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  2. My source still says Tyreek is in the clear on this. With there being no charges or video I'm still holding him or trying to buy him where I can. I just don't see a ban coming out of this.
  3. They were a great 80's band with many great 80's songs, not quite rock though. Enjoy their music. Tough to make a call on which song is their best. Went with Rich Girl, but close between about 5 songs.
  4. Yeah, I understand. It took me a good while to adjust. Plus, I cheat now - I use Ma & Pa's subscription cable TV account to stream at my house - like free GoT. They don't even know that such things exist - so it's not like we are overloading all the city. But - for ta'nite - I am staying with Pa & Ma, sooo I gonna watch Got on real cable! 😎
  5. This might make you feel better:
  6. I shudder for the billion and a hal of people on this earth that are living in absolute hell - without access to the internet. Hopefully someone will address that issue so they can be spared this purgatory
  7. Yes. "Trigger warnings are likely counterproductive" is a reasonable opinion that might be true. "Trigger warnings really disturb me because only ridiculous snowflakes are so disturbed by things that they might want trigger warnings" should maybe be rethought.
  8. Good question. ren is still around, though
  9. It's super important to be civil to them too! Perhaps ask them if they believe they spend their time as efficiently as possible.
  10. It was determined that there were no "people" in Congress....only politicians.
  11. Yeah, I got some less than ideal situations on big family get together days like today. First, I love being with my family. But, since I have to be so strict with my diet now, my Mom is having a pretty hard time. She just can't understand why I can't eat all of her dishes like before. She is 80 - in great shape, but doesn't remember things like she used to & she never really understood the whole protein/fat/carb thing. Yeah, she knows a fatty cut of meat, but all of the carb counting I have to do now, is beyond her. That, isn't the biggest problem tho. Rather, it's when I have to explain the same thing every time - and every time, she takes it just as hard. It hurts her that she can't feed me the way she used to. Now, honestly - other than the slight frustration at the situation (not her), I am fine repeating this every time. I know she had to repeatedly wipe my butt for a long time. I can deal. But, I hate seeing her in pain about it every time. ☹️ Oh well - I am about to eat lots of her low carb deviled eggs - lean ham & a few smaaaaaalll bites of her favorite dishes that I really shouldn't eat. F it - it's Easter & Mom! Sincere ✌️to all.
  12. A lot of those books are actually quite entertaining in addition to being thought provoking
  13. Do you have a link? Love to see it. The abstract says "The sample included only non-traumatized participants." Also, the link I provided in a previous post (by someone with the full paper, not just the abstract -- and someone I trust not to misrepresent things) says "The authors excluded people with trauma from the study."
  14. cubanos reign supreme in the battle royale of sandwiches. to quote the poet...
  15. From a tip by a friend, i interviewed Jimmah for WCOZ radio Boston after a ladies coffee klatch (maybe a dozen gals) near UNH in mid-November '75. He justified the early start off-the-record as a way to get ahead of machine politics - the favorite, Sen Scoop Jackson, was a labor candidate - while the post-Watergate iron was still hot.
  16. I see both sides. I know for a fact, if I was in your situation, I’d be pissed off as well. But, I agree with everyone else, you’re in amazing shape and healthy. You can’t ask for much more than that. I’d take that any day over 2 great races. Would I like to have it all? Absolutely. We all know you’re capable of so much more than what you did. It sucks we can’t control good days and bad days. Just keep dominating and use those 2 races as motivation. I think with those 2 bad experiences and your current fitness, you’re on the verge of something really special.
  17. I don’t think Foles has to be the saviour. The Jaguars still have a championship calibre defence, so what they really need is competent play from their QB who won’t lose the game, fewer injuries along the offensive line, and a return to an effective run game.
  18. I wonder if there is also some correlation to these two things for your marathon in Houston. If you are truly not drinking anything on these long runs and races, you are missing a huge element in my opinion. Your body is using so many fluids and calories on these runs, that it seems to almost be a must to at least take some water or Gatorade during a marathon.
  19. $60 / ounce here yesterday for lower tier stuff.
  20. That’s a vape or tincture right? FL doesn’t sell flower yet.
  21. I realize they had to upgrade at QB, but I wasn’t happy to learn that Gipson and Jackson had to be released to get Foles under the cap. I was also expecting the Jaguars to only be paying Foles $19M/year since they seemed to be the only ones bidding for his services.
  22. I think Beyoncé has been taken twice but under 2 different categories (R&B, women).
  23. 207 confirmed killed including 27 foreigners. No word on who's behind yet
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