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  2. un####ING real! Viscosity Java was pouring it on, had Liston on the ropes 2-nil at the 65' mark ... then they took the air out the ball and got cute ... Liston counter punches for two to tie it in the 87th min CASH
  3. I'm not sold on Meyers. All of his action came with Stidham. Hes behind Edelman, Gordon, Dorsett, and Harry due to draft capital. I'd rather buy later in the season when his owner drops him for someone else. 🦄 has an easier path toward starting and playing time. I'd put him well over the other two. McLaurin I'd probably have above Meyers but I dont like him either. As far as BB dollars... I have no idea... I put 15% on my first waiver run and missed. i believe he went for 25% a week after the NFL draft. I would imagine he would go for more now
  4. Haven,t paying any attention to him after being sniped 1 pick b4 me in May Dynasty rookie draft. As a Mixon owner , did not care for that. Now it may not be very easy to trade for him later on.
  5. The world is worse because he was in it. Thoughts to his family, I guess.
  6. I think he is going to have a Kamara rookie year like role (and maybe 80% of the impact).
  7. You were asking for things more bizarre. Anything related to Epstein, pictures of Bill in Hillary's dress, our president's involvement with him and Maralago's involvement with him, and his subsequent suicide are more bizarre, beer 30 is saying. And, indeed, it may very well be.
  8. in relation to Chucky becoming the most expensive Mexican player ever
  9. Patriots rookie Jakobi Meyers still trying to prove he belongs after rough start Thursday | Matt Vautour Patriots' Jakobi Meyers leaving undrafted label in the dust
  10. What time do you get home and harvest the kale from the organic garden in your yard?
  11. I'm home. Didn't like QE or QE II or QE infinity.
  12. Nobody expensive, but I just can't quit Sammy Watkins. Love the situation, love the player, hate is feet and legs. Also kind of like Allen Robinson this year. I am also going back to the well for Landry this year.
  13. It is. It's a controlled substance, like any opiate.
  14. Just busting your chops man. I remember you having more of a sense of humor.
  15. damn you people it now takes 20 minutes during lunch time to get my awesome chicken sandwich. Never seen a line that long outside and inside. if I wanted insanely long line I would have gone to Chick Fil A
  16. @flapgreen up at 11.12 @Stuart_Little on deck at 11.13 @jvdesigns2002 in the hole at 11.14
  17. I'd like to see a follow up of these folks to see if the starvation they put themselves through has had any longer lasting consequences.
  18. Yes fentanyl is a controlled substance. No you can't legally just order it from China.
  19. No collusion, no obstruction....
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