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  2. Well, there was this And this: “I don’t think there’s a major gap between them. I just think it’s going to come down to if a team falls in love with one of them or says, ‘This is what we’re looking for. This is where we’re going to have success.’ They all have similar grades for me.” And this, which puts him at T22 over a period of the last decade, behind luminaries like Ryan Tannehill, et. al But yeah, it looks like most people had Watson-Trubisky 1-2 with the acknowledgment that they felt it was a weak QB class.
  3. The Raiders are terrible at personnel management. They also cut Amari Cooper. And then they signed and cut Antonio Brown, and also picked up two of the biggest problems in the league, Incognito and Burfict, and probably neither of those survives the season. Getting cut by the Raiders is an indication of talent. Detroit isn't much better but it's definitely weird timing.
  4. Nice, looks like you might get Mostert or Gore. Gotta think you need to take your shot on all RB's possible right now. I'd go after those guys hard.
  5. Sounds like the next move is to dissociate themselves from Ed Buck.
  6. uhhhh... what?
  7. Weird, because a quick search shows people were pretty divided, which is how I remember it. CBS Sports gave the grade of D for the trade/draft pick.
  8. Might want to hold off on the enthusiasm a bit. Jones still has no WRs to speak of besides TJ Jones (actually decent) and Bennie Fowler II (Latimer still has the calf strain and might be in the protocol, Sheperd SHOULD be out of it by Friday but no promises). Saquon and Engram were largely taken away in the passing game until the offense made the D respect Latimer and Fowler. Now Tampa Bay sure isn't the Bills D, but let's not automatically project good things from Jones immediately.
  9. They’ve already said it’s a contusion. It’s a bone bruise. A nothing burger.
  10. It was well advertised at the time. He was all the talk. If you search 20 mocks and 20 qb rankings, he's #1 in almost every one. He was the top QB. Hindsight is easy.
  11. We will see if the Black vote actually comes out for Biden in the primaries. The polls show there isn't a whole lot of enthusiasm for a Biden presidency. I'd imagine other candidates will continue to highlight his history with black voters which won't do anything to increase that enthusiasm.
  12. Oh we’ve moved past this, see. Probably won’t be brought up that he is rebuilding some lame sections of fence and he had to steal money from military to get because he is so bad at negotiating.
  13. What’s it up since October 2018, after adjusting out your contributions?
  14. blah blah blah. You don't go to the horse track and make just-for-fun bets with friends and everyone bet the only horse that has 4 legs. Used to love this contest but it's boring to me now. As tempting as it is to take Dallas/Dallas, I just can't. Take a chance dude, its for fun!
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  16. He stinks and is shot this year but is to this point better than anything on my wire. Just gotta temper expectations, I'll take a top 10 finish but any hope of top 6 has sailed
  17. Under 2 minutes to go, he drove the field to keep the pats from an undefeated season the acknowledgment as the greatest team of all time. If you think a head case like Rivers is gonna do that, keep thinking. He has two rings as a starting QB. Its a short list of guys who've done that, shorter still guys that won two Super Bowl MVPs
  18. Chantix caused Bourdain’s death (psst, it’s only ~20% effective, just like vaping)? I thought he hung himself? I guess the 27 placebo control trials got it wrong? My point wasn’t to comparing teen vaping and the recent illnesses/deaths. But both have to be considered when weighing the risk:benefits of e-cigs.
  19. CIN defense looked so awful last week vs. 49ers... think I need to run with Josh Allen / John Brown stack in GPP with Buffalo at home, 2-0 and high scoring potential. Leaves a decent amount of $ for RB studs in other games.
  20. True. But what’s remarkable is that, even as Biden’s numbers have gone down slightly overall, they’ve actually increased among black voters, who as I keep pointing out are the key to the Democratic nomination.
  21. Yeah, Chantix sure got Anthony Bourdain to stop smoking, huh? Apples and oranges when it comes to smokers that have quit and teens buying black market thc cartridges.
  22. It's an embarrassment that Plunkett hasn't made it in by now.
  23. I'd disagree with that. There was a period from 02-05 that I'd say he was a top 5 QB in the league. Had he won that super bowl, I'd say he'd be a lock. Not first ballot but he'd get in eventually. No super bowl and he's got no shot.
  24. Would anyone drop MVS for Chalk? MVS is up against a bunch of good/great defenses, Chalk not as much. Dropoff at QB, but opportunity matters and Chalk is getting more than MVS. Whatcha think?
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