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  2. I can still blow my 6600 point lead, don't worry -QG
  3. ESPN's "updated" FF platform and their constant maintenance is super annoying. I'll be moving to Yahoo next season.
  4. You are hitting right on the head, the smoking gun that Miami is tanking in ways that could actually be illegal but Im not sure...if you purposely put together a game plan designed to fail, that's kind of like throwing the game which puts a lot of stress on Vegas and the gambling community...but it's been obvious to casual observers what the Phins have been doing.
  5. What are Tua's measurables? baymen was right about your posts being largely garbage. There's no need to post this here. Get out of here with this garbage.
  6. Hey Bracie, I've seen this mentioned a few times now..."they have to hit on the picks". I'm not sure I understand why that is brought up a lot. If they swing and miss like they have done for the last 20 years, they just won't improve which is hard to imagine right now. I will say this as I was thinking about the cost Miami is paying...could they have kept their best players like Fitzpatrick and still lost a bunch of games, gone 3-13 and been in the hunt for maybe 1 of say 3-4 really strong QB prospects this year? Miami seems to be overpaying to get the number one spot and sad to say but at the moment they are being challenged by a couple other teams that seem like they might never win a game this season. Miami is $113 Million under the cap right now going into 2019/2020 off season...people are overlooking how much money they will be forced to spend in this off season and even the one in 2021, it's going to take them a while to spend within 80-90% of the cap over a 3 year period, carry the 7, oh I get a headache figuring this out but Miami has a ton of cash to spend the next 2-3 years, there are no contracts to weigh them down moving forward. Whenever they decide to try and move forward of course.
  7. Didn't necessarily mean to imply that, at least not strongly. I don't know what the best move is. My point was that while painful, the level of pain is probably disproportionate to the level of the danger.
  8. Myles "Flash" Garrett ⚡️‏Verified account @MylesLGarrett First of all, I want to wish @TrevorSiemian a speedy recovery. We put our bodies on the line every single snap, and I wouldn’t wish an injury on anyone. Other than that, great team win but we still have a lot of work to do. So much love to all the fans, onto next week 9:19 PM - 16 Sep 2019
  9. Not directly. Opiate withdrawal is obviously horribly unpleasant and I suppose could lead to behaviors that are life-threatening, but it does not directly kills people. Lots of other withdrawal syndromes do (alcohol, benzos, etc.), but opiate withdrawal just sucks.
  10. Takeaways from Week 2 Game Film (Fantasy Football) Excerpt:
  11. Takeaways from Week 2 Game Film (Fantasy Football) Excerpt:
  12. Idk. Lock down CB potentially for the rest of his career. I'd say that's worth 2 1sts in a vacuum. Howie could make it work.
  13. I heard players were questioning the in-game play calling. Thought they were determined to "lose". Minkah wanted no part of that scenario after the first game and up until then he been okay with the acquisition of picks for players.
  14. Steelers' move for Minkah Fitzpatrick bold, calculated -- and a bit desperate It 'could turn' into a top-ten pick and that is a lot to play a slot corner. I know he can play that but if it turns into a top-ten pick then they will overpay. The Phins have to turn those picks.
  15. Yep, i was just posting that. I think he will be a huge shot in the arm for the defense but...the Steelers just lost Big Ben after watching AB exit and after well you just boggles my mind when teams might see what Miami is doing and join the party. Pittsburgh had a different approach then say the 2012 Colts did once Manning was leaving town.
  16. Fitzpatrick will want to play the Slot Corner or Nickel Back if he can help it...that was why he requested a trade out of Miami. His big beef was that Miami was game planning him at all the positions and he was most comfortable with what he did his rookie year which is slot DB covering the slot WR. That is typically a big time WR in most 3 WR set offenses like LARams as an example. I do not see him playing a lot of Safety, also he isn't really built like say the kid in Oakland, rookie named Abrams I think? He's not like that guy at all. He isn't going to be Troy Polamalu II or Ed Reed from the Ravens, that's not who he is IMO. He is really good at what he does and most defenses roll 5 DBs almost all the time now or for large chunks of the game so he doesn't just stroll out on 3rd and long and then hop back over to the sidelines. I think he will help the Steelers a lot but I don't know if he can help them go from 4 wins to 8+ wins but we will see.
  17. Browns' Odell Beckham Jr. puts Jets away in return to New York
  18. Their front office kicks butt. They draft incredibly well and I thought the move-up for Bush this year was brilliant but this move is a bit puzzling IMHO and I like Minka. You would know much more about his ability. I'm sure he can play the slot but do you think he can play outside?
  19. idle fee? dollar a minute I think in this area.
  20. Been watching Frontera Verde on Netflix here and there after the wife goes to sleep. Mystery/thriller and lots more set in the Colombian Amazon... I don't want to give anything away- pretty great stuff.
  21. I've seen saints fans argue he's better than Brady but coaching and cheating and blah blah. That's not really the point though - brees is clearly among the best ever, but also pretty clearly behind Brady in most people's minds. I don't think either guy would like to share a stage for their induction ceremony but I'd think it would mean a little more to Brees. But the career records would mean more to his legacy, too. So it's a bit of a catch 22.
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