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  2. Watching tape of all the rookie WR’s and we have no excuse for not getting Jalen Reagor in this draft. This kid looks like he’s going to be amazing.
  3. This is how the disease progresses: (Day 7 is the worst.) Link Once a person is exposed and becomes infected, the incubation period before the onset of symptoms is about five days, although this can vary from two to 11 days. Flu-like symptoms are often mild at first and some patients recover without the symptoms becoming more serious. But for a subset who get worse, day four after the onset of symptoms is usually when they seek medical care because they develop shortness of breath and early pneumonia, said Chiu, and they may become critically ill by day seven. After day 11, most patients who survive are on their way to recovery.
  4. Wrong thread and all, but seeing that he will be linked with Reyna for a few years I am ok talking about him in here. Do you guys remember in the MCU movie Captain America where they take the smart and clever but physically lacking solider and put him in the machine that turns him in a genetic freak of a super soldier? I was using that analogy in my brain today while watching Haaland. It feels like some one took Chicharito and put him in one of those machines and out popped Haaland.
  5. Ekeler is obviously very talented and will remain a primary target for the Chargers, assuming he is back (he is an RFA). However, if Tyrod Taylor starts all next season, I think the Chargers pass attempts will be down considerably, and I think there is very little chance Ekeler comes close to his 2019 receiving numbers. Thus, I think there is similarly very little chance he gets 300 touches. I think he could handle it, but I don't think the target volume will remain the same, and I expect he will share the rushing workload with Justin Jackson and whoever else the Chargers draft or sign. I suspect 2019 will turn out to be Ekeler's career year. I like him, so would love him to prove me wrong.
  6. Seinfeld was never predicated on having a real ending. Most episodes were independent of each other, their were no multi year long plots that needed resolving. Maybe some wanted Jerry and Elaine to get together but that was pretty unlikely.
  7. I've said that in myriad threads, BTW. I am flummoxed at his announcement, especially when his main policy programs aren't socialist but are socially democratic. It's like he likes jabbing his fingers and hunching over the podium or something...
  8. That is a pretty interesting tweet. If he wins I wonder if there will be a significant rendering of “NeverBerners” from the Dems like what we’ve seen on the GOP side. Weird times.
  9. Just popping in to state the obvious in that you'll know Ekeler if you know Gordon, and vice-versa. I think Drake benefits by staying in AZ. Johnson looked like toast. But again, that's like Ekeler and Gordon. Tom Brady's value increases in Indy or SD. Same with Philip Rivers and Indy. Cam's value depends on his foot, not his situation. He's not going anywhere to be a backup. AB is going nowhere to nobody. Jordan Howard is best off going somewhere he can plod in pastures freely.
  10. It seems a little creepy that she keeps grinning after saying "massacre"
  11. So? What does that have to do with TARP? Trade negotiations are multifaceted. Get back to me when you have enough information to analyze the entirety. I’m not really into cherry-picking. It’s disingenuous and a complete waste of time.
  12. Has a top show ever missed the landing that badly? People generally didn’t like the Seinfeld finale but at least it held true to the show. This one they may as well of had the whole thing been a dream after Danny got plowed by Drogo.
  13. His whole thing with always describing himself as a Socialist in the beginning of speeches is just weird. It’s like he wants to be heard, while simultaneously making sure he can’t actually win.
  14. If the current crop of great young players turns out to be the top wedge of the pyramid, with an expanding pool of similar players in each subsequent generation, we're going to have a very good team in 6-8 years.
  15. Side note - I haven't become a MAF convert or anything yet, but I have been making an effort to keep my HR under 140 on a lot of my runs. It actually stays around 135 +/-. Did so today except for the 3 hill climbs late in the run.
  16. Reyna with another very solid sub performance for Dortmund today. He was the first sub off bench (even ahead of Brandt) and he looked extremely confident again, touches, his dribbles etc. He beat three players in one move that drew the phrase "magical" from the announcer. On the other side of the field, I don't blame Bremen's coach for not playing Sargent much lately as he has been not been effective but the entire Bremen offense with out with out Sargent is awful. They have all the look of being relegated this year.
  17. This is a slightly different argument than the one I addressed in my last post, but yeah I openly admit to friends and relatives that it would be nice if there were a way of being more selective about who gets to vote. In practice, I think it's very difficult and maybe impossible to do so in a way that doesn't create more problems than it solves. But very large swaths of the electorate know pretty much nothing about the government they're participating in, and I console myself with the knowledge that in most cases their votes just cancel out. For instance, surveys consistently show that a huge number of voters don't know which party controls the house or senate. Here's one link, but there are others out there. Keep in mind that if voters were perfectly ignorant and just guessed at random, they would guess right about 50% of the time. That's the perfect-ignorance baseline. Actual survey respondents somehow manage to do worse than that. Folks who are operating on this sort of level can't legitimately hold elected officials accountable for anything, because they don't know who's in charge. This is just one example of the type of person who would best serve society by sitting most elections out.
  18. Free agency obviously affects a players value. Who are you expecting to increase or decrease during? Some candidates: Austin Ekeler, Kenyon Drake, DJ, Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Melvin Gordon, AB, Jordan Howard
  19. I hope he wins now with all the bs the dnc has put him through.
  20. There was an article in The Post yesterday on him and two others in the United academy that are skipping the last year of HS to become pros. 16-16-17 year olds IIRC. They'll be getting minutes for Loudoun and Olsen says he'll play all three of them if they earn it.
  21. The charm of Better Call Saul is that it is entirely ungreat. They may once have had tighter ambitions for it, but the writers fell in love with the brother & the gf and luxuriated in developing story arcs for them until they lost track of the timeline and why they were there. The writers' perfectly lovely, tho ridiculous, response to the misalignment was to make the show about time, the way Seth McFarlane made Family Guy about jokes - slowing them down til they were just extensions, seeing how far he could take them, even asking the audience how far they thought he could go. Jimmy's suspension, the building of superlab, Kim's broken arm were all games played with time after they finally had to let go of the ultimate one - how long Chuck's influence/interference would keep Jimmy from becoming Saul. Yes, we are all living out the sentences of our lives, i'm in on the joke & can't wait for the penultimate Season of Saul to begin.
  22. I get it, but it's not a comp. Trump's campaign was briefed in 2016. So was Congress, and the core intel leadership asked McConnell to join in a public announcement. Page wasn't surveilled until he left the campaign and when he was going to Moscow which is documented. If for any reason Sanders hires an advisor with past connections to Russian intelligence and then there is intelligence that there is knowledge of a Russian active measures campaign, yes absolutely I hope that the current IC engages in a counterintelligence operation. I'm fine with this statement for starters, I hope we hear something similar from Trump soon, though I'm not sure if he has said anything about it yet.
  23. Good to hear Otis. I agree that I rarely even have a temptation to eat junk food anymore. Occasionally I’ll slip but I don’t get the cravings. Rum on the other hand - not ready to give that up yet. But the one good thing is I don’t do late night snacks even when I’m drinking anymore. Although tonight may be an exception as I’m finally getting a chance to go to the casino to play some poker.
  24. Gotta be loving Miami and Tampa and Atlanta right off the top of my head. Houston, too, considering how they used Duke and what kind of year Hyde had behind what seemed to be a revamped line and fun n' gun offense. KC and JAG Williams will likely get some competition in camp. Detroit. Johnson's done nothing. WAS and NYJ and PIT maybe. We'll find out more about what those teams think of what they have. Hating any of the three-down young guys like DAL, NYG, OAK, MN, JAX, etc.
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