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  2. And yet here we are today fighting a UN resolution against rape as a weapon of war because it mentions women's reproductive health care. We aren't the white knight.
  3. Might want to consult an expert in Bird Law
  4. From Toad The Wet Sprocket's Nanci "I can't believe you You bend your words like Uri Geller's spoons"
  5. For realz LOL - one year the color printer was out of ink, so printed it in gray scale and it still worked.
  6. LOL. We'll have to figure out a way to do it and be kind. We should do a thing where it's a poll for each poster and there are 5 pictures to vote for and one of them is the real picture of the poster. It'll be like a reverse who's hottest. We'll put someone above board like @Ditkaless Wonders in charge to set up the polls each time where only he knows which pic is the real one. We'll have Ditkaless Wonders go first and then he can be the poll master from there.
  7. I don’t understand this. I agree that it won’t result in his removal- but at least on theoretical terms, why wouldn’t obstruction of justice be grounds for impeachment? Please explain.
  8. Unfortunately this will be the status quo from now on. Does anyone even run campaign ads any more that doesn't attack the other person? I guess it is easier to say what the other person has done "wrong" instead of saying what you have done "right".
  9. We do it on Fantrax but have to reset the standings every "season". Since we are altering the divisions as well it isn't that big of a deal but does take extra work.
  10. You should propose a new law book where you inform law enforcement as to which ones you consider relevant. They can save a lot of wasted resources by getting rid of the silly ones.
  11. Agreed. Well sort of. We kind of still get the moral high ground because we’re one of very few countries that has attempted to enforce an international moral code- at various times, unevenly, with a lot of hypocrisy. But even so we have done it at times.
  12. Yes even then. I have a little Don Quixote thing going
  13. I voted unsure for this same reason. He should be impeached, but without any option of removal due to the Senate, it seems like it would just be fodder for his propaganda network to try and drum up voters in 2020.
  14. It wouldn't shock me. The ticket price increase probably offsets the room discounts.
  15. Just linked mine. For the rest of you, just open the app, click the menu item on the left, choose "Move," and link your accounts. Easy peasy.
  16. I'm speaking more in terms of even more distrust of the media and any election at any level that doesn't go their way. Knowing Trump and his lust for power, I could see him encouraging rioting or some kind of uprising. And a large percentage of those he's brainwashed would gladly do it.
  17. It’s not all...and yes it is grounds for impeachment.
  18. Sorry I misunderstood.
  19. Barr testified then went against his own testimony in his letter. Barr wrote a 19 page memo then contradicted it. Mueller will stick to his report.
  20. If Obstruction is all you have got, you ain't got nothing, IMHO. It is not even remotely close for grounds for impeachment.
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