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  2. The Republican Study Committee consists of about 70% of all GOP members of the House and has embarked on a campaign to get Amazon to sell books on conversion therapy that Amazon stopped carrying.
  3. Curtis Samuel / 2020 1st (it’s gonna be late) for AB / 2020 3rd (it’s gonna be early) good deal, IMO. but it feels really gross to have him on my roster right now. Once, or IF the noise goes away? I’ll be happy with the production. But right now? Yea it feels really embarrassing to have him on my team.
  4. Lots of energy in firing up players. Less energy in scheming.
  5. Don't need ten you have the vice president. But fine in order to help your gimmick it isn't an official Republican position Just a joke about all all these "men" like Ben shapiro trying to help out their friend by wanting a detail description of his penis. Completely not weird at all
  6. Wow and the Graham drop in was perfect.
  7. CIN lost by 1 to SEA PIT lost by 2 to SEA CIN Lost by 24 to SF THEREFORE PIT will lose by 27 to SF
  8. I'm starting to think Baker hates his skill position players. He is just leaving them out to get killed.
  9. Jebus, the Jets tackle violently. When 99 tackled from behind on the screen he used his right arm like a club.
  10. Njoku has a concussion? Or going thru protocol? It feels like concussions are not a gimme that the player will play the next Sunday. Is it possible Njoku out for the night and then also next week? Just curious if this is common or I'm tripping.
  11. My across the street neighbor who is a complete dork wears gloves on his riding mower. Eta: I'll wear gloves if I'm doing a lot of raking of leaves that's about it. And eyewear if edging
  12. Can’t find info if they started back up already or not
  13. I'm starting to think he couldn't hit the ocean while throwing from the beach
  14. Can we get a count of how many times Booger says "I love..." He loves everything it seems.
  15. Nahhh Jets have the Browns right where they want them. Jets D gonna tire the Browns out with the Brain-A-Dope, then WHAMMO! Jets take the lead.
  16. I like this one Coming Undone is a great riff from them
  17. It sure seems like the refs are dragging this game down. Same time, not sure anything is going to help the Jets tonight, they look lifeless on offense. They knew Sam was not playing many days ago, plenty of time to get a Qb ready to run the offense on Sunday unless that QB never really was getting ready most of the off season...this is a indictment on management and coaching IMO.
  18. I was just thinking that. It's a nice practice ball.
  19. This could already be 14-0 if the Browns executed competently at all.
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