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  2. Same people: ”Obama did nothing to stop the Russians!” ”Obama spied on Trump - unfair!”
  3. Matt Miller's Scouting Notebook: Biggest Insider Rumors of the 2019 NFL Draft
  4. My pop had this album from the time I was born - lov - lov - lov it!
  5. 754. Diane Coffee - Everyday In case anyone is confused, from Wiki: Diane Coffee is the stage name of musician and actor Shaun Fleming.
  6. Windows10 has a built-in screen capture thing that is meant to be part of the integration with XBox/gaming. I just used it for the first time last week to record a livestream of my daughter’s band performance. Think you just hit Windows key + g to pop up the menu and start recording. Don’t know if that will do what you need, but all it costs is two keystrokes to find out.
  7. 10 underclassmen with an argument to play in the NFL right now
  8. Great song - saved - but/// ...that avatar is F'N Mind Bendin'! 🤓
  9. Every time I have to take my dog out for a walk in the rain, I tell her, "Rain, Dog!" ETA: Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You is my favorite.
  10. Happy Birthday!🍻 One achieves a particularly impressive level of wisdom at 57 😉
  11. I do remember that scene, but didn't they just burn the "pagan" god statues? I thought it was a stunt - rather than the real thing - something to rally the troops. I admit that I may very well be wrong, as I have not seen that in ages. Regardless, thanks for reminding me - I am open to this line. If this is the real Lightbringer - and Ramsay killed Stannis - then where is Lightbringer now? Somewhere in Winterfell?
  12. He should have won for LA Confidential, no doubt. I went with that one. One of my all time favorites.
  13. I knew he'd come up sometime, but I thought it would be in another 600 spots. I think Tom Traubert's Blues is my favorite, but I'd need to think on it. That song is also on my favorite film soundtrack, from Basquiat.
  14. I am hoping the ugliness of the Boston-Indy series is due to the physicality of Indiana's defense and rebounding and not Boston's lack of continuity. After shooting like 80% in the first quarter, this game has turned into a slop fest like the first game.
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