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  1. 7.14 Antonio gates te sd @LarryAllen'sJockstrap up
  2. 6.3 Frank Gore, RB IND no mention or PM sent to give time.
  3. Congrats, your team was historically good, great job. Agree about the auction, those 5 or so days of waking up to the results were really exciting. Looking forward to, I think, year 5 of this.
  4. 5.14 Stefon Diggs WR MIN @LarryAllen'sJockstrap up
  5. 3.14 Jordan Matthews WR PHI @LarryAllen'sJockstrap up
  6. When I am up, please PM me. I don't get emailed when there is a @mention. Thanks edit: I just changed my settings to get emailed when mentioned, hopefully it works. @JMon348
  7. It was. It just seems the more false finishes=better match
  8. All it takes are a bunch of false finishes and it's called a great match
  9. Road teams are 3-0. Pivotal game 4 coming up.
  10. Overcame a 12 point deficit in the 4th to steal game one. Bosh with the go ahead basket, and Kobe with a huge 6 points in the 4th.
  11. I'm ending Scoobs story book season, book it.