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  2. Remember that time Hayley and her friend went rollerskating? That was hilarious!
  3. If you're going to do that, I'd also throw in that after the tribe immunity challenges, throw in a individual immunity challenge with the last player to complete the challenge getting voted out. After merge, the same thing. This is a much different game, but it would be more of a survivor mentality. The final challenge would be one on one, winner take all.
  4. Just how the NFL likes it. Take the wind out of our sails early. Last year I said I wouldn’t watch them if we lost the opening Jets game (I basically didn’t didn’t even tune them in again until week 10 or so after that loss....and probably caught one entire game collectively through the remainder of the year). This year we are faced with a similar week one start against Arizona....we lose that game the season is already at peril based on that the beginning of that schedule.
  5. Just stopped in to post this exact same thing. It is incredible how consistently bad the other three teams in their division have been. It is almost as if the NFL has a hand in it....hmm....
  6. I embarrassed to admit but the first time (or two) I heard this song I thought it was a Neil Diamond song. Guess I hadn’t listened close enough to the lyrics for one thing.
  7. same i do follow this thread and Facebook though and am a huge fan of what you guys do.
  8. So you join a frat or any other organization just for friends. Interesting will you please elaborate.
  9. Wish i saw this post before, somehow I missed it. Posting from Charles De Gaul in the Aor France lounge. Did 2 days in Munich, flew to Paris and took the Chunnel over to London for the day, and spent 10 nights in Paris. I did international business travel once before 4 years ago to Milan but this experiance was something else. going to have some big points with Hilton and am now silver. business class on planes have now spoiled me. Can’t fly coach ever again.
  10. How do we load rookies so we can change draft picks? I was wondering why I only took 4 wr, just to see I had a corner.
  11. RB went from risky to downright dangerous with Cohen and McCoy sharing a somewhat early bye week in week 6. Add to that funches and arob being off and I'll be desperate for a flex too. At least QB and kicker don't share byes. The week I'll have no defense doesn't look bad with nobody else I'm counting on off. If I make it past week 6 things could work. But that seems dubious.
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  13. I think Tabasco has been called overrated so long that it's now underrated. It's not my go-to or favorite sauce (I generally stick to Yucateco Green these days), but it is a great sauce that's to be respected. I think it's pretty impressive that it's never been remotely imitated (to my knowledge). And if you think any other vinegar-based style sauce is a close approximation, then I just can't help your tastebuds. It's pretty remarkable, to have industry leading sales at a very high price point, yet nobody has ever been able to move in to make it/sell it at a lower cost. Maybe somebody's tried, but nobody's done it. It would be like if decades went by and nobody could closely approximate and really compete with Budweiser or Jim Beam, which would be unfathomable. The industry leader typically ends up being low quality garbage that's a terrible value compared to the alternatives. But not Tabasco. It may not be your favorite, and maybe you don't even like it. But when you want that vinegary bite of Tabasco, there's really no substitute. Every other vinegar style sauce? While I have my preferences (Crystal), you can throw Texas Pete or Louisiana or Frank's, or even some store brand on there, and it really won't matter that much. Even look at Sriracha. Tabasco's been at this for decades with no competitor. Sririacha was all the buzz for about 6 months. Within a year of that, grocery store aisles were packed with suitable knock-offs (at the same time, Sriracha's quality has dipped drastically). It says a lot that Texas Pete cooked up a decent Sriracha knock-off in about 15 minutes, but after decades of getting trounced by Tabasco, best I can tell, they've never even bothered to make a suitable knock-off of that.
  14. Reminds me of advice I got when I taught hs/ms out of college. It takes one idiot to disrupt the class. It takes two to make it a conversation.
  15. He's like a savant or something, on the spectrum for sure. I read that Jennings won $2.5 million over 74 straight wins. This guy has almost a third that amount ($700k+) with what, 11 wins? Insane. The Rain Man of Jeopardy.
  16. I am looking for some new owners to take care of a few orphans. League is going into its 6th season. League settings 12 teams, PPR, 1QB Leaguesafe Groupme for chat Link to the 4 teams: Open0 with pick 1.07, 2.07, 3.07, 3,09, 4.07, 4.09 Open1 with pick 1.04, 2.04, 3.04, 4.04 Open2 with pick 1.02, 2.02, 3.02, 4.02 Open3 with pick 1.11, 2.11, 3.11, 4.11 All teams have their 2020 picks Bylaws If you are interested in one of the teams then let me know and send me a PM. Thanks
  17. I believe the airport has like a "rest lounge" where you can get a shower and a nap ig you arrive at a time where you can't go to your hotel before meetings. It's totally worth it (I used it coming in on the red eye from Thailand, spent the day in meetings then flew out at night to Japan not worse for wear a few years back)
  18. Try the local food, beer etc whenever you have the chance. Push your boundaries, you'll have a much better experience that way and likely bond more with the people you meet
  19. I giggled imagining the possibilities
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