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  1. Like the guys who will vote Trump but post in the Gary Johnson thread? Yeah, I respect that.
  2. No problem gb, this thread is about helping our FFA brothers.
  3. The 80s movie music track when he was riding the bike, and the subsequent boner, was awesome.
  4. @Riversco @HellToupee and @dfsguy on election day.
  5. Hillary Clinton on November 8th, 2016
  6. To save on 2016 taxes you need to use traditional 401k/IRA money. The Roth's have limits, $5.5k<50 and $6.5k>50 so that's what an individual can put in. Roth is post tax, so you are contributing monies that have already been taxed. The draw of the Roth is that that money can be withdrawn tax-free in retirement, the draw of the traditional is tax relief now.
  7. Blackmon was the hottest hitter on the planet besides Mookie Monsterâ„¢ and then he stubbed his big toe.
  8. I think they're stretching the problem. When they talk about pensions being 85% funded that's really not too bad. Now, Illinois is like 40% funded. That's a problem, and a big one. Chicago's pensions are at about 30% funded, which is a looming disaster. Sure, pension reform is absolutely necessary. The federal government recognized this in the 1980s and are still making adjustments to the current system to stay solvent well into this century (right now funded through 2075). Even the military system is undergoing changes now, so the only thing left is the Congressional retirement system. I'm sure they will quickly fix that soon enough. States and municipalities are recognizing the issue, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Florida and others have made strides in fixing their shortfalls. Cities like Detroit were forced to because of bankruptcy, and that seems like the logical conclusion for the state of Illinois and Chicago. I mean it's absolutely crazy that public employees are allowed to cross the 100% salary threshold and bring in 1.5X or more what they made when they worked. I mean that's 3rd grade arithmetic, sooner or later that system is going to crash and burn. Happens in the private sector also. My uncle worked 35 years for Delta and has been retired for almost a decade now. When they filed for bankruptcy and then merged with Northwest they simply eliminated pilot pensions despite $2billion in the pension fund. It has gone to court now, and I'm sure the pilots will recover some of their pensions, but Delta had promised pensions and had funded them for decades and then they went belly up and it was all gone. My uncle and his family live well enough, but he paid into a system for three decades and then after he retires the company takes it all away. Delta doing alright now, I think they owe their employees at least the amount that was in the pension system at the time of bankruptcy, and then some current and future profits. Same with federal, state, and municipalities. At minimum workers need to get back at least what they paid in. Social Security, cash me out now and let me roll it into my 401k and you'll never hear from me again. But I want every cent I put in. Do I expect as a Federal employee to lose some benefits down the line? Sure, but I'd join the lobby to fight it tooth and nail. Pension system is funded, my 401k is secure, and benefits are part of the overall federal budget. States and municilaities need to employ tactics to be solvent not just five years from now, but 50 years from now. Instead they wait until they are bankrupt because they don't want to fight the employees in court, and they can lay the burden on the taxpayers. #### that, it's unethical and nefarious. Make tough choices, implement long-term solutions, manage your checkbook.
  9. Oh man, my heart just hearts reading that. Come on girl.
  10. I would have thought the disagreement was over Butler stealing Valencia's post-game meal.
  11. Oh yeah, definitely agree. At times the piece seems like an op ed but I did think it was worth posting because Business Insider is fairly reputable. I think the more interesting conversation is the impact low interest rates are having on the insurance industry which was mentioned, but not much detail.
  12. Probably worth speculating on in all 30 team leagues.