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  1. Looks like Didier Drogba
  2. Is it worthwhile to have an account at 5d and BOL? I guess my question they deal different enough lines that I can shop at each and get a few 1/2 pts occasionally? Also, BOL pretty much offers all the bets you can ask for...futures, props, etc right? TIA
  3. You car gets frosted in the garage?
  4. Yikes this season really sneaks up on you in America. I have been extremely busy with worth so I don't get to persue FBG's much. I am looking through it today while eating breakfast and I pop into the wagering thread to see EPL bets. Had no idea it started today!! I cant stand the lack of coverage ESPN/ABC gives it since they don't cover it. Its embarrassing.
  5. Game was invented in the town I grew up in.....allegedly Willie, if you are looking for a step up in competition...come to Cincinnati, I think the circuit is coming through soon, usually we can get a round or two in with the stars as they look for new talent.
  6. I powered through 2 hours earlier. Talk about nerd nation. I love it.
  7. What happened?
  8. Because they found nothing? Plenty of people are investigated for things and cleared. You can't dock their rights because they were "investigated"
  9. Manliest person in the studio
  10. I can see him walking into an interview for a job and the boss says "aren't you the guy who raped that girl and got 6 months?" i don't even know if that is legal, but I can't see him getting a good job ever
  11. Brothers playing on opposite teams is a pretty cool story line.
  12. Is nbc choppy for anyone else? Every other channel is fine. Feels like I am havin a seizure watching this game.