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  2. Lisa Page bombshell: FBI couldn’t prove Trump-Russia collusion before Mueller appointment "The real fault lies in those leaders who allowed a secret investigation to mushroom into a media maelstrom driven by leaks that created a story that far exceeded the evidence, and then used that false narrative to set a special counsel flying downhill ahead of his skis."
  3. I meant in Dayton = or - is that just a succinct reply affirmin' yous Daytonian status?
  4. Don't worry... I love Mario Party, of course I'm going to ruin someone's day with these.
  5. Watched at least 100 people die in palliative care and aint seen a scaredycat yet. A similar phenomenon to shock takes over from the pain, exhaustion & panic of dying and those active corticoids would be on board when one might have to deal with the phenomenon you cite.
  6. Sorry I was in a meeting. It's snarky because it adds nothing to the discussion. You never once introduced the fact that you were upset over President Obama's handling of Russian interference- to the contrary, you have attempted to minimize that interference by arguing that it had no effect (though you have provided no details of this claim.) Apparently the only reason you brought up this article was to perform a "whataboutism" and also to attack somebody that for you is on "the other side." It's extremely snarky, it's not thoughtful, and adds nothing to the discussion.
  7. Q4. When do you think Pontius Pilate might have realized he put to trial an innocent man in this Jesus fellow? Slow down, let's not crucify him. 6 + 3 @Murph When his wife explained that it wasn't that she was calling out the wrong name during sex. 5 + 2 @Bob Sacamano After he was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future. 5 + 2 @Long Ball Larry Too soon. - 4 + 1 @lardonastick When Jesus tweeted about the angry Romans in charge of the witch hunt. - 4 + 1 @sho nuff
  8. Hell, I didn't notice the question said "fast food" until your post here...
  9. I think this is giving Tyreek's reasoning ability a lot more credit than he deserves and the Chief's decision making so black and white. I'm not saying it's not true, just that I believe one of the following to be more likely: 1. Tyreek was honest with KC about the situation, it's as bad as we thought, but there isn't video or other evidence to prove that he did it. KC and Tyreek keep their mouths shut, nobody is the wiser. 2. Tyreek lies about the situation, KC realizes he is lying or doesn't care to verify if he's lying or not. All they care about is if he's charged or if there is some kind of evidence that can be put into public light verifying if he did it. Status quo until such information is made public. Again, these are my opinions on the matter, right or wrong, fair or not. AP's disciplinary action included intensive beating of the genitals with said switch, which I think is no better than breaking an arm, IMO. I also doubt if the disciplinary action was actually controlled. If it had been a thicker switch and had broken a bone, would you consider them equally as heinous?
  10. Not a problem. I saw the dead line after I responded. I knew half way through the meetings I was going to be late here.
  11. Pretend you are an ex-MLB'er. Make up an entire history (stats & all) - and in-game, reference your history, stats, anecdotes, etc. Be sure to criticize the players for makin' mistakes that you never did - and be sure to offer advice on everthing - better if it is bad advice.
  12. We only saw the first page of the police reports. He could have been mentioned within, all details are within. She could have been covering for him with the second report. Who knows.
  13. Got it ...and I responded back with my contact info and some background. -- Another vote for running around the Commons and then over the Boston finish line ...or a run along the Charles with a detour over to Harvard's campus. I've done both of these and enjoyed each one.
  14. His name isn't on the court records either.
  15. I did...I kept it about the posts...not the poster. As I say. And again this is attempting some gotcha of me and is failing. Please stop.
  16. This is where I fall as well. I think she will turn the lessons she learned from Cersie back on Cersie and she'll sit on the throne or whatever seat of power is left at the end. The signs have been pointing to this for a while. Jon's sacrifice will enable all of this to happen and he will be the hero of the story.
  17. Had to exclude those votes. I'm rolling the stone away after our podium ceremony.
  18. Is there a level of small donor support that Pete could hit that would mollify you? I'm not suggesting you're unable to be pleased with anything less than 100% small donor funded campaigns, but I'm truly curious whether anything short of what Bernie's doing can suffice.
  19. Doubt they are pulling the kid from the home for that. Word around the campfire was that it was a spiral fracture. Can usually tell if it appears to be from abuse. Kid is what? 4 years old? Im sure they asked him how his arm was broken. She reportedly also told some stories when she left him for a short while not long ago.
  20. Yeah given that quote it seems like the speculation about the first round is Rapoport's, not something he heard that he is reporting on.
  21. Sorry I was late with the voting. Got sucked into a meeting w/boss followed by another w/team lead.
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