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  2. Same play? Don't think it is but still needs to be a TD, would have been last year. Here's the other one I have a pretty big problem with, this is pretty close to throwing a flea flicker out of your own endzone, not quite as bad but close
  3. Rainbow Kitten Surprise on Friday. Haven't been so excited for a show in a long time.
  4. Totally insane and fun to watch (when not facing him lol) every time KC is on air.
  5. Damn. I'll probably be doing Fremont St. that Friday night. That's what the initial itinerary says. Gotta do a wedding on Saturday.
  6. I most certainly didnt think he would be that efficient and calm. I dont care if it was the Cardinals the kid looked good. The schedule looks good for the next month, sit cam let allen play and see what happens. I think things get interesting if Allen goes something like 4-1 over the next 5.
  7. Then by all means keep rolling him out there.
  8. He didn’t think he would get caught. Ukraine is a country known for its corrupt politicians. He thought they would play ball and not say anything. I bet this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  9. I the only one that thought he'd do well? I didn't think he'd do THAT well, but he played well against NO last year too. I'm not over the moon on this keeping in mind it IS Arizona, but the opportunity is certainly there for him to take. Looks like he's giving it his best shot. I think I am ok with that.
  10. Historically the main thing has been “losing”. The oppressive sun beating down on people isn’t awesome either. And you can’t tailgate & beer is $16 a pint. But that’s almost any modern stadium.
  11. I think he looks a lot like he did in college. I said the same above. That’s what many have said over the course of this topic. No one’s calling him the 2nd coming of Barry Sanders. But he can be productive.
  12. IMO, there were enough replays during the game last night, coupled with easily being able to see LAR consistently getting pressure bringing only their front 4, to take Baker out of the main cross hairs of what's really wrong with the offense. I'm not saying he's playing great football. He's been inaccurate with happy feet at times, doesn't look all that comfortable, etc. Freddie's explanation of why he didn't challenge the PI makes no sense and that's on top of taking 2 time outs to the podium for a post game snack. WTF wants to go 3rd and 9 when you can be 2nd and 9 when the risk is simply a time out on what might be the last time you have the ball? Then run a draw on 4th and 9....almost as if he thought it really was 3rd and 9. The last drive really put a major ding on Freddie. The play calling, formations and personnel package (I'm pretty sure that should not be plural), on the last 4 downs was beyond abysmal. Zero creativity with 2 time outs. No draws, but Chubb split out wide where he is a non-factor. He's absolutely right in that he needs to do a better job. That was trash. Again, just my opinion after sleeping on this L.
  13. I suspect a number of things about the stadium contribute to a lower turnout from die hard locals and leave more tickets available for away fans.
  14. I can't just do nothing. Will likely have a word with him before or after the next game. I've already come to the conclusion that my stuff is gone and can not be recovered after all these years. Cops can do nothing here anyway. The kid is working now, raising a 3 yo kid. So I'm not even sure what I'm angling for here.
  15. At their expense?!?! Very nice of them to offer.
  16. Jones tweaked his ankle in week 2 after a 12 yard gain and limped to the sideline. Context helps.
  17. The difference is I am responding to a specific terrible posting. I put up a post which attempted to outline a different point of view only to get it dismiss as a 'persecuted white guy thing'. I was not being disrepectful to anyone. I responded to the crap which unfortunately is way too typical of the posting which occurs here and is routinely condoned by the vast majority of posters here. Kind of like an incident i witnessed yeterday. A older white guy entered the CVS I was in and muttered something under his breath about being a bum which this black guy overheard. The black guy went off on him for a bit and told him he had a respectable job and was a CPA. So according to the logic employed by this forum, the black guy was the problem for creating the scene, not the white guy who was out of line and was really the cause.
  18. Well... another period in the books. Time to pony up for the next period. Need $$ from: @Chadstroma @Fear The Turtle @Getzlaf15 @glvsav37 ** @IC FBGCav @McBokonon @Peak @Socrates11 @St. Louis Bob @Wildcat ** On escrow... out if not paid
  19. Jim Rome is the answer. The TBS Braves guys and Vin Scully were huge for me also. Music wise it's gotta be Springsteen, probably would have been Queen if Freddie lived. R.E.M. is in the conversation.
  20. Yesterday showed that Jackson still needs to improve a lot as a passer, especially considering that KC isn't really viewed as a strong pass defense. Even adding Brown, Jackson is still working with a subpar group of WRs, and that doesn't help. Out of 43 attempts yesterday, only 17 were targeted at WRs, and only 7 of those were completed. Some of that is on Jackson, some is on the quality of WR play.
  21. I'm encouraged by the touches. Opportunity is gold in fantasy football.
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