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  1. Ended up getting free floor tickets to Guns n Roses. I was pretty whatever about it even though I did actually spend a couple years of my life ripping out pictures of those guys from magazines and putting them on my wall. They ####### kicked so much ###. Seriously one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Wait. Is this the right thread for that? Pretty sure I got this.
  2. My all-access pass got me 20 rare beer pours. I was laughing at that. Who the #### needs 20? Especially with all the kick ### beer at the rest of the party. All of us "working" were in early to set up so bunch of us just parked by the rare tents before it opened. Was able to get two quick pours before the rare lines went completely nuts. #### that. I went and drank the none are stuff for the rest of the first session. Second session... Different story. The rare nerds were starting to take naps on the grass and finally wander to the rest of the party by the time the second session started (rare passes got you both session access). They all spent the entire first session on the rare beers so there was hardly anyone still drinking those for the second session. Basically zero lines for hours. I ended up punching all 20 of my lanyard pours and then switching lanyards with my GF for more pours . Then we loaded the van back up while blasting Slayer and starting mosh pits with passers-by until the roads cleared to go (Our brewer stayed sober and did the driving). That's when we had the brilliant idea to close down all the bars in my neighborhood. I just woke up an hr and a half ago :deadbanana:
  3. 656 pages to get to the Hitler paradigm! /thread
  4. Well that's a shame. Going to give it a shot anyway.
  5. Story was on a hot streak when he focussed on his wrestling. He may just try to smother Cerrone tonight. I hope this isn't Cerrone's last fight in the UFC. He's a free agent after this one, and I think he'll get more money outside the UFC.
  6. How many of you idiots haven't made your pick yet? Neat spreadsheet...
  7. Drinking a Stone Unfiltered Enjoy By and surveying my work site for tomorrow. I have an all-access pass to this bad ### mother ####er right here. It's going to be a long day. This page lists the rare beer list at the bottom
  8. It's a rabbit hole. Just do you, bromahon.
  9. It's actually taken about a year or so.
  10. This thread is so nice and clean without the out of context gametime one liners.
  11. Basically, yeah. But it gets complicated. Goose Island isn;t complicated for me. That's fine. Do what you gotta do. I can't justify giving them a dime. They actively strong arm their way on to shelf space and on to tap handles that would otherwise be available to the company I work for and another company I'm an owner of as well as all my craft beer brothers in arms. They blur the pay-to-pay lines, undercut local pricing to gain share, and hold the entire inbev portfolio hostage to get accounts to play ball. They can go #### themselves.