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  2. Lifelong Colts fan who was watching the game on TV when the news broke. My immediate reaction was NO!!! This team has the most promise of any since the Peyton prime era. Tons of talent on both sides of the ball. Tons of young players with great attitude and character. If you listed to our GM all off season it was about building a culture. Quitting on the team 2 weeks before the season isn’t a high culture move Andrew Luck went through a lot and has every right to make this decision but the timing of it is indeed the biggest problem. I think the booing fans last night were likely booing the decision and the timing of it rather than the man himself.
  3. As a Texans fan and Duke owner, I’ll give you my opinion. The Texans, when we’ve had a GM, have been historically cheap with the position. Before Miller, RB was just a plug and play just-a-guy mentality. Miller has been a decent back but his performance demonstrates the above more than people realize: he is decent but not spectacular but it’s been ok. As a fan, I’d love someone like Gordon if we could make it work as our window on Watson’s rookie deal window is closing. I expect the Texans to take the more cheap route here. They paid for Duke and while a 3rd isn’t significant, it’s more than they usually would give for the role. This feels like Duke 50-60%, JAG RB2&3 40-50%. Duke is the guy to own unless they make a move. Don’t chase Crockett, Higdon, etc. If they were to make a deal, the RB will likely be the lesser piece of the deal. One I’d be fond of would be Clowney + pick for ADP + Trent Williams. Even in this scenario, I’d envision a 50/50 split with the Texans going less ground and pound and using Duke / Keke as James White like and being ok with it.
  4. 'The Job Is Dead': NYPD Officers Seethe In Wake Of Pantaleo Firing Officers melting down after cop who killed Garner was fired.
  5. Sitting on 1.7 in a rookie draft starting tomorrow. I don’t think any of my league mates from that league frequent this board. I was considering Thompson vs Campbell. That league doesn’t play dynasty like most ... they’re RB obsessed. Top-3 picks are very likely Jacobs, Sanders, Montgomery. 1.4 would love to have Sanders but needs 1.3 to take Harry to get him. Idk if Harry or Henderson goes 1.4 or 1.5 if Sanders is gone, but they’re the next two picks. 1.6 is a total wildcard. At 1.7, I was debating Parris Campbell vs. Darwin Thompson with an outside hope that Henderson fell, though it feels extremely unlikely. With Luck’s retirement, leaning Thompson feels like the right move. I won’t get him otherwise without another pick until late-2.
  6. He and the team were frustrated with the rehab process. This was to some degree known for a little while. at least is what I hear.
  7. Love him in week 1 against an inexperienced, probably bad D in Miami, bringing out a playbook nobody has seen yet. I have him in over Wilson and Dak. May even trade Wilson for a nice haul thats on the table - I believe!
  8. Did a moderately decent job last night. I limited it to one slice of pizza and a mini burro. Only two beers (did have a glass of wine later with my wife and brother and sister in law). A month ago I would have consumed double this.
  9. I can agree with the drop I guess. Depends on leagues and etc etc so I'll modify putting a hard number on the drop and just leave it as I think he was being overlooked a bit and could have been a true wildcard for winning leagues and now he is not dead on the scrap heap so I think people will over react a bit.
  10. Need 2 more and can get leaguesafe sent out and everyone payed up and we will be good to go tonight.
  11. Hoping once he is released he gets picked up by Houston. He may just be flat out done though.
  12. As a lifelong Colts fan, I would question the loyalty of any fan who didn't have some kind of extreme negative reaction to this. I am a fan of the Colts team, not our former QB. While, I'm happy for him, he totally screwed over our team, city and state. All of the people hating on the Colts fans need to check themselves. Put yourselves in our position. What if your team is a contender and your starting QB just suddenly retired. I'm sure the reaction would be, "Oh my, poor guy, just needs to move on with his life." Hell no!! We are pissed and those few in attendance let him know. Yes, he did have to scramble and run a lot early and yes, our former GM was terrible. There is truth to the rumor that his shoulder was busted up in a snowboarding incident. All that being a given, a man doesn't just quit on his team, city and state like that. To wrap up, if this is what he wanted and now his mental state is revealed, the Colts will eventually be better for this. Chad Kelly is looking great, btw.
  13. This should be the new model for players (obviously only a select few have the clout to do it), but when you have great players and they are on clueless teams with clueless coaching and they jeopardize the next 40 years of your life in a health perspective and the owner is just sitting back counting his money, it's actually nice to see an intelligent player take stock of the big picture and say "I have enough and I've had enough". I have no sympathy for the boo hoo people talking about how the saddled with dead cap space and Luck quit and should have given more. That's Bs. The team.should have built around their special player we linemen and defense and coaching instead of drafting a third speed receiver, etc. They made their bed and it is refreshing to see a smart player make them lie in it for once. No ill will towards the colts. I like their team. I was looking forward to seeing what they could do. Just saying it was fair. And now in the back of my mind I wonder if the Team actually knew this was a long time coming and didn't drink.even more to help themselves. Is it possible this is why Josh McDaniels did a 180 and it was so "quiet" and nobody actually went after anyone? They just moved on? Mmm
  14. I have 0% shares of any Colts players. Looks like I nailed it again!!
  15. They'll find a way to suck for (the next) Luck.
  16. Add me to the chorus of people who have always wondered why more players don't do this. The guy has his whole life in front of him and more money than he'll ever need. Why waste it working a job you don't like?
  17. your wife feeds you? incredible. i am envious.
  18. Eric Trump discussing China a few years ago.
  19. SOD, great compliment for Mo Salah's Magic Carpet Ride.
  20. Fair point. I suppose Luck leaving is like only giving a two weeks notice when there is a big project/trial/etc in two weeks. That’s certainly not the ideal way to go. But, still, two weeks is the expected norm. Edit: I recall reading that the colts have been working brissett with the starters and they sat him in accordance with the starters so I have to assume Luck gave them idea.
  21. I watched some of CNBC coverage on Friday and saw some tweets over the weekend and this time feels different. I think the financial media may be turning on him. Feeling like enough is enough.
  22. What kind of great trade deal is he talking about that is better than what the US currently has with the EU?
  23. Hilton's year with Brisset had about the same per target stats as usual. Even the same target percentage. Main difference, the Colts threw the ball 460 times instead of their usual 600+.
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