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  1. Let's use a little nuance and not throw the baby out with the bathwater, here. For context, I had been somewhat against Charters. Until I began to work in (multiple) majority-minority communities that were economically disinvested and politically disenfranchised. Terrible public schools (35% graduation rate, which is inflated already). The public schools, through a historic confluence of corruption locally and at higher levels of governance and overall socio-economic deterioration are worthless, self serving, beds of graft and BS. The ONLY option for kids are one of a couple Charter schools, both good or very good in terms of education. This shouldn't be an issue of private vs. public, but rather what is in the best interests of students. If Charter schools are properly regulated, supervised, graded etc., then they should absolutely have a right to compete with public systems that have clearly failed their constituencies. Whereas, especially in underfunded or historically disenfranchised areas, gov't management of schools is a disaster, why not look for a solution? That said, in the case (and there are many) that a private institution fails that mission, you need to have recourse, which means strong financial recourse (make it not worth being in the business) and the ability to pull the Charter if standards are not met. Sadly, we can't pull the public schools when standards are not met - so do you have a better solution for where public schools are a clear and abject failure?
  2. It would be rude not to.
  3. Timewise, it could be worse. Unlike Europe which is ahead of us, they are (way) "behind" Not sure if it's 10, 11 or 12 hours, but they could schedule key events from say 7-noon local time and that would be anywhere from 6 or 7 east coast through midnight or so, and even better time frames West Coast. Of course, they WON'T do that, and instead will have us watch #### live at like 4am and then on "special" delayed telecast as if we are living in 1976 or something.
  4. Right across from the Temple give or take a block... probably a part of the City Creek mall, but facing onto S. Temple with an outside entrance. Unfortunately it was closed when I walked by.
  5. The sad thing is his best chance to make up the money is to double down on doooshbag, hit up the reality circuit as the dumb as nails, kinda nice but kinda a #### man child. He'd kill it there. And let's be honest, it's who he seems to actually be. What I never understood in all this is how everyone focused on the lie. As if the lie is worse than the underlying behavior (hint: it's not). I mean ####, IF you are stupid enough to vandalize and piss all over someone else's property I'd expect you to lie! Why is that an issue and not the criminal (albeit petty) acts that underlie it all?
  6. Meh. By the third one in 12 years, we will all be taking Uber Hyperloops around the world in minutes and can just check the #### out in person.
  7. Big day - we are sending our collective positive energies. Knowing how much a fighter our lil Riley is, she will fight through whatever hurdles are put before her. Here's to hoping for the best for Riley, you and your wife.
  8. Thanks for the update GB. Wish we could do more, and she'll get a good focus of energy from everyone here on this board. Our fingers crossed for tomorrow's tests.
  9. Was MORE than happy to oblige! That's what this community is about. And do eat that chicken sammich, I think it's the best thing they got. Appreciate the opportunity to say hello to our lil Riley in person - she looked great, and hungry too! Chowing on that milk. Go Riley! GL with the tests monday and hope you are able to get back home soon. If not, we'll have to do another Shake Shack run, and this time I'll make sure to be hungry enough to join you.
  10. Out in Nassau County? It's like 15-20 min from me. SERIOUSLY, as in the wife's visiting friends and I literally have nothing planned this weekend - if you need anything, let me know. Like, I know a Shake Shack down the block or whatever you need, would be happy to make a delivery. Hit me up in PM, or on Facebook, whichever.
  11. Cool story, Cro.
  12. We've gotten over this many hurdles - she'll get us all through this one, also. I presume the hour away is not this way (LI)... If it somehow is and we out here can be of any help please just holla.
  13. You'd be better served by finding something for just two channels (at $50 or $100 or whatever budget) if you really just want it for stereo / sound. Out of curiosity, what speakers do you have? Especially with today's digital media, it's going to be a bright sound depending on your speakers. Before I decided to upend my life and leave near chet-like money on the table by heading out on my own, I was looking to a new multi-channel receiver (was looking at Anthem, Integra, Pioneer Elite though always liked more craft made small brands if/when I can find them and trust them). Right now, I am using a mid-90's NAD, which has surprisingly decent sound (not nearly as bright as the Japanese brands like Denon or Onkyo) and is 5 channel - but limited power to the rear speakers. As for stereo, I have some stuff from around 2000-2002 with no bells and whistles, but in terms of pure audio, not sure that much has really advanced since then as it pertains to stereo (i.e. Im using a tubed-pre amp from Audible Illusions, don't even think it's made anymore but would have retailed around $2-2,500 probably when new, I bought it used for $850, and that's paired with a now nearly 15 year old McCormick DNA 0.5 which was about $1,200 or so, don't remember. Anyway, I need to get the tubed pre-amp repaired so that's on the shelf for now). FWIW, my speakers (again, I don't think that much has changed in terms of underlying speaker tech over the last 15-20 years) are by a company that has gone out and now back in business, NHT (NHT 2.5i's) - they are still about as good as anything I hear for under $2000-3000, but are really bright if paired with a bright source, just a very revealing speaker.
  14. FWIW, my comments (which are hardly said with any surety considering where this show has gone to date) were based primarily on Esmail's comments about not having another super doozy throw everything into question even reality itself situation again, so as not to lose the viewer's faith in building connections with the show, its characters and plot. But I'd hardly say anything is out of the realm of possible.