still performing at the age of 82. She and her daughters had a few gigs listed on her website.
  16. Tough lass for sure. Defense played great. A couple of short field TDs, but made some big plays and kept them in the game. Wilson made his usual assortment great plays but overall, they kept him in check. Held Carson under 4 a carry. Thought Greenlaw played a nice game, and almost won it for them with the pick. Obviously, losing Sanders was huge, especially with Kittle out, but man, the others guys need to step up. Jimmy played pretty crappy, but when he did make a nice throw downfield, it was dropped. 6 throws on the money that I counted. Bourne 2, Pettis, Deebo, Goodwin and Juice. All 6 were big yardage plays and not difficult catches. Bourne is just plain bad. Not only did he drop a big gainer, but tipped it up for the easy pick, leading to a Seattle TD. Inexcusable Jimmy can’t keep throwing picks like this. The first one by Griffin is becoming his signature INT. Baited into throwing into coverage. He got bailed out there on a defensive hold and then bailed out twice later on drops by Wright and Wagner on consecutive plays. Two fumbles, one for a defensive TD and another leading to a short field TD for Seattle. All he really needed to do tonight was game manage and the 49ers win. He was just crappy tonight. Deebo played really well except for the one drop on the slant. He had a step on Griffin for a big play on the last possession, and Jimmy under threw it. Hopefully, can get Sanders and Kittle back quickly. Will be a good trio. Pettis, Goodwin and Bourne Plain suck. Surprised we didn’t see Richie James out there tonight on offense.
  17. Henry isn't a plus receiver, but it can be simple stuff like screens, checkdowns, & swing passes. He's tough for DBs to bring down & his long speed is near elite.
  18. I don't think I came even remotely close to that with Breida, Gordon, and Lockett all set to add almost nothing to my 115. Ah, deep year, still fruitless.
  19. Ives video report from the first day of camp.
  20. Today
  21. Had a chance to see that tonight. Didn't get dusty, but that was certainly a nice gesture on the part of the contestant during what must be a rough time for Mr. Trebek.
  22. I think I'm going to listen to some more folkie stuff this week. I've been a voracious listener for four decades so I don't have many musical frontiers but early 60s folk is one genre that I've never really listened to.
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