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  1. Thanks for replies
  2. Who would you rather have? .5ppr
  3. I have Eifert, so thinking Eifert/Jones for Jeffery. I dont think Jones value is dinged that bad yet. Eifert has had a couple of bad weeks, everyone does. That week was a world class meltdown for Green Bay, I doubt that repeats
  4. The problem with voting.....teams vote based on how it affects their team, not the merits of the trade. But was the other player a newbie not understanding what he is doing? That is not a "win now" trade for him either. In our league commish approves trades. I would struggle on this one and would have to talk to both sides
  5. Keeper or Dynasty league? Id go for Robinson
  6. I agree with TraselKalle, drop Blount. Michaels looks like an injury handcuff for DMC, I'd go for Watkins LaFell or Floyd
  7. Robinson gets Revis. But you never know how much Blount will be used. So I would go Floyd and then maybe Robinson but not confident. I think the PPR gives Robinson the edge over Blount. I used Blount in Fanduel vs Indy but that was the only time this year I even considered him, his use is very unpredictable
  8. Commissioners. Do you allow trades that are agreed to prior to deadline to be completed after deadline? Our rules have not been updated since Thursday games have become a regular weekly part of the schedule. So now at the deadline, which is this Saturday we have some players who had played for the week. I want to allow players from Thursday games to be eligible for trade but to do so the trade must complete on Tuesday, after the deadline has passed. I would like to here how other leagues are dealing with this Thanks
  9. Trade deadlne this weekend We start 1RB 3 WR/TE and 1 FLEX I have Martin Yeldon-RB and ODB/Hopkins/Eifert/JamesJones/Jordan Matthews-WR/TE think about Yeldon/JamesJones for Jeffery. Will this improve my offensive for playoffs? Yeldon should see more goalline work going forward and has the more favorable schedule. Jeffery is ranked quite a bit higher Maybe Eifert/Jones is possible
  10. Wishful thinking looking for 2012 version of Andre Brown...
  11. I've seen FBG 200 but ..... .5ppr 14 teams Matt Jones- what has he done -why does FBGs continue to give him value Abdullah -maybe new coaches light a fire for Lions but same as above Polk- 3 headed monster or is he the guy ? Cobb - see Polk?
  12. I have ODB Jordan Matthews. Eifert and try montgomery. I can drop try for huff or dharris and start matters/ODB with safety net. Or I can start eifert and either Matthews or ODB fending. .5ppr. What would you do. Thanks
  13. At RB, in .5 ppr I have Yelton, Abdullah, Matt Jones, Duke Johnson. WDIS? or grab Andrews, Denard Robinson, Bradshaw or ??? Michaels is gone as it Allen. I would have to drop one of above or Ty Montgomerie or Stafford/Bortles to get a WW Right now I have Duke in there
  14. Hello Sigmund, Have Luck and Eli. need RB help. Trade Luck for Lynch or CJ Anderson or wait for Lucks value to get better?
  15. If I make the move I have to drop Matt Jones or a QB for a Defense