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  2. I do think this is a good discussion and one worth having though. It's super interesting to me. LIkely deserves it's own thread as it's much bigger than Buttigieg. I'll start something.
  3. like them both but GOT easily for me. wish HBO released them all at the same time so I could watch them all without waiting. I will watch endgame but am in no rush.
  4. In 2019 Sharks games have seen 2.52 goals per game in the 1P (1st NHL) 1.24 goals per game from the opponent (1st NHL) and 1.28 goals per game from the Sharks (1st NHL).
  5. I'd be surprised to see someone vocally upset about a flashing lights/epilepsy warning before a live performance.
  6. From the methods section: “A single-item screening question excluded individuals who had experienced a canonical stressor(e.g., rape, natural disaster) qualifying for Criterion A of the PTSD diagnosis in DSM-5 (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Three hundred participants completed the study. Four participants were excluded from all analyses because they reported having received a diagnosis of PTSD despite denying exposure to canonical traumatic stressors.”
  7. Watchin the actual original Ben-Hur again and thought of our old friend MOP. It’s still funny.
  8. One idea...parents should probably introduce their kids to alcohol in a controlled environment before they experience it in an uncontrolled one.
  9. For a team that was given about a 1% chance to win the series, Clippers have sure been a tough out. Warriors need to close this one out Wednesday
  10. "I can also confirm this isn't the first time Punk's dawned a mask as part of an indy show since leaving WWE."
  11. Flopping is bad, but I have more of a problem with the whining to officials that is allowed.
  12. His previous issues were while he was in college and before the draft and charges were pressed and he pled guilty and was sentenced and served his time/punishment. He completed everything he needed to do and the entire thing was expunged from his record so its kind of as if it never happened. I am not minimizing it whatsoever, just stating what happened. So the NFL would have really not been in a position to discipline him for those events. It’s different.
  13. NYC off the schneid, and looked comprehensively good vs DC. Only saw the so called highlights from revs vs rbs, but that looked grim. I would guess the 47 people in attendance would agree.
  14. Good stuff in the Politics forum...for once John Blutarsky said: “Maurice [supposed to be Maurile] said Tanner is a model poster here and I’m trying to follow that and your advice. Happy Easter to you and your family.” Maurile said: “Don't put words in my mouth that I didn't say. Your posts are consistently inaccurate. Try to be accurate instead. Happy Easter to you as well.” x 1000
  15. Belated congrats to GM. This was fun General, thanks. Not sure if you'd be into repeating it for all the Majors, or if we'd have the interest for the PGA etc. But a simple bragging-rights competition was enjoyable and I'd do it again.
  16. I'll get my pick up in a little bit. I added a second sheet to the Google Sheet that has the category choices for the rounds; figured that is easier than scrolling thru to find them out if you forget!
  17. I was even wrong about him doing this for charity, according to the father of the traumatized child, Tyreek Hill was paid $15K to be at this event. Here are some of the father's recent comments and replies to others in the twitter thread: "He actually said he couldn’t let him Score. The man has issues, that’s why his child is no longer in his custody." "It wasn't a charity event he was paid $15k to “Coach” a “Flag Football” for corporate sponsors. We wasn’t paid to run on the field a tackle people. He didn’t apologize or even care enough to see if he was hurt. He is a terrible person. FACTS!!!!"
  18. Yup. Maldonado you should be practicing your fueling at race hr
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