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  2. Apples and oranges. Guns don’t pull a trigger by themselves. By your logic let’s ban cars too, but that’s a different thread.
  3. Dear God, man, I didn't even know you were going in. Must have been in another thread. Glad to hear it! We need you around for a while. Keeping the highbrow dream alive and all...
  4. Definitely would not give up both 3rds to move up...and based on Colbert/Tomlin's talk about having 2 day 2 picks, neither would they. Particularly when the WR class is this deep. Not sure why you move up to get Brown when you can stand pat and get Campbell or Boykin or Ridley or Butler or... Probably the only guy I move up for is Deebo, and then only with the 3/4 Chase Stuart chart model.
  5. Also good news, I don’t have skin cancer. Biopsy came back benign.
  6. He's now definitely in the 1.01-1.04 range, depending on how early you want to take a TE or a Ravens WR lol. In most leagues Harry goes 1.01 or 1.02.
  7. Ignoring suicides is absurd. The reason guns are such an issue is their ease, convenience and lethality. How quickly and effectively it can all happen is the point. Suicide is often a very impulsive act, so it couldn't be more relevant. That would have been "killed herself" rather than "tried to overdose" had she used a gun. As I have mentioned here before, my brother tried to kill himself with a gun when he was in his 20s and there was some kind of problem with the gun that prohibited him from succeeding. He decided the next day that he had to get rid of it or he was going to die. He lived for another 30+ years before finally killing himself a couple years ago by other means. That 30+ years was a lifetime that we would not have had with him had the gun operated as expected.
  8. It happens in the E, but Vince doesn’t like it. That’s an idea I can get behind, mostly because I love heels.
  9. Thoughts from day 1. I at least appreciate I'm not a Giants fan. I love Hock and think Detroit will make him a star. Although my first thought was of Ebron. GB draft doesnt scare me. Minny got a solid player at a spot of need, not a game changer. I cant imagine anything impacting the Bears draft board from day 1.
  10. Nate Silver's Tiers: 1a Biden 1b Harris, Sanders, Buttigieg 2a Warren, O’Rourke 2b Booker, Klobuchar, Abrams* 3a Castro, Gillibrand, Inslee, Yang 3b Bennet*, Hickenlooper, Ryan, Bullock* * Candidate is not yet officially running but is reasonably likely to do so. That is not too far off my thoughts - except that I expect Sanders and Biden to fade as the campaign goes on. I do think the nominee will be among the 8 candidates in the top-2 tiers.
  11. That reminds me... I started having hip problems shortly after running out of spicy pickled asparagus... maybe I need to stop at the store on the way home... In all seriousness, went to the massage therapist here at work yesterday and she worked the crap out of my hips. They feel better than they have in a long time but man was there a little torture going on in that session!
  12. Except he didn't make that money. It's not his.
  13. Great, Cryptic Wonder. In all seriousness, nice pick. Love Future. If R&B wasn't so packed, I was grabbing him.
  14. Yeah that was my gpp. Was expecting to lose rolling with Hou vs stud SP but that's also how to win big. Hou guys all under 5% owned. Just swapping Beckham for Correa I would have min cashed. Oh well, it's only money- lol
  15. Stills released for episode 3 have one in which there is a face behind Sansa that is barely visible.
  16. "Jimmy Johnson chart" says both 3rd round picks move you to #15 in the 2nd round. "Chase Stuart chart" says the Steelers' own pick in the 3rd plus their 4th roudn pick does it.
  17. I wonder if my Bengals are seeing if Lock drops to 42 or who is else on their board and if not perhaps they pull the trigger on Rosen. Adds some fun intrigue to round two. -QG
  18. The whole beating and terrorizing the fiance is sorta different
  19. This is exactly where I'm at. The bolded is the most likely scenario that transpired. The third pick was not as powerful as in the past. Just too many teams that waited on a weak QB class. The way the draft fell, it was Allen or Williams, and it depends what you want to do. Interior pressure gets to Brady and EDGE guys are less effective because he gets rid of the ball so quickly. What's disheartening? Don't forget all the picks the Patriots have this year. They're destined to get OL help with the departure of their LT.
  20. I already went I already went Rd 9 Future and Kendrick Lamar- Mask Off Remix (rap)
  21. OMG they traded up to take Baker at CB when no other CB have been drafted!! WTF is Gettlemen doing?
  22. I just tried this and My sources say no
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