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  2. I was more disturbed by that guys special power in the mental hospital. The one Kimiko punched with her Bossy ring.
  3. Looking forward to hearing the GOP convince their followers that the party that nominated a Catholic to be President hates Catholics.
  4. Evan Engram? 2022 1st and Pittman for Engram? not sure what I think about this in a non TE premium league. Hard to let go of him when there’s a big opportunity with Barkley gone
  5. Haven't seen it. Just remember one commentator noting -- about Stalin and the gulags and purges -- that the guns ran so physically hot during the purges that the Soviets would exchange them to use cooler ones. New man, indeed. History's atrocity, the twentieth century.
  6. 171. Steel And Glass (Walls And Bridges, 1974) Spotify YouTube (John #36) This is one of two John “attack” songs we’ll be addressing shortly, this one having been interpreted as an attack on the Beatles’s former manager, Allen Klein. John never admitted it was about Klein, but did clarify that it wasn’t about Paul or about Eartha Kitt. Glad he clarified that last bit. Anyway, the song is musically good and interesting, but I get a bit tired of the John vitriol, and this doesn’t have quite enough to overcome my weariness and move it higher. I like the fade-in, John’s soaring vocal, and especially the strings, which give a nice sense of menace. John reused the violin and horn licks from another (very direct) attack song, “How Do You Sleep?”, in this song.
  7. this is my first time seeing her in anything i don't remember Nurse Ratched being like this in One Flew Over..
  8. Ah yes, I was probably asking around at that time. Ended up staying near Depoe Bay (Gleneden Beach) in February.
  9. So far the attacks have been against her religion. I thought this country didn’t do that.
  10. Muscles in my lower back started barking last night for no apparent reason. This morning, there was no pain, but was very stiff. I decided I would still take my walk, but just take it easy. I certainly did at first, but covered the last half-mile or so at my normal pace, with no pain, after everything finally loosened up. Overall, I averaged a 19:28 mile pace, which is dialing it back about five percent. The scale says I lost 0.7 pounds this week. We move on.
  11. Awesome work by Yzerman imo. 1 year contract so not taking on an albatross, he's actually better than half our crappy defensemen, and we get a 2nd round pick.
  12. Yeah I changed my response because I misread your post at first.
  13. STAT CHANGES FOR WEEK #2 (PUBLISHED THU SEP 24 12:00:43 A.M. ET 2020)
  14. Yes, but either way whatever your league does is all that matters anyway.
  15. I love it. This combines two of my favorite activities, helping people and not running.
  16. wgoldsph is top notch. Surprised and delighted to see a fun malaprop come from him. Then again, I actually got corrected on usage the other day and I was indeed totally wrong about the use of a word. I guess one man's French benefit is another man's Freedom Fries.
  17. Not good. What is the deal with Uche. He was supposed to be a big difference maker.
  19. The MFL official stat changes come in at midnight on Thurs, so that is before the Thursday game.
  20. all I asked was this following below. I guess I don't remember him testifying or being central to , well anything. a link or if too much trouble it's okay. have a good one.
  21. Once the Thursday game kicks off the week prior games should be final.
  22. Wife and I are halfway through season 2 of Peaky Blinders. Awesome Sauce.
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