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  2. I don't know where the "life hacks" thing came from, but make it stop.
  3. Crazy awesome show. This band is really good right now!!
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  5. This is really cheap for CMC. It’s like ~1.3, ~1.8, 2020 1/2 for a top 2-3 dynasty asset? As a CMC owner I would need about twice as much as this.
  6. Seeing the New Orleans GM interviewed reminds me that it took several months of watching him on the NBA Network before I realized that he and Rex Chapman were not the same dude.
  7. Ah. Makes sense. Just two guys knocking each other senseless, I guess. Welp, at least pro athletes are getting paid, speaking of things I'm pretty tired of.
  8. Not sure I'd put Drysdale in there. He pitched every 4th day for 10 years.
  9. I'd expect as much from someone who thought the Raiders were going to get a 1st for Carr
  10. Jesus, didn't realize the difference between how much LA can offer and how much CHA can offer Walker is $80mm. Before taxes, which I assume are higher in CA.
  11. I really overthought this. Fury fights are much more interesting when he bangs a little. Once he got his nose it was over.
  12. Hope the Pelicans find a way to move up to #3 for RJ. Ingram+Zion+RJ... then sign Redick, and somehow convince coach K to come coach them.
  13. They have the RIGHT to swap. So ya, if the Pels have a higher draft pick than the Lakers, they will obviously choose to not exercise that and will keep their higher pick.
  14. I think it happens. The sad thing is Durant was supposed to join him. They need to hold onto Beverly and pick up depth at the SF/PF spots.
  15. What a haul by the Pelicans. The Lakers have to decide between a max FA and filling out their roster with decent peices. DJ Mbenga is just a phone call away.
  16. It's crazy how fast this league can change these days with free agents/major injuries/etc. Just last year Boston was poised for the future better than maybe any team in the league.
  17. yes, Dubrovnik was the basis for King's Landing. There were also other areas of Croatia used at different times through out the series.
  18. Al B. Sure [dude] with the hair all wavy...hit Crenshaw girls go all crazy... -Kanye West, Drive Slow
  19. 12 team ppr IDP Gave: Derrius Guice + Antonio Brown Received: Nick Chubb
  20. Any bug spray containing DEET will (temporarily) clear up your headlights......but as soon as the DEET starts to drain down off of the headlight, it'll strip the paint off of your bumper. So if you really want to do this, you need to 1) spray the DEET onto a rag, then wipe the rag on the headlight; and 2) wash off the DEET as soon as the headlight is clean.
  21. How do the pick swaps work? Do they only swap if the Lakers' pick is better or do they swap no matter what?
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