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  2. I hope not. #### him. %^&*@! Seriously - he's been a passenger all season - he can leave, the sooner the better for me.
  3. I don't know if the employees are happy or not. In my experience, it's pretty rare for people to be super excited when the company they've grown up with sells to an international conglomerate. I'd always liked New Belgium but won't be buying anymore. I'd rather spend my money with an Independent. They have a great facility near me in Asheville.
  4. I want to see more too, but we have to acknowledge being the only striker against a complete bunker is not fun for any player.
  5. I am very pleased with his development. We really could not expect more (especially at his age where players rarely improve something so basic). I still want to see the team get to the point where Morris is a first choice sub and not a first choice starter.
  6. Because they can. Rule number one for defendants Deny, deny deny. You can always admit later. So they deny that this is true until or unless they have no better choice and then in that unlikely event they can say that they were convinced by the facts and blah blah. But until then, just saying hoax means they can wait a year for the chance to make laws that won't get vetoed, drive policies through executive orders, and maybe replace RBG. It's not particularly sporting but it's the obvious strategy if your constituents won't punish you for it.
  7. Ah got it. Yeah I was never worried about the knee and was happy to draft him in the second. Clearly didn’t see this scheming thing coming.
  8. Is like to see more from the ginger. Bundelsiga dude should be ripping these guys up.
  9. Good luck buddy. Maybe they saw a wasp crawl out of a light fixture?
  10. He was showing that in the playoffs too. Some nice growth from him this year
  11. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 💚
  12. One of the people that Morrison said questioned his judgment that was named was Dr. Fiona Hill. That's when Vinland proceeded to read his last performance review she gave him where she said he had "impeccable judgment." So who knows? I mean Morrison took the position as Vindland's superior AFTER Vinland had already gone to the WH lawyers once (July 10) so there could have already been a bit of a smear campaign going on with accusing him of leaks and whatnot and Morrison wouldn't have had any point of reference.
  13. My 8th grade English teacher was in playboy the year before. A friend of mine got expelled from bringing the issue to school.
  14. This is a good point. it does depend on the defense. I am mostly pointing out that at this point I wo7ldnt be worried about gurleys knee as I think they are prepared to run him into the ground. One thing to keep in mind, of his remaining 5 games, 3 are against teams in the bottom 50% in rushing
  15. really nice to see Morris so confident on his left now that he is willing to drive a cross. What an improvement.
  16. I would guess the exclamation point accurately represents the mood of the 300+ employees who are getting a $100k bonus this holiday season. Beer nerds are probably complaining about this, but I expect the ESOP votes will be close to 100% in favor of the deal.
  17. So in your opinion he should capitulate entirely. Would you sincerely be satisfied with that? Every other player who wishes may sit, kneel, hold up his hand, which is literally (not figuratively) the only thing Kaepernick did on game day, but not him. Is that a reasonable expectation? It's okay for everyone or it's okay for no-one those are the only reasonable options. He doesn't need to make public statements about his expectations for salary or his role on the team. I am certain he has discussed it with any teams that have asked, beyond that it's none of our business. These are the kind of things that reinforce my belief that we just love manufactured drama and the media keeps feeding it to us regardless of accuracy. Signing that waiver would have been entirely, and on every single level a bad decision for any employee. You don't forfeit your rights to litigate all potential future labor disputes. That clause was absolutely a screw you to Kaepernick and his only option was to have move on to an alternate location for his pro day. He doesn't have a right to play and I am not saying the league should be forced to give him employment. But, IMO they do need just get over it already. It was manufactured drama from the start and a bunch of hyper-reactionary trolls took the bait and whipped everything into a frenzy. And why? Because one guy didn't stand during a magic song. The reaction was bizarre, toxic and sadly emblematic of our times.
  18. By the way thank you for bringing this up to me the other day. I did some reading - it’s not clear that anyone knows what’s in the report yet. It’s also true that they keep saying it’s coming out soon but the timeline keeps getting pushed. Do you have any concrete info about what they may be finding? I hope if the FISA warrant was really improperly attained that any guilty parties may be revealed. We can’t have mistrust in our law enforcement systems.
  19. He’s on my roster and I disagree, based on first half vs second half of the last game, as well as the rest of their games this far. I still believe it comes down to whether or not the opposition believes they can beat them by removing Gurley. If they do, they know what to do (6-1 defense). McVay seems incapable of figuring out to counter it and seems content to roll with Goff getting it done, which has obviously been met with mixed results. He’s still starting for me as I have no better options.
  20. If there was even a 10% chance that I could be letting thousands of bees or wasps into my house by cutting a hole in the wall, I wouldn’t do it either.
  21. Long is going to have a long talk with Morris after this game!!!!
  22. No yellow for the tackle 3 seconds late on lovitz?
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