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  2. mayfield looks like an average at best qb. some real bad decisions. guy seems a little cocky in that he can do anything and itll be great
  3. Probably shouldn't have traded our best OL for Vernon.
  4. I don’t think May Bakersfield has the chops to win this.
  5. these browns pass plays look to be designed on tecmo bowl. at least two wrs doing the exact same thing 5 yards apart.
  6. I'm not so sure. It's been the play calling so far. He's just not getting the same designed plays.
  7. With this oline I’m not sure why any receivers would run beyond 10 yards
  8. And Baker is hesitant and gunshy. A bad combo.
  9. Things I never thought I’d be saying after the draft: I wish OBJ had Daniel Jones throwing to him.
  10. These flags are killing this great sport
  11. Let's try something else on offense this isn't working JFC
  12. You run Gurley 3 times no matter what right there.
  13. Whatever collisworth. That’s terrible clock management.
  14. I just remember a certain browns fan saying theyd be unstoppable and the best offense, possibly ever
  15. Such a bad decision. What the hell was he thinking?
  16. I'd take a prime Diva TO before I ever touched AB. That dude has major issues and has zero business playing another down in the NFL.
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