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  1. Cory James was an animal on Friday night. Heeney better not be out long or he may not have the same job when he returns.
  2. ^^^ Not useless!!!
  3. What makes you say that? DWash 5'8" 204 lb - JRich 5'8" 207 lb -
  4. I was high on DeAndre Washington post draft and pre camp, but I haven't heard a peep about him since training camp began, while I read blurbs like the following about Richard almost daily...
  5. This guy struggles to separate and doesn't have the soft hands necessary to absorb ARod fastballs. I was high on him going into last season and watched him flat out suck last year. Maybe that changes this year, but I doubt it.
  6. There's an old saying in Tennessee
  7. Aldon checks into rehab. Curious to see how this plays with the league in terms of his suspension and expected reinstatement timing.
  8. ^^^ Ultimately went undrafted and landed on the Titans practice squad last year. Had a cup of coffee with the Eagles during OTAs this offseason, but eventually was cut. Seems like we waived Helu more to be done with Helu than to jump on Derek Lott.
  9. 2015 - NFL Draft profile OVERVIEW Played in East-West Shrine Game. Selected first-team All-SoCon in 2014 after being granted a sixth season of eligibility following a season-ending left elbow injury four games into 2013 season. Teamed with 2015 draft prospect Davis Tull to harass quarterbacks all season. Second-team All-SoCon in 2012. Initially signed with Georgia and was there in 2009 and 2010. Redshirted in 2009 with a broken ankle. Lived with his football coach during high school to add stability to his life. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Georgia transfer who is technically savvy. Has a good feel and instincts for where linemen are headed and where blocks are coming from. Excels with his hands. Gets into opponents quickly with a strong jolt and plays with necessary power and technique to unhinge and discard blockers. Finishes as a tackler and has an adequate tackle radius. Well-schooled pass rusher bringing several moves and counters to the party. WEAKNESSES Played in just five games over his first two seasons at Georgia and was unable to push for playing time. Was a 2009 redshirt and was 23 and 24 years old when dominating against younger, less-talented players at UT-Chattanooga. Comes off the snap a little upright and must remember to maintain bend. DRAFT PROJECTION Round 5 BOTTOM LINE Skilled pass rusher who understands the position and was simply too athletic and too talented for most of the competition he faced while at Tennessee-Chattanooga. Is a natural fit as a three-technique in a 4-3 defense, but could garner consideration as a 3-4 defensive end if he can prove he's strong enough.
  10. "Overall, Santa Claus gifted the Silver and Black a projected third round player in the seventh round."
  11. ^^^ I'm thinking the plan is to save the money and let Gabe turn into a 3rd or 4th round supplemental pick for Reg in 2018. It only makes sense if 7th rd Vadal lives up to the hype.
  12. Gawd dammit, Aldon! You dumb ####.
  13. ^^^ 1. 2013 draft was collectively the worst in the last couple decades in terms of how the players have panned out in the NFL. 2. Show me even one GM in NFL history with a 100% NFL draft success rate. Reggie's done way more than enough to offset the ghosts of the 2013 draft. Heck, Amerson was a 2nd round pick in that draft and he's now ours, so there's your Hayden offset right there, by itself.
  14. Not too long, did read. Phenomenal deal for both sides. In total it's 5 years/ $38MM (since it's a 4-yr extension of his current 1 yr remaining deal) and the last $1MM per year only kicks in if he's a first-ballot pro bowler, with the ability to cut him without cap consequence after any individual year (barring injury). Reggie is operating at the very forefront of cap/contract management in the 2016 NFL. And he is an excellent talent evaluator. We went from one of the two or three worst GMs on these two merits in Al's last days to one of the two or three best. That dramatic turnaround has trickled down and we're just starting to see the roster bear fruit. Good times, Raider Nation. NOW SIGN THE MAN TO AN EXTENSION BEFORE SOME OTHER OWNER WITH DEEP POCKETS DECIDES TO DO SO!!!!!!!